Igor Carroll

Late summer of 16' after we started having troubles with the cops.

Sometimes we'd jam out and take two takes.
This is the sound of the Southside. Maybe.
Fall of 16'

Death to analog, death in digital

Summer 16'?
We found a book of poetry at the community college while flyering. It wasn't good.
All poetry should just be music and here is the proof.
College poetry played by a lobster boy in the key of Johnny Hobo.

October or November 16'?
I'm pretty sure we snagged that pumpkin from the trash.
Thanks Pappa J for always joining in our Lost Boy games.

A chunk of something that I will eventually finish.
One time i laughed so hard at love while crossfaded outside Reggies that I chundered.
Everybody gives chicks that, "All we have is this moment." Just do it where I'm not there, on an edible, or at a Psychic TV show, my son.
Early 2019?

Play through the pain, the tears, and the voice cracks.
Cullens's Tap - Late 17'
This one is for you Stacy.
May your god grace you for the kind nature that defined you.
I've never seen a strong man so broken as the day your fiance had to watch you ride the pine.
Thank you Skylar for always being the best sound woman when we had a scheme and a pocket full of dreams.
To Dave, how can you play Wagon Wheel and Propaghandi with lobster claws?

Sometimes you bumble into an active funeral.
Sometime the church music sounds creepy piping out on speakers.

I made it into the footnotes of lore one time beside Billy and Nick on the last good Killstream with the gif of this.
Uploaded long ago elsewhere, long before we knew of cheeseburgers and gunts.
This is the thing that murdered my Youtube channel.

The P in PSA stands for something else.
Shot right in the Moraine Valley lot in ear and eyeshot of the police department and a squad car.

Many moons ago I made this back before the memes turned bitter on our brain's tounge.
It's best left unfinished and unearthed.

He bad, reel baad
Someday maybe ill read all you fine folks some reel big stories.

Do your stuff and get it out there, my son.

The 90s were weird for weed and Libertarianism
Apparently a tidestick was weed on the stem dipped in embalming fluid.

Something empty lurks below our sternum.

Ty-Ty Prettyboi, just let us know what you want to eat!

The robots are coming for your jobs and your daughters.
If you don't beleive me check her sock drawn when it starts buzzing.

Pt. 2 talking about more people shit.
Sunnuvabitch ima git that new Mephiston.

Here I am, talking to you alt-t3ch gnurds and then my phone runs outta space

Gimme dat addy, fool

We out here chuffin' with Peter Kramp.
Let the world know that tonight I treated John Connor like a manlet.

Watch Alen pound the tar out of some guy after amping up.
All apologize for they drinky cam but not for yelling for Alen to murder the bum.
Which he does.

Rip out all the hearts you want, just be decisive about it, my son.

...of the weak and the weary...
Someday brother we will raise hell again but not till after them 2.5 kids arrive.


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