I animated one of Martian Magazine's early comics :3
find the original comic here: https://martianmagazine.com/comic/one-wish/

also featuring music by Document Lambda: https://soundcloud.com/document-l

animation I worked on for McKrow (mckrow.com)
ft music from Mike Meld (soundcloud.com/mrmikemeld)

this is a remake of an old animation i never finished, see the original here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/709931

This is a small animation I was working on while waiting for people to get back to me for other projects, hopefully you enjoy :3

ft. hazencruz (voice acting)

and Document Lambda (music)

Steve finds a friend

an informercial parody inspired by David Firths health reminds videos

huge thanks to Fuzzball (David) for voicing the character and helping bring my animation to life
Find him here: https://manfredvonschnitzel.newgrounds.com/

Steve goes to work

Steve takes the elevator

Steve spends time indoors

This was my second ever animation, it's missing some content because it never got finished and files got lost all over the place

Music from here:

My first animation <3
gonna be moving a lot of my stuff over here because youtube... is youtube
a lot of the earlier stuff will be weird/rusty


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