On todays episode I had the honour of interviewing Bill Gates! Please join me in welcoming our hero into his new platform.

Clips used are for the purpose of review and parody.

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Just some thoughts about the word fruition and its relevance to manifestation.

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A small detail I noticed while watching some bill gates videos. Let me know what you think. Pre-programming at its finest?


Welcome again guys to another episode. As promised this one is talking about the event.

I do not own the footage. They belong to their respective owners. Used for the purpose of review and parody.

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Hello once again folks, welcome to another episode.

Discussing medicine, and an interesting document that predicted the future?

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First episode with some real information this time. Addressing birth certificates and maritime law. I hope you guys enjoy. Anything you think might be worth mentioning please do!

Also had to shorten it due to copyright issues. And still working around uploads if anyone has any advice!

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Introduction to the new channel ‘I is for illusion’

Please forgive the poor production quality, I have to start somewhere! And don't mind the weird. Its only going to get weirder.

I hope you enjoy my ramble, and i'll be back soon with a following episode!

Promo Video for the upcoming video Channel series - ‘I is for illusion’

There is no doubting that the world stage is dramatically changing, and each one of us have a part to play. In this series, we will be discussing reviewing and challenging the rhetoric we’ve been told.

All clips used for this video belong to their respective owners. The clips used are for the purposes of review, parody and education.


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Dispelling the illusion and finding the seeking the truth that has been hidden from us.