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At some point, I think a lot of people have wondered, "I know I'm conscious, but how do I know other people are?" The NPC meme offers an interesting metaphor.

them again?

Is there a connection between the body and the soul? Are racial differences more than just physical?

This is a far more interesting question than most people suspect....from several perspectives.

Was Pythagoras a feminist? NO!

part 2

Some have suggested that Pythagoras was a feminist because he admitted women into his school. But what do Pythagorean sources actually have to say about women, gender roles, marriage, etc? Pythagoras was certainly not a feminist.

A discussion of Pythagorean political thought.

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I'm somewhere between an underground philosopher and a renegade mystic. My main focus is on esoteric philosophy and spirituality, but I'm very interested in applying this to "the real world". And so I frequently talk about social and political trends. My views tend to be in broad alignment with Pythagoreanism, Gnosticism, Libertarianism, & Nationalism/Identitarianism.