Jan 27 2023 - Children's Health Defense - Vera Sharav - Shame On All Of You - Never Again

Jan 25 2023 - Alex Jones loses it.

Jan 24 2023 - Team Vegan on the Freedom Convoy 2022 - Currently outside Justin Trudeau's location in Hamilton, ON.

Dec 10 2022 - Kerry Park - Iranian Protest in Kelowna BC. Mr. Ray Taheri, a UBCO Professor has been the organizer of these weekly events.

Jan 18 2023 - Serena Freedombear - Bill 36 - Boots On The Ground In Vancouver.

Jan 18 2023 - Drew Hernandez - Exposing the Psychopaths of the New World Order

Jan 8 2023 - CTV News Edmonton field reporter Jessica Robb has some sort of medical emergency on cam at 6 p.m. News

Jan 3 2023 - Medical Fraud & absolute Government corruption. Those who took an oath to "DO NO HARM" are guilty of medical malpractice and must be arrested.

Jan 3 2023 - The Anti Christ has been installed. The Coronation Oath will be modified to remove Christ and include all the WEF radical Agendas.

Jan 1 2023 - Mark Friesen - Corruption at all Levels
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Feb 10 2018 - The Fullerton Informer - Joe Imbriano warned us in 2018-60GHz blocks Oxygen uptake=fake virus=kill grid= forced vaccinations.

Dec 8 2022 - The Highwire - Episode 297 - Bleeding Truth.

Dec 7 2022 - The Highwire - Senator Ron Johnson Hosts Expert Forum On Covid Vaccines.

2022 - State of Control Documentary. Debunk Productions - A must see documentary for all. In this documentary international experts such as Edward Snowden, Arno Wellens, Catherine Austin Fitts express their serious concerns and criticisms. It compiles the range of facts and opinions, creating a shocking picture about the future of mankind. A crystal-clear narrative that can't be ignored.

Dec 3 2022 - Citizen Camera - UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS (2022) Full Documentary. Unacceptable Views is a work of love for the Truckers, Convoy participants and Freedom-loving Canadians.

Nov 23 2022 - Sacheen Collecutt speaks out at School Board 23 Meeting in Kelowna.

Nov 19 2022 - Ocean 2 Ocean Protest Kelowna - David Shearer from speaks truth.

Nov 21 2022 - Salmon Arm Dentist Rob Johnson - Urgent - Stop Bill 36. Bill 36 will give the BC Minister of Health the ability to appoint College Boards who are then required to pass bylaws mandating vaccines for any illness the government chooses as a condition of license, and creating an environment of censorship where if you challenge the government's position on anything you will face discipline and potentially lose your license. It also allows the College to determine who has good character and who doesn't and to define informed consent. This is legislation you would typically see in a communist or a police state, not in a democracy.
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Nov 14 2022 - Stew Peters - MEDICAL STUDY - VACCINATED Pose SERIOUS Health Risk to UNVAXXED. Dr. Ana Mihalcea explains.

Nov 14 2022 - Pastor Art Lucier - God is Essential in a lawless Nation. The bravest Pastor Canada has taking a stand for freedom and to protect our basic natural rights.

Nov 11 2022 - CHDtv - Sudden Death & Turbo Cancers - Canadian Doctors Speak Out.
Children's Heath Defense:

Sept 19 2021 - Greg Wycliffe - If Canada Public Health was Honest. A must watch video for all....

Oct 31 2022 - CASTANET COWARDS - Starring Kari Simpson, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Stephen Malthouse. The good doctors drove to Castanet to get an interview to correct the record, but the cowards at Castanet were too scared to come outside......


Oct 9 2022 - Aaron Gunn - Vancouver is Dying - Full Movie


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