Dec 9 2021 - Not one form of Canadian Government has demonstrably justified any emergency orders or mandates created for this Global takeover, and introduction of Agenda 2030. Everyone in an elected Government position is guilty of Treason, and will be treated as a war criminal. This is all you need to know. When Government fails to follow the rule of law, you have war, and this is what we have since March of 2020, it will end when everyone who has failed to uphold the Constitution is captured, detained and sentenced for their crimes.

Kelowna Business Owner(Blenz Coffee) & Travis from Downtown Kelowna discriminating against blind woman. Face diapers do not stop viruses, and cause harm, forcing someone to wear one in order to be served is unlawful, and is discrimination, because everything Covid is unconstitutional, making all orders null and void, having no force or effect. People have completely lost their minds!

These elected officials have given an unelected entity, the United Nations authority to takeover Canada. This conspiracy to remove our rights, way of life, and destroy humanity has been noted, documented as acts of Treason, and the most horrendous crimes. All that is left to do is for Canadians to arrest every last one of them for War Crimes before they destroy humanity. Millions will die due to this globalist takeover and forceful injection of known toxins causing harm and death. It is now our duty to save our country and arrest all of these war criminals for dozens of obvious crimes, starting with the Covid scam created to remove democracy. This is a Notice to all criminals taking part in this agenda, we are all coming for you, and your media puppets causing harm. The international law says everyone is equal under the law, which means every criminal will be treated as such under the law.
You are all done! Canadians will stand on Guard and fight this war where those committing treason and failing to uphold their oaths to the people will go down in history as being the most horrendous criminals the world has ever seen.

Pat King speaks with Nancy Scanie about the most important document, the Queens Bargain. The "Bargain" is the most important document to the Native people at this time in history, as well for the future of mankind.

Candace speaks to a crowd in Kelowna BC on the reality of what is going on.

David took the experimental jab, and he shares his story about his injury and how he was treated. We are very proud to have these hero's speak out to help others.

A Warrior Calls - Interview with an Ontario Provincial Police Officer speaking out on crimes against humanity.


Retired OPP and Military officer discusses the most horrific crimes against humanity.
Original full length video here:
Many Thanks to Christopher for sharing this video.

A natural doctor with over 1600 vaccinated patients tells all about the toxic experimental injections

It appears that the Covid -19 pandemic is clearly a Bioweapon, and this feller exposes it all.....Let the Good times begin!

Toronto Star production - Trudeau(Castro) falls to a new level of psychopath when he states un-vaxxed have no rights. Trudeau will most likely go down in history as the worst, and last corrupt Prime Minister Canada will ever have. The globalist agenda of mass genocide is coming to light, and big things are coming to take down this insanity.

Reporter Pat King(Real Deal Media) interviews a former Politician to expose that Canada's resources have been sold out to China. The latest findings is that a company called "Dymond" has purchased the Stephenville Airport in Newfoundland, and has had 6 flights a day coming in for the last 2 weeks. Rumor has it that these flights are UN Military, as everything appears to be top secret. The Dymond corporation appears to be a threat to civilization, and quite possibly an outlet of the United Nations for the Agenda 2030 plans of controlling the population in a communist fashion. Check out the Dymond website, and see for yourself at

Albert Spence speaks out on how Covid policy was killing patients

A brilliant complete documentary on how the Globalists use the media to create fear, which creates compliance, which will cause Billions to convince themselves to kill themselves by consenting to experimental toxins, which will harm, or kill them. Don't ever take another jab, as millions are dead from toxic injections created for population control by the Blood line families who control the Banking systems. Bill Gates clearly stated "If we do a real good job on vaccines, we can reduce the worlds population by 10-15%" More people have died from these Covid Toxic injections, then from all the vaccines in the world since the beginning of time.

Sept 2 2021 - The City of Dawson Creek "Special Council meeting - Gina, a Microbiologist tells all

A Funeral director explains he has seen no pandemic in 2020, except mass death from seniors in nursing homes who were neglected, and worse.....

The Government of El Salvador is distributing Covid Health kits to residents, something that should have happened everywhere, if the agenda was really about saving lives, but we know it's a depopulation agenda planned by Bill Gates and his criminal friends.

Reiner gives the world an update into the most horrific crimes against the Global Population

A group of Frontline nurses showed up to protest the mandatory vax for Healthcare workers. David Crawford outright tells the nurse she is a disgrace, and should be fired. This type of harassment and disrespect should never be tolerated. Everyone has the right of freedom to choose in Canada, and calling out a Nurse for her freedom to choose is absolutely disgusting.

Pastor Art vents about reality. Covid Variants from the vaxxed. Corrupt Political Parties.

Many speakers in front of the Toronto Police detachment, Kelly Ann Wolfe, Chris Sky. The Toronto Police appear to be standing with the freedom fighters who are against the Communist agenda.

Chris Schaefer is a respirator specialist, the only Canadian expert with 27 years experience qualified to speak on part of the wearing of breathing barriers verses real respirators to protect you from harm. Chris speaks to a crowd of 350 in Kerry Park, downtown Kelowna BC. Chris is respected as a true hero for his research and his attempt to stop harm by supplying all Canadian Health Authorities with the real truth.

Patriot warrior John Francis speaks in downtown Kelowna about the Covid scam and a Globalist takeover leading to the mark of the beast. If you take the experimental jab, you are now no longer human and are a patented commodity owned by the patent owners.

Justin Trudeau is Canada's first Communist Dictator, and it's clear the people aren't going to have it. Justin Trudeau and Bonnie Henry are guaranteed to be arrested and charged for their horrendous crimes against humanity, along with hundreds of others who are behind this conspiracy to mass genocide and Globalist takeover from the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, and many others of the blood lined families will surely be executed for their massive crimes.


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