Here's a an art of a show I really like. If you want to see the image click the link below.
For the music link here:

I you want to watch the picture click the link below

The third girl to the party. If you want to see the picture click the link below.

I been a fan of paper Mario since sticker star, I was actually the first lets play I ever watch. And then found Sully pwnz and zack scott.
If you want to watch the picture click the link.

Darbie's friend
If you want to watch the picture this click the link.

An island with bubbles so huge you can put thousand years old castles on them. If you want to see a still of this image click the link.

It has been 1 year since I been doing digital art I wanted to remake my first digital piece. If you just want to watch th epicture click the link.

This is a review I made of the Movie Trolls: World Tour. I think, as a fan it is important I gave my Opinions on it.
If you like the art work Click the link down below.

Yeah this is rubbing salt in the wounds during this time, but remembering good time is good for us.

When I saw the episode where muilt mouse was feature I had to draw them. It was gonna be out sooner but my laptop got stolen. If you like to stare at the finish product click the link.

This is a remaster of my first video.

Hey here's a speed paint of one of my OC's. This is also available for purchase at my store.
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Hey guys is was inspired by the remake for the original. Have seen the movie yet, but I hope its a real zombie movie like the original, it would really suck if it the ending were like the 13 ghost movie.
links for songs:

This was suppose to feature on creepshow art but rather harrass the poor woman, I think its better to upload it myself.

This is a reupload of a art contest in which I lost


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