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What single event marks the beginning of the tribulation; is there any time that the Holy Spirit will be gone from this world?

Why would any rapture doctrine not include the resurrection? How many resurrections are there? How many judgments are there? Who is in what resurrection, and what judgment?

Most of us have heard all our lives that the Lord could return at any moment, but does that make it true? If not, why? Does it have anything to do with the signing of the covenant, and if so, how?

Some people like to think that the beast will be obvious, but remember the descriptive word for the serpent in Genesis 3:1 being "subtil". Don't think he's obvious, and certainly don't assume you already know who he is. You'll be even more deceived.

This sermon follows "Does church membership really matter?". Saved believers are automatically the children of God, but some believe it also makes them part of "the church". What's the truth behind this?

13 What is the duty of the church towards the poor?
14 Is it the duty of the church to give letters of recommendation to worthy brethren?
15 What is the duty of those who gladly receive the Word?
16 Has the Lord's Supper been delivered to the church?
17 Should churches have an orderly system of conducting their businesses?
18 What is the church commanded to do?

07 Is the word "church" ever used in the sense of all the redeemed?
08 At what time should the churches regularly meet for worship?
09 Is it wrong for the church to fail to have regular meetings?
10 What is the duty of the pastor of a church?
11 What is the duty of deacons?
12 What is the duty of the church concerning evildoers within the membership?

1 When did the company of the Lord's followers begin?
2 Was the church in existence during the personal ministry of Christ?
3 Who is the head of the church?
4 Who prepared the material for the organization of the church?
5 Did John live to see the bride (church) and bridegroom (Jesus Christ)?
6 Is the church a local or a general body?

Focusing on a slave trader turned Abolitionist, John Newton, his life, the choices he made, and the influence he had.

Revelation 13 speaks of two beasts: both are covered here. Look to what the antichrist will do to point to the timing of the rapture.

Won't tribulation just "happen"? It is prophesied, after all. What can we know about the two witnesses?

Daniel's 70th week, a prophecy recorded in Daniel 9:27, requires three things for this to hold true, as we know it will, and it's covered here.

Have you ever told someone you didn't care who the antichrist was because you weren't going to be here when he was? Unless you know when you're going to be with the Lord, you might reconsider that attitude.

When the Day of the Lord was referred to as coming "as a thief in the night", was he speaking to the children of light, or of darkness?

Most of us have wondered about how so many people heard about the flood for 120 years, and were still surprised when it happened. Are many of us in the same boat concerning the tribulation?

Remastered and appended. The rapture is an Old Testament teaching as well as a New Testament doctrine. So are the resurrections. When we're told we haven't been appointed to wrath, what is being referenced?

A look at the Wesley brothers, the founders of the Methodist church, as the poets and songwriters they were.

A look at Isaac Watts, who should be known for much more than just "Joy to the World"

The danger of changing or forgetting history

History is recorded for many reasons, two of which are: we don't want to forget our mistakes, but just as importantly, we need to remember our heritage.

Everyone's grateful for something, even if it's for not being as bad off as the next person. But with all that God has done for us, are we truly grateful, and how can we best express that?

If a doctrine isn't based on or found in the Bible, it isn't a biblical doctrine. That is the litmus test any teaching must pass.

Your view of the rapture has a direct effect on how you see the book of the Revelation: either as something you don't need to worry about, or something you very much need to worry about.

How can we discern the signs of the times? If the word "rapture" isn't in the Bible, can we be sure we're all talking about the same thing?

The beliefs you have concerning the rapture and tribulation: are they based on scripture, the traditions you've been taught, or wishful thinking?


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This channel is an extension of International Missionary Baptist Ministries, a podcast venture created by Dr. Joseph Roberts and Mayfield Drive Baptist Church in Smyrna, Tennessee in cooperation with American Baptist Church in Melbourne, Florida.

The Podcast Service came about as the result of the success of two different You Tube channels. The American Baptist Church, located in Melbourne, FL, operates and maintains a You Tube Channel. Bro. John Scott Roesch is the Bible Teacher and leads the church. They have been without a pastor for several years since the death of Bro. Roesch’s father who was the pastor there for over 40 years. Joe and Angella Roberts were members there for some time while living in Florida. With the efforts and expertise of Bro. Roberts and Bro. Roesch, the You Tube channel was established. The American Baptist Church channel has just a little less than 100 videos that are posted, with thousands of views. Bro. Roesch continues to expand the channel while leading the church.

The Roberts’ moved to the Nashville, TN, area to be closer to their son, Bro. Jamie Roberts. Bro. Joseph Roberts is a retired/disabled pastor who is a Vietnam Veteran dealing with the effects of Agent Orange. Based upon the success of the You Tube Channel at American Baptist Church, the Mayfield Drive Baptist Church in Smyrna, TN, began a You Tube Channel called The Gospel of Christ Channel. That channel presents the preaching and teaching of Bro. Dixon, Bro. Jamie Roberts and Bro. Joseph Roberts as well as the Bible teaching of Bible Teacher John Scott Roesch of American Baptist Church, Melbourne, Florida.

Recognizing the next new medium of Podcasting and the flexibility of it, it was decided to expand this type of ministry into Podcasting. While the You Tube Channels by the respective churches will continue, the Podcast Service of IMBM will become the main method of expanding the messages of both churches to all the English speaking world. The bulk of the preaching and teaching will be from the above listed brethren but the Podcast Service will also feature other brethren, some of which have gone on to be with the Lord. Mayfield Drive has access to and has obtained permission to also broadcast the recorded works of Dr. Wayne Boyles and Dr. Clyde Lanier. Both of these brethren are no longer with us but through electronic means, their works can continue on to bless thousands of others.

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