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Three people were crucified on Calvary that day. What lessons can be learned from those other two crosses? Complete Sermon by Bro. Freddie McCann.

07 Who receives the greater blessing of a gift?
08 With what attitude should we give?
09 What promise is made to the generous soul?
10 Who is the most generous giver?
11 Should there be regular collections in a church?
12 Should ministers take wages of the church they are ministering to?

1 What are the rich commanded to do?
0 What did the Gentile churches do for the poor saints in Jerusalem?
3 What provision was made for the poor in the church at Jerusalem?
4 What was the Old Testament rule of giving?
5 How should we give?
6 What is the promise to the giver?

The church was instituted for a reason, but in these latter days there seems to be some confusion on this. Here we look at its purpose.
1 Where did Jesus command His church to go?
2 What authority did Jesus have to give this commission?
3 Who sent out the first missionaries?
4 Whom besides the apostles were sent out?
5 To whom did these missionaries report to?
6 After Christ's ascension, who sent out missionaries?
7 To whom did these missionaries report to?
8 For what purpose is the gospel preached?
9 Are individuals authorized to work for the salvation of souls?

Complete Sermon by Bro. Terry Richard, pastor of Hillside Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN

Are we sure of what the depth of this question entails? Is this more than just a "reasonable service"? Pastor Curtis explains.

07 Is the Lord's Supper restricted to those of the same faith?
08 Is the Lord's Supper restricted to those in fellowship?
09 Must those who take it be able to discern the Lord's body?
10 Must the Supper be restricted to a united church?
11 Must the Supper be restricted to those who have undergone a self-examination?
12 Has a church the right to judge?

1 Who instituted the Lord's Supper?
2 To what has the Lord's Supper been delivered?
3 What is the purpose of the Lord's Supper?
4 Is the Lord's Supper restriccted to baptized believers?
5 Should disorderly members be permitted to partake?
6 Should people of bad character partake?

The church of Pergamos was based in a city well known for its trough of knowledge because of its library, as well as its many temples to false gods.
The U. S. isn't the first place wanting to be religiously inclusive as well as educated, so those that think this is a winning combination might want to heed what God said to this church.

A very short but powerful message to those undergoing persecution, and the rewards we receive from being persecuted.

In this study, we first learn of the history of the city of Ephesus as told by the ruins that have survived the ages as well as the wonderful commendations given by Jesus unto this church. We are introduced to the Nicolaitans, whose deeds Jesus hated. We also learn of the condemnation and warning He has for them as well as the message to those church members who overcome.

In part 2, covering Revelation 1, four questions are both asked, and answered. Who is speaking, what is being spoken of, whom is being spoken to, and what is the timetable involved?

This begins a study in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ by Dr. W. A. Dillard, an author, writer, teacher, retired pastor, and former president of the American Baptist Association.

Signs seem to be everywhere this day and age. We've grown oblivious to most of them. Many of them are false flags these days, yet we need to be careful about which ones we heed as well as which ones to avoid.

What do we use as our moral compass? Our friends, socially accepted norms, some celebrity whom we place on a pedestal? These are all just offering opinions, subject to change without notice, and when we lay down this flesh, we answer to none of them. But there is a single Absolute Source that we will answer to ...

Our affections, are they on the living, or on the dead? In fact, can we even say we are alive without dying first?

13 Did apostolic missionaries report to their sending church?
14 Is there any example of churches associating in mission work?
15 Was there such a thing as women specially appointed as helpers in the church?
16 What about public offenses against good morals?
17 What if the public offender repents?
18 What should be done with a brother who walks contrary to gospel order?

07 What should be the character of a pastor?
08 Are we commanded to keep unity and harmony in the church?
09 What is the church called?
10 How many do we know were in the church before the day of Pentecost?
11 How long did Jesus spend with His church between His resurrection and ascension?
12 How were missionaries sent in apostolic times?

1 What character of people constitutes a church of God?
2 Are there any masters in a scriptural church?
3 Has anyone a right to exercise authority or dominion over others in a church?
4 What is the duty of the members over each other?
5 Is it the duty of every member to preach Christ?
6 What is the rule of faith and practice for the church?

Dr. Boyles reminds us to keep an attitude of gratitude.

Salvation is more than just reciting some words, it's a change of heart, it's producing fruits of the Spirit. If a change in your lifestyle isn't involved, you have some serious soul-searching to do.

There are no parentheticals, a term used by pre-tribulation believers to explain why events aren't always in the order they need them to be. In scriptural sequence, here's how the last half of the tribulation period is revealed to happen.

Pre-tribulationists often tell you the Lord's return is so eminent that Michael is clearing his throat and Gabriel is wetting his whistle with trumpet in hand, but is that really the case? I Not according to scripture. So what do we know concerning the Lord's return?

Does tribulation begin while we're still under grace? How is salvation possible during the tribulation? Where can we find a word-picture of the rapture of the saints?

What single event marks the beginning of the tribulation; is there any time that the Holy Spirit will be gone from this world?


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This channel is an extension of International Missionary Baptist Ministries, a podcast venture created by Dr. Joseph Roberts and Mayfield Drive Baptist Church in Smyrna, Tennessee in cooperation with American Baptist Church in Melbourne, Florida.

The Podcast Service came about as the result of the success of two different You Tube channels. The American Baptist Church, located in Melbourne, FL, operates and maintains a You Tube Channel. Bro. John Scott Roesch is the Bible Teacher and leads the church. They have been without a pastor for several years since the death of Bro. Roesch’s father who was the pastor there for over 40 years. Joe and Angella Roberts were members there for some time while living in Florida. With the efforts and expertise of Bro. Roberts and Bro. Roesch, the You Tube channel was established. The American Baptist Church channel has just a little less than 100 videos that are posted, with thousands of views. Bro. Roesch continues to expand the channel while leading the church.

The Roberts’ moved to the Nashville, TN, area to be closer to their son, Bro. Jamie Roberts. Bro. Joseph Roberts is a retired/disabled pastor who is a Vietnam Veteran dealing with the effects of Agent Orange. Based upon the success of the You Tube Channel at American Baptist Church, the Mayfield Drive Baptist Church in Smyrna, TN, began a You Tube Channel called The Gospel of Christ Channel. That channel presents the preaching and teaching of Bro. Dixon, Bro. Jamie Roberts and Bro. Joseph Roberts as well as the Bible teaching of Bible Teacher John Scott Roesch of American Baptist Church, Melbourne, Florida.

Recognizing the next new medium of Podcasting and the flexibility of it, it was decided to expand this type of ministry into Podcasting. While the You Tube Channels by the respective churches will continue, the Podcast Service of IMBM will become the main method of expanding the messages of both churches to all the English speaking world. The bulk of the preaching and teaching will be from the above listed brethren but the Podcast Service will also feature other brethren, some of which have gone on to be with the Lord. Mayfield Drive has access to and has obtained permission to also broadcast the recorded works of Dr. Wayne Boyles and Dr. Clyde Lanier. Both of these brethren are no longer with us but through electronic means, their works can continue on to bless thousands of others.

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