09 Have Christians a priest?
10 Is there any danger if we trust ourselves to Jesus?
11 Can sin ever get dominion over a Christian?
12 How do we know we are saved?
13 How is the love of God manifested?
14 Is salvation produced partly by grace and partly by works?
15 Is salvation obtained as a result of works on our part?

01 Who suffered for our sins?
02 Who is the only mediator between God and men?
03 Who made propitiation or satisfaction for our sins?
04 How was Christ humiliated in the work of saving men?
05 What is life eternal?
06 Does Christ dwell in the Christian?
07 Of what are Christians partakers?
08 Does Christ forgive sin?

Questions asked and answered in part 2:
6 Will a Christian ever die?
7 How long will the wicked be punished?
8 What will be the feeling of the wicked when cast into hell?
9 In what way will the wicked be punished?
10 Is it possible for a sinner in hell to escape the flames of hell?
11 With whom must the wicked associate forever in hell?
12 Whom shall we fear?
13 Who shall separate the good from the bad at the last day?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 Do men get into the power of sin?
2 Will God punish the wicked?
3 What shall become of the finally impenitent?
4 What did God tell Adam was the penalty of sin?
5 How can we escape the penalty of sin?

From the purity of undefiled man to the defiling of the gospel in the stars (zodiac) at Babel. The gospel revealed there has been reduced to horoscopes.

Lead off to a series of sermons by Bro. Joseph Roberts

Some think Adam had more than one wife, that Eve was his second. Does that even make sense?

Complete sermon by Bro. Dixon, pastor of Mayfield Drive Baptist

Questions asked and answered in part 2:
08 Why is the new birth necessary?
09 Is the new birth produced by good works on our part?
10 Whose children are the unsaved?
11 Whose children are the saved?
12 How does Christ save the depraved sinner?
13 Are depraved sinners commanded to repent?
14 Is there any chance to be saved if we neglect the salvation revealed in the Bible?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 Is there any good in man’s natural or fleshly nature?
2 Is the sinner entirely destitute of God’s love in his heart?
3 Is the mind of the natural man against God?
4 Is the sinner’s understanding darkened?
5 Are the minds and consciences of sinners defiled?
6 Is the heart of the sinner evil?
7 What is absolutely necessary if a totally depraved sinner is to be saved?

Questions asked and answered in part 2:
09 How did sin enter the world?
10 Can a man, in a state of nature, please God?
11 Is it possible for a sinner to save himself from sin?
12 Are all men by nature under condemnation?
13 Was there ever a human being who had no sin?
14 What means are used to save a sinner from sin?
15 How are men saved?
16 What is the result of being saved from sin?
17 Does the Spirit act directly on the human heart?
18 If we have been saved, what should our desire and prayer be?
19 What if we commit sin after we have been saved?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 Are men by nature evil?
2 Are all men sinful?
3 Is there a just man upon earth?
4 What is ever the righteousness of men called?
5 What is the condition of man’s heart?
6 Is there any good in the natural man’s heart?
7 Are men born in sin?

Complete teaching session by Bro. Joseph Roberts

Complete Sermon

Questions asked and answered in part 2:
10 Are angels of equal power and rank?
11 Are the angels organized?
12 Were angels all originally holy?
13 Did any of them fall?
14 What is the employment of the good angels?
15 Should angels be worshipped?
16 Do God’s people have protecting angels?
17 Does God use angels as ministers of vengeance?
18 Who will come to the world with Jesus Christ in His second advent?
19 To whom are the fallen angels subject?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 What are Angels?
2 Are they material or spiritual beings?
3 Do good people become angels when they die?
4 Are angels wise?
5 Do angels know all things?
6 Are angels mighty in power?
7 Who shall judge angels?
8 Have angels the same nature as men?
9 Is there a passage in the Bible that distinguishes between angels and the disembodied spirits of men?

Complete Sermon by Bro. Joe Roberts

Questions asked and answered in Part 3:
07 Does God preserve our lives by giving us the necessities of life?
08 Does God preserve our Christian life?
09 Does God determine how far Satan may go in opposing the Lord’s people?
10 Are we authorized to cry unto the Lord when in danger?
11 Has God promised to answer the prayers of His children?
12 Does God’s preserving care encourage us to serve the Lord?

Questions asked and answered in Part 2:
2 Who preserves or maintains all created things?
3 In preserving the life of a man living in sin, is God therefore a party to the sin?
4 Does God preserve government among men?
5 Does God preserve the animal kingdom?
6 Are kings and rulers dependent upon God?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 Who created the universe?
We look at science, and see if it supports evolution or creation, quoting from qualified scientists on both sides

Complete sermon by Bro. Joe Roberts

Questions asked and answered in part 2:
07 Do God's decrees destroy man's free agency?
08 Do God's decrees bring comfort to a Christian?
09 Do God's decrees make God a respecter of persons?
10 Do God's decrees foredoom anybody to hell?
11 Why are people not saved?
12 What has God decreed to be the end of those who deny Jesus Christ?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 Has God an eternal purpose?
2 Does God know the end from the beginning?
3 Does God overrule the evil acts of men for good?
4 Does God use wicked men to carry out his purpose?
5 Does this make God the author of sin?
6 Are God's decrees unchangeable?

Questions asked and answered in part 2:
07 Where does Jesus distinguish between the three persons of the God-head?
08 Are the three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, equal?
09 How may we learn of God?
10 Do the three persons in the Blessed Trinity work in harmony in the interest of God’s people?
11 If we reject the Son, can we be received of the Father?
12 If a man ever sins against the Holy Spirit, can he ever obtain forgiveness?
13 If we are believers in Christ, can anything separate us from God?

Questions asked and answered in part 1:
1 Where is the Trinity mentioned?
2 Where is the Father spoken of as God?
3 Where is Jesus Christ, the Son, called God?
4 Did Jesus Christ work in the creation?
5 Where is the Holy Spirit called God?
6 Where is the Trinity suggested in the Old Testament?


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The Podcast Service came about as the result of the success of two different You Tube channels. The American Baptist Church, located in Melbourne, FL, operates and maintains a You Tube Channel. Bro. John Scott Roesch is the Bible Teacher and leads the church. They have been without a pastor for several years since the death of Bro. Roesch’s father who was the pastor there for over 40 years. Joe and Angella Roberts were members there for some time while living in Florida. With the efforts and expertise of Bro. Roberts and Bro. Roesch, the You Tube channel was established. The American Baptist Church channel has just a little less than 100 videos that are posted, with thousands of views. Bro. Roesch continues to expand the channel while leading the church.

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