Sieg Heil kameraden!

Sieg Heil kameraden!

Sieg Heil kameraden!

Sieg Heil kameraden!A collection of excerpts of Hitler talking about Christianity and some extra black and white rare footage, it is a simple but nice video!

Most videos i have seen only show the typical footage in the berghof of Hitler with eva, SS officials etc and it is always in the balcony, so i decided to do this video, it contains footage of the construction, the small house and eventually the big berghof and the eagle's nest (das kehlsteinhaus) inside the house and out, it also has some notes i added in there with historical sense, some interesting things you guys may not know behind the decoration of the berghof and the entirety of the compound (it actually was really large and not just a house in the mountain).Anyway the video is kind of slow at times but keep with it, gets interesting as it goes, hope you guys like it, its a simple video but nice.

Sixth Party Day Speech, closing Ceremonies of the week's events in the Nuremberg Congress Hall.

Strong, intelligent women defend their bloodline, Sieg Heil kameraden!

What the title says ;), Sieg Heil kameraden!

Something different for a change, was making a Horten video and it turned into this outcome....hope you guys like it.Some footage is fictional and some is real.......Sieg Heil!

Adolf Hitler gone but not forgotten.

Sieg Heil kameraden!

Tribute to the Third Reich.

First my comments were flagged as spam, then the other comments i made after were just deleted without any message, and after a while i couldn't comment at all anymore, getting the message "hold on, this is waiting to be approved by".

I have contacted bitchute support, but has been a while no reply from them, no idea if they will help with this matter.

Anyway the reason i made this video is to tell you all i am not ignoring your comments, i just cant reply at all to you.
Love you all my brothers and sisters.Thanks for reading.

Olympia 1936 part 2.

Olympia movie from 1936, the olympic game sin National Socialist Germany.

Kriegsmarine German movie about the battle of the Atlantic.

The first minute there is some echo in the sound, after that it is fine.

Little video with some clips of what Germania would had been, some images are not ideal but footage about Germania is hard to find, i hope you enjoy this little video either way!Sieg Heil kameraden!

A heroic soldier is the one that defends his homeland from assault. He kills to protect.Sieg Heil kameraden!

Sieg Heil kameraden!

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