On FPF #284, I discuss the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Canada. Meng is the exec of Chinese communications giant Huawei. The arrest came as Trump was meeting with Chinese President Xi. Trump and Xi agreed to a tariff truce. However, this arrest could harm that progress.


Ron Paul Liberty Report - Meng Wanzhou Arrest

On FPF #283, I discuss the crisis in Yemen. Senator Chris Murphy recently wrote the US is assisting in the creation of hell on Earth in Yemen. The Senate is set to debate a bill that could invoke Congress' Constitutional War Making Powers to end the US support for the Saudi coalition in Yemen. The Houthi and Saudi backed government are meeting in Sweden. Some small progress has been made in the talks. Links

Mark Perry - Sudan's role in Yemen

Chris Murphy - US creating Hell on Earth in Yemen

Scott Horton returns to FPF to discuss the legacy of George HW Bush. After his death, he has received overwhelming praise from establishment journalists. Scott explains how Bush handled the fall of the USSR and breaks down Bush's great failure in Iraq. Scott answers a few questions about Afghanistan. Scott Horton is the host of the Scott Horton Show and the author of Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan. He is the Editorial Director of and the Managing Director of The Libertarian Institute.


SHS - Barry Lando on Iraq War I

On FPF #281, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss recent events that target Julian Assange. An article in the Guardian falsely claimed that Assange met with Paul Manafort three times and the US appears to have an indictment of Assange prepared. Will debunks the article's false claims. Kyle and Will explain the importance of Wikileaks and dangers of the persecution on Assange. Links

Will Porter - The Guardian's Latest Assange Smear Backfires

On FPF #280, I discuss recent CIA leaks that tie Saudi Crown Prince MbS to the Khashoggi murder. The leaks say the CIA assesses with medium to high confidence MbS targeted Khashoggi and probably ordered his death. Another report shows MbS contacted a member of the Khashoggi assassination plot 11 times on the date of the murder. I give my take on Trump's support for MbS and his many failures. Links

Intercepted - Hondarus

Around the Empire - Khashoggi

On FPF #279, I discuss events surrounding the G20 Summit. I break down the importance of Trump's canceling a meeting with Putin and how the incident in the Kerch Strait played a role. Before a G20 meeting with Xi and Trump, the US sailed a destroyer through the Taiwan Strait. MbS received a lot of media attention at the G20 because of the Khashoggi murder. I also look at the failure of the Zumwalt Class Destroyers. Links

Kerch Strait analysis

On FPF # 278, I discuss a vote advancing to a debate on Senate Joint Resolution 54, a War Powers bill that will end the US support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. The vote passed 63-37, all the nays were Republicans. Saudi Arabia's genocidal war against the people of Yemen has 14 million people on the brink of famine. Ending the US support for Saudi Arabia is essential for ending the humanitarian crisis.


FPF #159 - Yemen Cheat Sheet

Gazan protest number

On FPF #277, I discuss recent events that resulted in Ukraine declaring Martial Law. Ukrainian ships attempted to navigate Russian waters without following procedures established by Russia. Russian ships rammed a Ukrainian tugboat and fired on two other Ukrainian ships. No one was killed and Russia seized the three ships.

Support S J Res 54


FPF #175 - MSNBC on Russia

FPF #275 - Will Porter on Khashoggi

Accusing Russia

Moon of Alabama Sea of Azov

On FPF #276, I discuss the Korean Peace Process. North and South Korean soldiers shook hands and engaged in a friendly conversation across the DMZ. The soldiers are working on a road reconnecting North and South Korea.  While Koreans continue to move towards peace, the American establishment is attempting to slow it. A recent article by David Sanger claimed Trump is being played by Kim Jong-un. I review articles by Gareth Porter, Tim Shorrock, and Peter Van Buren that debunk the Sanger article. 


Tim Shorrock Gareth Porter Peter Van Buren  David Sanger Scott Horton Show - Gareth Porter

Pete 'Mance Rayder' Raymond returns to the show to discuss spreading the antiwar message in the face of censorship. Podcasts are an unregulated medium to spread the message. However, tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Google) are cracking down on nonmainstream messages and deepening their ties with the government. Pete explains how we can continue to spread the message without using platforms that will censor the message. Pete highlights the benefits of a new social network Minds.Com.

Pete Raymond has formerly gone by the alias Mance Rayder. He is the host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall Podcast. Pete the author of two books The Kids are Not All Right and Freedom Through Memedom. 


Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast #152 - Scott Horton & Angela Keaton

Minds.Com - Immersion News

Minds.Com - Pete 'Mance Rayder' Raymond

Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast #175 - Minds.Com

Will Porter returns to FPF to discuss Trump's statement on the Khashoggi murder. The statement is critical of Iran and highlights the benefits of maintaining the US/Saudi relationship status quo. Will breaks down the statement and debunks Trump's lies. 

A recent Wall Street Journal examines John Bolton's influence over Trump's foreign policy. We give our analysis on Bolton's policies on Iran, North Korea, and Russia. 

Will Porter is a freelance journalist. His work has been published in Consortium News, Antiwar.Com, and The Libertarian Institute.


Trump's Statement

Bolton's White House Influence

On FPF #273, I discuss the US policy in Syria. US envoy to the Syrian conflict James Jeffery recently gave a press conference on the US goals. I explain the myths the US government believes in that leads to unrealistic goals. 

Links Immersion News

James Jeffery

Intercept - Yemen Vote

Moon of Alabama - Syrian sitrep 

On FPF #272, I discuss the House killing a bill that would invoke the War Powers Act to bring the US support for the genocidal Yemen War to an end. The House attached a sentence to a bill about grey wolves to strip the Yemen bill of its privilege to be brought to a vote. I explain what the US role in the war is and how Yemenis would be better off if the US ended support for the Saudi led coalition. 

I also break down the US drone war in Yemen.


Scott Horton Show - Martha Mundy

Scott Horton Show - Scott Paul

Miami Herald - Drone War

On FPF #271, Joanne Leon joins the show to discuss the antiwar movement and the Democratic Party. Joanne gives a recent history of the Democratic Party and the divisions within the party. Joanne explains who is who in the party and what factions of the party may be allies with the antiwar movement. Joanne and Kyle review the midterm election results on the left side of the aisle and the firing of Jeff Sessions. 

Joanne is the host of the Around the Empire Podcast.


FPF #211 - Russiagate guests Dan Wright & Joanne Leon

Cenk Uyger on the Democratic Party

On FPF #270, I discuss how Veterans Day is used to celebrate war. Veterans Day started as Armistice Day to celebrate the end of WWI. I argue Veterans Day has become a day to promote wars and is not about helping vets.  I update the US role in the War in Yemen. The US has announced an end to the mid-air refueling of Saudi bomber. The US Congress is pushing bills to end the US assistance to Saudi Arabia.  Links

Scott Horton Show - Hassan El-Tayyab

On FPF #269, I discuss how the destructive US foreign policy was not an issue on election night. The US foreign policy is the most harmful for the American people. US interventionism is extremely costly and damaging to the Americans who enact it. The policy does not enrich Americans or improve the lives of people around the world. However, a significant American election will have little impact on how the US empire believes overseas. 


FPF #243 - Skripal

On FPF #268, I discuss the 2018 Midterm Elections. I explain why I did not vote. Little of the debate in the leadup to the midterms has been on what US foreign policy. Most of Congress takes no interest in wars and ignore their Constitutional duties. I look at some issues that could be impacted by the midterm elections. 


Gareth Porter - Russian linked accounts 

On FPF #265, I discuss President Trump deploying troops to the southern border to assist in preventing migrants from entering the US. I explain why it is a mistake to treat the migrants as invaders. 

I update the Syrian War. The American mission in continues to kill civilians and fail to retake the remaining territory from ISIS. 


FPF #223 - Brian Saady

On FPF #264, I discuss some new casualty numbers for the War on Yemen. The media has long cited a UN estimate that said 10,000 people have died. However, that estimate stopped counting deaths over a year ago. The 10,000 number has helped mask the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The new reports suggest there have been 70,000 - 80,000 deaths from violence and 130 children under five die every day.


Patrick Cockburn on Yemen's death toll

Scott Horton Show - Martha Mundy 

FPF #254 - South China Sea 


On FPF #263, I discuss the nuclear arms relationship between the US and Russia. NSA John Bolton appears determined to pull the US out of the INF Treaty. Bolton played a role in the withdraw from a nuclear treaty with Russia as a member of the Bush Administration. Vice President Mike Pence added to the nuclear buildup hype by refusing to rule out putting nuclear weapons in space. 


John Glaser and Eric Gomez - INF Treaty

Glenn Greenwald - MSM hides UAE influence

FPF #262

Tim Shorrock - Korean Peace


On FPF #261, I discuss important news events around the world. Social networks continue to go after independent media outlets. John Kiriakou explains why whistleblowers are so rare. I look at an article by Max Blumenthal on Nikki Haley's speech to CNP. In Afghanistan, an attack nearly killed the Commander of US Forces just days before elections were held. Over 30 people were killed during the election.  


Scott Horton Show - Gareth Porter

Scott Horton Show - Saudi Lobby

Max Blumenthal - Nikki Haley

John Kikakou - Whistleblowing 

On FPF #260, I explain how the war on drugs impacts US foreign policy and countries around the world. Prohibition is proven to be a failed policy that leads to black market violence. In some countries, the black market created by drug prohibition is so massive it can corrupt and destabilize the entire political and justice systems. 

I also discuss Korean Peace, Syria, and Africa. 


Moon of Alabama on Korean Peace 

On FPF #259, Will Porter joins the show to cover the Turkish/Russian agreement that has delayed the Syrian offensive of rebel-held Idlib. The agreement had a deadline for all rebels to be out of the buffer zone by October 15th. The deadline has passed, but Russia, Syria, and Turkey continue to work towards implementing the agreed steps. Will explains why he is optimistic about recent developments in Syria. 

We also discuss Nikki Haley and Yemen. 

Will Porter is a freelance journalist with a focus on Mideast Affairs and US foreign policy. His work can be found at Libertarian Institute,, and Consortium News 


Buzzfeed - American Mercenaries in Yemen

Moderate Rebels - Ali al-Ahmed

On FPF #258, I discuss how some close US allies have terrible human rights records. Recently, Egypt imprisoned a girl for discussing being sexually harassed in public, Israel has detained an American student for supporting BDS, and the UAE has held a UK researcher in solitary confinement for five months. Many of these countries are committing long-term atrocities, such as Turkey's persecution of the Kurds, the Saudi led genocide in Yemen, and the Ukrainian government's deep ties with neo-Nazis. 

I also discuss an article by Gareth Porter on the Internet Research Agency's limited impact on the 2016 election. 


Gareth Porter on Russiagate

On FPF #257, I discuss the resignation of US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. Haley has used her platform at the UN to promote violence. I highlight some of Haley's worst statements as Ambassador to the UN, including the Great Return March Protests, allegations of Iranian support for the Houthi, and lies about Assad using chemical weapons. 


Caitlin Johnstone on Nikki Haley's resignation

Justin Raimondo - Goodbye Haley 


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