Will Porter returns to FPF to break down events in the Middle East that could cause a larger conflict between the US and Iran. In Syria, the US is again claiming the Iran-backed Assad government is using chemical weapons against its own civilians. In Iraq, the US government is warning that Iran-backed Shia militias will attack US forces. The US, Saudi, and UAE continue to blame Iran for any attacks carried out by Yemen's Houthis. Will and Kyle discuss the potential for one of these events to be used to spark a war.


Around the Empire - Elijah Magnier

On FPF #351, I discuss weapon sales and their impact on geopolitics. Turkey said it will buy the S-400 and S-500 air defense systems from Russia. The US approved $1 billion in Raytheon made missiles to Canada, Japan, and South Korea. Google is funding a company that is developing targeting AI for the Pentagon drones. I break down how global nuclear weapons are becoming more advanced and dangerous.


Defense One - Nuclear Weapons

SHS - Muhammad Sahimi

On FPF #350, I argue that the armed US government agents are often the bad guys with guns on American streets and overseas. A recent editorial in the NYT explains how cops in Baltimore became the bad guys. I explain how US troops end up becoming the bad guys with guns during our wars.

I also discuss Chelsea Manning, Africa, Iran, and Yemen.


NYT - Cops are bad guys with guns Patrick Cockburn - War with Iran Did the Houthi hand over the Hodeida ports?

On FPF #348, I update the persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. The UK sentenced Assange to a 50-week sentence for violating bail. The US is seeking his extradition on charges related to the Manning Leaks. Now Sweden is also seeking his extradition.

Chelsea Manning is now free from jail. Manning served over two months for invoking her 1st, 4th, and 6th Amendments rights. She now faces another subpoena that forces her to testify or be arrested.


Caitlin Johnson - Rape allegations against Assange

FPF - Patrick Shanahan

On FPF #347, I discuss the reckless actions the US is taking against China, Iran, and Venezuela. Trump new tariffs could restart the trade war with China. He is also increasing challenges to Chinese territorial claims in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea. Bolton made a big show of the US deploying the USS Abe Lincoln to counter threats from Iran. The deployment of the aircraft carrier is routine, however, the hawks in Trump's administration seem determined to provoke a war with Iran. The regime change effort in Venezuela is ongoing. I review the one-sided media coverage of the events.


FAIR - Venezuela coverage Danny Sjursen - Afghan Data

Will Porter and Joanne Leon return to FPF to do more debunking of the Russiagate conspiracy theory. Joanne, Will, and Kyle focus in on the story of George Papadopoulos. According to the conspiracy theory, Papadopoulos was connecting Trump's campaign to Russia for receiving secret information about Hillary Clinton's emails. Papadopoulos claims he was the mark of some deep state actors who were attempting to set him up. Joanne and Will make sense of competing claims and changing narratives.

Will Porter is a staff writer at RT. He has bylines at Consortium News, and Libertarian Institute.

Joanne Leon is the host of the Around the Empire podcast.

Marko Marjanovic returns to FPF to talk about Venezuela and Syria. Kyle and Marko discuss how US regime change efforts in Venezuela have failed to topple Maduro. The US actions have hurt the Venezuelan people and increased Maduro's popularity. In Syria, Assad is continuing to work to retake all of his country. Currently, he is battling with jihadists in Idlib. Kyle and Mark break down how Assad's fight and the role of the US trying to prevent Assad from retaking Syria.

Marko Marjanovic runs Checkpoint Asia.


US blocks Iranian Oil to Syria Idlib Offensive SHS - Kevin Zeese FPF #208 - Marko Marjanovic

On FPF #344, I discuss how Trump is expanding the President's powers. The US joined the Yemen War without Congressional approval under Obama. Trump's veto of the Yemen War Powers bill proves Congress has no ability to check the war powers of the president. The Pentagon is adding 300 more troops to the southern border. The troops continue to break American military tradition by expanding their roles and putting the troops in more contact with suspected illegal immigrants. The DoJ's persecution of Julian Assange is an attack on journalism and truth. The attack makes it easier for the government to control the media narrative and decide what information is allowed to reach the public.


Moon of Alabama - Failed Coup FPF - Grey Zone guest Will Porter FPF - Turkey FPF - Wikileaks guest Will Porter

On FPF #343, I discuss Juan Guaido's latest failed coup attempt against Maduro. Guaido posted videos with a few Venezuelan soldiers and they took control of a small area outside of an airbase. Thousands of protesters joined Guaido. Maduro called for Venezuelans to take to the streets to show support him and massive crowds turned out to protect the presidential palace. The coup was broken up with some violence from the government. Links

Moon of Alabama - Random Guy's coup attempt US sanctions on Iran are leading to war Proposed sanctions may push Iran out of the Nuke Deal US sanctions are isolating the US

On FPF #342, I discuss DNC Chair Tom Perez statement, 'we are at war' with Russia. I explain how this hysterical thinking is reflective of the current DNC political leadership. The Democrats are at fault for losing the 2016 election. However, they continue to try to blame Russia for the loss. The hysteria is doing damage to the critical US/Russian relationship. I update Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Pentagon corruption. Links

Tom Perez: We are at war with Russia SHS - Peter Van Buren FPF - Grey Zone guest Will Porter DoJ - Assange Espionage Act

On FPF #339, I discuss the Mueller Report. #Russiagate's true believers saw the report as a vindication of their false narrative; I debunk many of their claims. I break down the best analysis of the Mueller Report, showing it for what it really is.

I update Trump's Iran policy, Sri Lanka Easter bombings, Zelensky's election as Ukrainian president, and Trump's veto of the Yemen War Powers bill.


Doug Bandow - Zelensky Trump's Second Veto Scott Horton - Mueller Notes Peter Van Buren - Mueller Report Mate and Doore discuss the Mueller Report Politico - Libya

Scott Horton returns to Foreign Policy Focus to explain the importance of Wikileaks. Scott discusses some of the cruelest crimes of the American Empire and our allied states. He details Wikileaks documents that show Israel is an apartheid state.

Scott Horton is the Editorial Director at and Managing Editor of the Libertarian Institute. He is the author of the book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and the Host of the Scott Horton Show.

Scott Horton returns to Foreign Policy Focus to explain the importance of Wikileaks. Scott breaks down how leaks from Chelsea Manning helped to expose the cruelty of the Iraq War. He debunks so of the most common lies about Wikileaks. Scott also discusses some soon to be released books by the Libertarian Institute.

Scott Horton is the Editorial Director at and Managing Editor of the Libertarian Institute. He is the author of the book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and the Host of the Scott Horton Show.

On FPF #336, Will and Kyle discuss how the indictment of Julian Assange is an attack on journalism. Will exposes errors made in the mainstream media about the charges. The errors have led to the false belief that Assange's work did not fall under the category of journalism. Will and Kyle review the statements from key figures to the arrest of Assange.


Will's first RT article Glenn Greenwald Trevor Timm

On FPF #335, I discuss the arrest of Julian Assange. Assange was arrested by the UK after Ecuador's president rescinded his asylum. Assange now faces the potential of being extradited to the US; an indictment against Julian Assange charges him with crimes related to Chelsea Manning's leaking of documents in 2010. I argue the persecution of Assange is an attack on journalism.


Cassandra Fairbanks

On FPF #334, I discuss the Trump admin naming Iran's Islamic Revoluntary Guard Corps a terror organization. I explain the false arguments used by the Trump admin to claim the IRGC supports terror groups. The move makes a conflict with Iran more likely.


Eric Margolis - Algeria

Micah Zenko - No Real Threats

On FPF #333, I discuss Trump's dive into the swamp. 14 of Trump's ambassador nominations made significant donations to Trump's inauguration fund. Some of the nominations have been important posts such as Iceland and the UAE.

On the campaign, Trump criticized NATO as being outdated. However, Trump has only expanded NATO and engaged in terrible policies that inflame tensions with Russia. I also update Assange's asylum status and Haftar's attack on Tripoli.


Doug Bandow Col Douglas Macgregor Gilbert Doctorow James Carden Trump ambassador nominees

Will Porter returns to FPF to talk Russiagate, Yemen, and Israel. Will and Kyle take a victory lap on Russiagate. They explain how the Democrats have given Trump a huge win by spending so much power pushing the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

The House passed a Yemen War Powers bill. Will breaks down the US and UK involvement in Yemen. Including a recent report that UK soldiers are fighting against the Houthi in Yemen. Will looks ahead to the upcoming Israeli elections. Will and Kyle review the events of the Great Return protests.


Ramzy Baroud - The purpose of Palestinian protest

On FPF #331, I discuss the formation of a possible bipartisan antiwar coalition that works with Trump to end wars. The coalition would be made up of Republicans and Democrats often labeled as far-right or far-left members of their parties, like Ro Khanna and Rand Paul. Trump has expressed desires to end wars in Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The coalition could work with Trump to ease sanctions on Russian and make a denuclearization agreement with North Korea.


Breitbart - Antiwar coalition Foreign Policy - Libya US Halts F-35 Equipment to Turkey Al Jazeera - Saudi backed forces use child soldiers

On FPF #330, I discuss Secretary of Energy Rick Perry signing at least six agreements with Saudi to allow American companies to sell the kingdom nuclear technology. Saudi Arabia has rejected buying a civilian nuclear program with safeguards to limit the ability to make nuclear weapons.

I update the ongoing Korean peace process. A copy of the extensive demands Trump gave to Kim at Hanoi has been released. It shows the US is demanding 'Libyan Style' denuclearization. Kim is unlikely to agree to that process.

I explain my excitement for the 2020 DNC race. Some left-wing groups like MoveOn and candidates like Tulsi Gabbard are taking important anti-intervention positions.


Scott Horton Show - Aaron Mate Around the Empire - Matt Taibbi Danny Sjursen - 2020 Advice Michael Tracey - Hillary's role in Russiagate Michael Tracey - Tulsi interview

On FPF #329, I update the fallout from the Mueller probe ending without indictments of Trump. 48% of American's continue to believe 'Trump - or his campaign - colluded with Russia. Only 9% of Americans changed their minds after the Mueller investigation ended and the Barr summary was published. Senator Rand Paul dropped a bombshell on the Russiagate story, alleging that John Brennan was behind the Steele Dossier being included in the Intelligence Assessment. I explain the importance of John Brennan's role in Russiagate and the hysteria that causes so many Americans to believe a lie.


Ted Galen Carpenter: Russiagate is fake, the US anti-Russia foreign policy is real David Stockman - Magnitsky Act Scott Horton Show - Tim Postol Yemen War Powers Bill

On FPF #328, I break down how heavily armed American mercenaries got arrested outside the Haitian Central bank. The Intercept reports Haiti's president bribed a cutout to hire the Americans. The Americans then attempted to help the cutout transfer $80 million at the central bank. The operation fell apart when a security guard called the police. The State Department then helped the mercenaries escape justice in Haiti. Links

Intercept - Haiti Rolling Stone - Pentagon Accounting Caitlin Johnstone: Mock the Russiagaters Matt Taibbi: The press embarrassed themselves during Russiagate Peter Van Buren: It was all a lie

On FPF #327, I run an interview from the Peace and Liberty Podcast with host Steven Clyde. Steven asks me questions about the Russiagate conspiracy and the end of the Mueller investigation. I debunk the biggest lies during the Russiagate conspiracy. I also talk about some recent events in Somalia and North Korea.

Will Porter returns to FPF to discuss the New Zealand shooter's motive. The shooter wanted a war on the 'Grey Zone' in an attempt to try to drive cultures further apart. He was willing to commit disgusting acts of violence to achieve those ends. Will compares the shooter's attack on the 'Grey Zone' to Islamic jihadists. We argue that exposing the shooter's ideological target can help to expose and reject it.

On FPF #325, I cover several recent news stories. In 2020, the Trump Administration is seeking an $85 billion budget for intelligence agencies. US sanctions against Venezuela and Iran combined with OPEC oil production cuts could cause gas prices to rise. Secretary of State Pompeo claims that withdrawing from the Yemen War would empower Iran.


Forbes - Sanctions

Ron Paul Liberty Report - Spy Budget


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