On FPF #313, I cover the controversy surrounding statements made by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. She called out AIPAC's influence over US policy and Elliott Abrams' nefarious history. In response, the foreign policy establishment has condemned the Congresswoman.

I break down the unrest in Kashmir and the Indian/Pakistani relationship. A recent suicide bombing has caused increased friction between the nuclear powers and ethnic tensions in India.


Ady Bankan - AIPAC

Scott Horton returns to the Foreign Policy Focus podcast to talk about nukes, regime change, and ending the war in Afghanistan. Scott breaks down the US effort to replace Maduro as president of Venezuela and the likelihood of a US regime change effort in Iran. He discusses how developing low yield nukes and leaving the INF Treaty increases the risk of nuclear weapons being used. We also cover the potential withdraw of US troops from Afghanistan

Scott Horton is the Managing Director of The Libertarian Institute, Editorial Director at, and host of the Scott Horton Show. Scott is the author of Fools Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan.


Scott Horton Show - Dan McAdams Scott Horton Show - Max Blumenthal Scott Horton Show - Tom Eddlem Scott Horton Show - Greg Palast Adam Graham - Remember the Maine

On FPF #311, I discuss the Pentagon looking to grow the Overseas Contingency Operation. The OCO is considered to be a slush fund for the Pentagon. Growing instability in Africa and a lack of Congressional oversight on war powers allow the Pentagon to expand wars.


Amanda Sperber - Somalia

James Bamford - Maria Butina

Scott Horton Show - Tom Eddlem

On FPF #310, I discuss Trump's Iran policy. In the first two years of Trump's presidency, his Iran policy has been a massive failure. Many of his top advisers are life-long Iran hawks who believe the key to American security regime change in Iran. I examine the possibility of the US taking an active role in overthrowing the government of Iran.


Scott Horton Show - David Stockman Scott Horton Show - Muhammad Sahimi Conn Hallinan - Iranian Regime Change Politico - Khashoggi murder

On FPF #309, I discuss the next meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. The meeting will take place at the end of February in Vietnam. Trump's tweets suggest the talks could take important steps in Korean Peace. I give my take on what could come from the talks.


Free Man Beyond the Wall - Scott Horton

Jason Ditz - SOTU

On FPF #308, Mike Maharrey returns to the show to talk about fighting the empire from within. Mike explains how his work at the Tenth Amendment Center has worked to fight access military weapons from going to local police forces. Mike discusses why passing Defend the Guard laws on a state level can help to end wars overseas. He is also working to prevent the US from engaging in torture with state laws. Mike Maharrey is the author of Our Last Hope. He is the host of the Thoughts from Maharrey Head podcast and the Friday Gold Wrap. Mike is the managing editor at Schiff Gold and the communications director at The Tenth Amendment Center. Links

FPF #134 - Mike Maharrey Tenth Amendment Center sample legislation Mike Maharrey's: [email protected]

On FPF #307, I discuss the intelligence community's assessment that Russia and China are the biggest threats to the US. I breakdown the alleged areas of conflict between the American people and Great Power Rivals. I also update recent events in Venezuela. Links

Gareth Porter - Threat Assessment Scott Horton Show - Greg Palast Moon of Alabama - Venezuela Eric Margolis - China

On FPF #306, I update the political uncertainty in Venezuela. Maduro appears to be retaining control over the country. However international actors continue to push the Juan Guaido government. I discuss the regime change effort coming from the United States. Links

Max Blumenthal & Dan Cohen on Venezuela

The Drive - USS Ford

FPF #262 - INF Treaty

On FPF #305, I breakdown war state efforts to create and expand wars. Factions of the Trump administration continue to push regime change efforts in Venezuela. DNI Dan Coats is attempting to throw cold water on a deal with North Korea. Max Boot is arguing that the US should remain in Afghanistan and Syria for 100 years. The Trump Administration is in a dangerous state that could lead to a conflict with Iran. Links

Peter Van Buren - Venezuela

Jim Lobe Ben Armbruster - Iran

On FPF #304, Will Porter returns to the show for part two of the year-end review show. We discuss the worst of Trump's foreign policy decisions in 2018. Will breaks down the important events in Yemen, Russia, Iran, and China. We examine the influence that John Bolton and Mike Pompeo had on US foreign policy in 2018.


FPF #292 - Best of Trump in 2018 guest Will Porter FPF #291 - John Rogan guest Will Porter FPF #287 - Syria guest Will Porter FPF #284 - Julian Assange guest Will Porter FPF #244 False Flags in Syria guest Will Porter FPF #237 #WhyImAntiwar guest Will Porter FPF #232 - Yemen gest Will Proter FPF #231 - Iranian Sanctions guest Will Porter FPF #226 - Israel Bombs Syria guest Will Porter

On FPF #303, I discuss the potential change of government in Venezuela. The leader of the country's opposition, Juan Guaido has declared himself the interim president. The move has been backed by the US and several other nations. The Maduro government still claims to be the rightful leadership of the country and has cut ties with the US. I breakdown all the reporting on the issue.


Doug Bandow - NATO POGO - Zumwalt report AP - Juan Guaido's moves to take power Marines suicide rate Libya Mali Sudan Somalia

On FPF #302, Brian Saady returns to the show to talk about the huge crime problem in the UAE. Brian explains how the organized crime of the UAE creates opportunities for terror groups around the Middle East. He discusses how the crime in the UAE has ties to gold smuggling, nuclear proliferation, and the PKK. Brian also gives an update on the Colombia peace process with the FARC.

Brian Saady is an author and podcast host. His articles, podcasts, and books can be found at his website Links

Brian's talk at Freedom Foundation

Gupta Brothers

On FPF #301, Keith Knight joins the show to debunk war myths. Keith covers several of the biggest lies the US has told to enter into wars. Keith starts with the Mexican American War and brings us through to the Terror Wars. Keith Knight is the host of the Don't Tread On Anyone podcast and the co-host of Liberty Weekly. Links

America's Foreign Policy of Deception Ultimate Red Pill Don't Tread on Anyone Keith Knight interviews Scott Horton

On FPF #300, Peter Van Buren joins the show to talk his books. Peter discusses his book Hooper's War and moral injury. Peter explains how war can do more than injure someone physically, their understanding of right and wrong can be damaged as well.

I ask Peter about his time as a State Department official working on nation-building projects in Iraq, and his book about that time We Meant Well. He gives a few examples of why the nation-building projects failed.

Peter Van Buren is a former State Department employee and is now a writer. He is the author of Hooper's War and We Meant Well. Peter's website is


SHS - Danny Sjursen & Matthew Hoh We Meant Well Hooper's War SHS - Peter Van Buren Peter Van Buren FaceBook

On FPF #299, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss news on Syria, Russia, and Yemen. We breakdown the death of four US soldiers by an ISIS suicide bomber in Syria. The Washington foreign policy establishment is trying to use the death of the soldiers to prevent the US from exiting Syria. We debunk all the myths the war party is using to try to keep US troops in Syria.

Will Porter is a journalist who writes on Mid East Affairs and Foreign Policy. Will's work can be found at Antiwar.Com and LibertarianInstitute.Org.


Will Porter FPF Archive

On FPF #298, I discuss a recently reported FBI investigation of Trump in 2017. The investigation looked into possible Russian influence over Trump. The investigators found no evidence. However, Russiagate conspiracy theorists add the investigation as further proof that Trump is under the control of Putin.


Glenn Greenwald - FBI Investigation

Ron Paul Liberty Report - FBI Investigation

Navy Time - USS Fitz Report

On FPF #297, I review the new movie Vice. Vice is the story of warmonger Dick Chaney. The movie captures any of the most evil acts of Chaney. I expand on some of the stories that only were given brief attention. I also give my take on Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 presidential run. Links Kelley Vlahos on the Pentagon revolving door

Return of the Neocons

On FPF #296, I explain how crickets caused the US to withdraw the majority of their diplomatic envoy to Cuba. The US alleged sonic weapons being used against US diplomats in Cuba. The US media even speculated that Russia was involved with the use of sonic weapons against diplomats. Scientific testing now shows the noise was caused by crickets. I examine how the allegations impacted US policy towards Cuba and how this event exemplifies the shortcomings of the US media. Links

FPF #263 - Nukes

Moon of Alabama on the cricket attack

Philip Giraldi - Trump 2019 Foreign Policy

On FPF #295, I discuss the US relationship with China. The acting Secretary of Defense said he will focus on "China, China, China." The US increasing looked at the great powers - Russia and China - the biggest threat to the US. The economic relationship with China is rocky, and the US continues to challenge Chinese territorial claims. I also discuss the coup attempt in Gabon and the changing US war in Somalia. Links Eric Margolis on China

On FPF #294, I discuss new updates in the Russiagate conspiracy theory and Syria. New information reveals Gen Flynn's trip to Russia in 2015 was in accordance with US intelligence. A court document shows an associate of John McCain gave he Steele Dossier to BuzzFeed in 2016. Bolton claims the US withdraws in Syria is conditioned on protection for the Kurds and the defeat of ISIS. The Assad government is now talking with the Syrian Kurds. The US and Russian military are also engaged in talks. Links

Mark Perry - Syria withdraw

Elijah Magnier - Syria updates

On FPF #293, I discuss Trump seeming to waver on his decision for a rapid withdraw of US troops from Syria. CNN reports a Pentagon official says the US troop withdraw from Syria will take 120 days.

I cover what we know about the arrest of US citizen Paul Whelan in Russia. Whelan has been charged with spying.


Glenn Greenwald on the alleged Manafort and Assange meeting Caitlyn Johnston on the resignation of William Arkin NYT - Child soldiers in Yemen NYT - CIA sponsored Afghan war criminals FPF #281 - Will Porter on the Propaganda war on Assange

On FPF #292, Will Porter returns to discuss Trump's best foreign policy decisions of 2018. Trump met with North Koren leader Kim Jong-un. He ordered the withdraw of US forces from Syria. The president is reported to be planning the withdraw of US troops from Afghanistan. We also discuss the resignations of Nikki Haley and James Mattis.


FPF #213 - Russiagate with Dan Write and Joanne Leon FPF #287 - Syria FPF #288 - Afghanistan Seymore Hersh Rat Line Peter Van Buren on Mattis' resignation Gareth Porter on Mattis' resignation

On FPF #291, Will Porter returns to the show do break down Josh Rogin's article in the Washington Post attacking Senator Rand Paul. Will and Kyle explain how Paul's influence over Trump is good. Will debunks the lies Rogin tells about Paul. Links

Josh Rogin

On FPF #290, I explain that the US Empire is operating as usual even though the mainstream media is focused on the shutdown. The US continues to slow the Korean Peace Process with sanctions. Defense Secretary James Mattis will be out on January 1st and weapon makers exec Patrick Shanahan will take over. I discuss the impact of the announced US troop withdrawal from Syria.

On FPF #289, Kevin Doremus joins the show to discuss foreign policy Realism. Kevin is a realist and explains his philosophy. Kevin discuss prominent realists like John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. We highlight some of the best writers from the realist school. Kevin details how realist foreign policy reacts to today's world. Links Edwin Van De Haar - Independent Institute

Stephen Walt - The Hell of Good Intentions

John Mearsheimer - The Great Delusion


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