On FPF #377, I discuss Senator Rand Paul's attempt to engage in talks with Iran. Rand played a round of gulf with Trump and got the go-ahead to talk with the Iranian foreign minister. While Trump still seems committed to his maximum pressure campaign, the realistic Paul and Zarif may be able to begin improving the US/Iranian relationship.

I update the Eric Garner murder. The police-involved will not be held responsible. I use this story to look at who should be held responsible for enforcing state policy.

Mike Maharrey returns to FPF to discuss further fallout from his appearance on RT. Polygraph.Info, the "fact-checking" wing of Voice of America, ran an article "debunking" Mike's analysis on SWIFT. Mike correctly argues that the US exercises control over SWIFT to wage economic warfare. Mike responds to the Polygraph.Info article.

Michael Maharrey is the communications director at the Tenth Amendment Center. He hosts the God Anarchy, Friday Gold Wrap, and Thoughts from Maharrey Head podcasts. His website is


Mike Maharrey on RT Mike Maharrey talks Defend the Guard on FPF Polygraph.Info The Pre-Rebuttal

I start FPF #375 with a huge announcement. Then, I discuss Turkey starting to receive the S-400 air defense system from Russia. Turkey is deploying the system near the Mediterranean Sea. The US has threatened to sanction Turkey for buying the S-400. We are now waiting to see if Trump will follow through on the threat. Links

FPF - Daniel Shaver Moon of Alabama - S-400 Curt Mills - Fred Fleitz

On FPF #374, I discuss the Syrian War. The war crawls on as regional and global powers via to assert their influence in Syria. I update the ongoing battles in Syria and the geopolitical conflicts prolonging the war. The UK recently seized an Iranian oil tanker and alleged the ship was breaking European sanctions against Assad.


How to Think About Internation Relations Caitlin Johnstone on opposing war Doug Bandow on China

On FPF #373, I discuss how Trump has used Twitter to make threats and conduct diplomacy. Trump famously tweeted an invitation to Kim Jong-un to meet at the DMZ. The tweet led to a meeting of the two leaders and Trump being the first president to cross into North Korea. The meeting ended with plans for new talks. I explain why the reports of a 'freeze' agreement and Stephen Biegun leading the talks make me optimistic.

Trump also used Twitter to threaten more sanctions against Iran. Trump claimed the Iranians were secretly enriching and the JCPOA was going to expire. I debunk Trump's lies about the nuclear deal.


Kamala Harris's disturbing record

Scott Ritter on North Korea

On FPF #372, I discuss the mainstream reaction to Iran's small increase in uranium enrichment. Many are pushing the false claim that Iran is now breaking the nuclear deal and is on the path to building a bomb, but I explain what is actually happening with the country's civilian nuclear energy program. The US already violated the nuclear pact by withdrawing from the agreement and reimposing sanctions on Iran.

The US uses the SWIFT payment system to keep adversaries in line. Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center has done hard work to expose the little known international financial system, for which he is now drawing fire from the likes of Voice of America.


Ray McGovern deep state investigations

Mike Maharrey on SWIFT

On FPF #371, Mike Maharrey and Will Porter return to the show for a discussion on US economic warfare. Mike recently appeared on RT to discuss how the US uses SWIFT to enforce sanctions. Will and Mike highlight the importance of SWIFT in the Americans Empire. The Libertarian Party chair criticized Mike for his appearance. Mike and Will explain why they use RT to spread the antiwar message.

Will Porter is a staff writer at RT. He has bylines at, Consortium News, and the Libertarian Institute.

Michael Maharrey is the communications director at the Tenth Amendment Center. He hosts the God Anarchy, Friday Gold Wrap, and Thoughts from Maharrey Head podcasts. His website is


Mike Maharrey on RT

Mike Maharrey talks Defend the Guard on FPF

On FPF #370, I address the claim that Iran broke the JCPOA or Nuke Deal. The Nuke Deal was implemented under Obama and placed additional limits/inspections on Iran's civilian energy program. In 2018, Trump left the deal and reimposed sanctions on Iran. The US sanctions broke the agreement, and now Iran is starting to abandon some of its commitments in response.

I cover some recent diplomacy the US is engaged in. Zalmay Khalilzad is leading the US in the 7th round of talks with the Taliban. Trump met with Kim Jong-un at the DMZ. The President also met Xi and Putin at the G20. Links

Ben Norton on NYT getting government approval

Moon of Alabama on Iran not breaking the deal

Joanne Leon returns to the show to breakdown the first Democratic debate. Joanne and Kyle cover Tulsi's highlights from the debate. Tulsi seems to have the strongest ani-intervention policy. They discuss the candidates with the worst answers to questions about war. Joanne gives some of her takes on the field and what we can expect from the 2020 race. Joanne Leon is the host of the Around the Empire podcast.

On FPF #368, I discuss Afghan peace talks, Iran, and Yemen. The US is about to enter the seventh round of peace talks with the Taliban. The upcoming round of talks will focus on a timeline for US troops to leave Afghanistan. Secretary of State Pompeo said he hopes for a deal by September first.

US and Iranian tensions continue to simmer this week as the US placed new sanctions on the Iranian leadership. Iran has set deadlines for the European to hold up their end of the Nuke Deal. So far, Europe has not taken actions against the US sanctions, and Iran may follow through with threats to enrich more uranium.

The world's worst crisis is getting worse because the World Food Program is cutting some aid to the Houthi held areas of Yemen. The region is on the brink of starvation and blockaded by the US/Saudi coalition. The Houthi have been carrying out more strikes in Saudi Arabia. Links

FPF - INF Treaty

SHS - Revenge of the Kurds

FPF #367 is a roundtable discussion with Joanne Leon of the Around the Empire podcast and Kyle. They break down the dangerous situation that has been escalating between the US and Iran. Joanne and Kyle uncover the hawks within the administration who seem to be pushing this war the hardest.

For FPF #366, I play an episode of the Peace and Liberty Podcast hosted by Steven Clyde. Steven interviewed Will Porter and me on the potential war with Iran. We cover the recent developments and possible future tripwires for war.

Steven Clyde is the host of the Peace and Liberty Podcast and works with the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus.

Will Porter is a staff writer at RT. He has bylines at Consortium News,, and the Libertarian Institute.

On the first FPF Patreon's Livestream, I'm joined by Will Porter and Steven Woskow to talk about Iran, the new Defense Secretary, and Venezuela. Iran shot down the unmanned US spy drone in (or near) Iranian airspace. The Trump administration has responded with hawkish rhetoric. We give our take on the possibility and dangers of a war with Iran.

Will Porter is a staff writer at RT. His work has been published at, Consortium News, and the Libertarian Institute.

Steven Woskow's publishes on the blog at the Libertarian Insitute.

Scott Horton returns to FPF to discuss Will Grigg's new book, hitting the 5,000 interview mark, and who may be behind the attacks on ships near the Persian Gulf. The Libertarian Insitute published a book of Will Grigg's essays. Scott explains why every libertarian needs to read No Quarter: The Ravings of Will Grigg.

Scott recently recorded his 5,000th interview. Kyle asks Scott about why he does the show and what are some of his takeaways. Scott and Kyle highlight some of the most important interviews in Scott's archive.

Scott looks at recent news in the Middle East and provides analysis for a theory that Iran may be behind the attacks on ships near the Persian Gulf.

Scott Horton is the author of Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, host of the Scott Horton Show, Editorial Director of, and he runs the Libertarian Insitute.


Scott Horton Show Archives Will Grigg on the Dallas Police Shooting Will Grigg's Blog

On FPF #363, I discuss the US taking an offensive approach in a cyberwar with Russia, protests in Hong Kong, and the US blaming Iran for everything. The New York Times reports US Cyber Command is preparing to have the ability go on the offensive against the Russian power grid. However, Trump is unaware of the plan. Protests in Hong Kong are growing and demanding the region's leader step down. Last week, protesters won a battle against a proposed extradition law. US NGOs are playing a role in the protests. The LP Chair Nick Sarwark has used this as an opportunity to attack Ron Paul for being too kind to authoritarian governments. I explain why Sarwark is wrong. The US continues to blame Iran for everything. I break down the accusations and the evidence to support them. I also look at the breaches - by the US and possibly Iran - of the JCPOA.


Caitlin Johnstone - Is Trump in Charge Intercept - Corruption at the Pentagon ATF loses thousands of guns Pseudolectual Podcast

On FPF #362, I discuss how Iran is being blamed for the attack on two cargo ships in the Gulf of Oman. There are still many actors who may have had the incentive to attack the ships, and no one who is accusing Iran of carrying out the attack has presented any evidence to prove their claim.

I also talk about how libertarians should be able to use foreign policy and advocating nonintervention to our advantage. However, libertarians lack of knowledge on the issue often leads to embarrassing gaffes.


Moon of Alabama - 2 cargo ships attacked

On FPF #361, I discuss recent news about China. In Hong Kong mass protests have broken out to oppose a new law that allows extraditions to China. China appears to be seeking to oppose more control over Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the South China Sea. The US has grown its relationship with Taiwan and will sell the island $2 billion in weapons. I also update the 2020 NDAA, Turkey, and Kim Jong-un's half brother's connection with the CIA.

On FPF #360, I discuss some misleading and incorrect stories that appeared in the mainstream media. Recent articles about Venezuela featured headlines suggesting four million people fled Venezuela this year. The reality is a UN report said less than three and a half Venezuelans have left Venezuela since 2015. The MSM recently ran stories that claimed Kim Jong-un purged his nuclear negotiation team. Days later the negotiator was pictured with Kim.

I also cover the US taking steps to prevent Turkey from buying the F-35 and Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Links

Ben Norton - Fake Purge

Moon of Alabama - Rules of the Water

Will Porter returns to FPF to talk about Assange, Russiagate, and Yemen. A Swedish judge rejected a prosecutor's request to ask the UK extradite Assange to Sweden for questioning about sexual assault allegations in 2010. Will explains this may be some of the first good news Assange has gotten in some time.

Robert Mueller gave a brief press conference about his Russiagate probe. Mueller used language that has allowed Russiagate conspiracy theorists to falsely claim that Trump was only not charged because he is a sitting president. Will and Kyle debunk Mueller's distortions of the truth - that no conspiracy with Russia exists.

Will and Kyle discuss the ongoing genocide in Yemen and the considerable role the US, France, and the UK play in the war.

Will Porter is a staff writer at RT. His work can be found at, Consortium News, and the Libertarian Institute.

On FPF #355, I talk about Memorial Day being used as propaganda for the wars. Common phrases like "they died for our freedoms" and "we are safe because of their sacrifices" are uttered by nearly everyone. The propaganda is effective in reducing criticism of US foreign policy because the legacy of the Americans who died fighting the wars is tied to the legacy of the war. I explain the best way to honor America soldiers is to not send them into meaningless wars.


It's legal to record cops NYT lies about Hezbollah NYT lies about Iran Report on Indian torture in Kashmir

Scott Horton returns to FPF to talk about Assange, weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, and the new deployment of troops to the Middle East. Scott 'Fisks' the Assange indictment and explains who Julian Assage is a journalist. Scott and Kyle talk about Trump declaring a national emergency to sell more weapons to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The weapons will likely be used to commit genocide in Yemen. Scott breaks down Trump's announcement of sending 1,500 troops to the Middle East to combat the Iranian threat.

Scott Horton is the host of the Scott Horton Show and the author of Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan. He is the Editorial Director of and the Managing Director of The Libertarian Institute.


Scott Horton - Assange Indictment

Will Porter returns to FPF to break down events in the Middle East that could cause a larger conflict between the US and Iran. In Syria, the US is again claiming the Iran-backed Assad government is using chemical weapons against its own civilians. In Iraq, the US government is warning that Iran-backed Shia militias will attack US forces. The US, Saudi, and UAE continue to blame Iran for any attacks carried out by Yemen's Houthis. Will and Kyle discuss the potential for one of these events to be used to spark a war.


Around the Empire - Elijah Magnier

On FPF #351, I discuss weapon sales and their impact on geopolitics. Turkey said it will buy the S-400 and S-500 air defense systems from Russia. The US approved $1 billion in Raytheon made missiles to Canada, Japan, and South Korea. Google is funding a company that is developing targeting AI for the Pentagon drones. I break down how global nuclear weapons are becoming more advanced and dangerous.


Defense One - Nuclear Weapons

SHS - Muhammad Sahimi

On FPF #350, I argue that the armed US government agents are often the bad guys with guns on American streets and overseas. A recent editorial in the NYT explains how cops in Baltimore became the bad guys. I explain how US troops end up becoming the bad guys with guns during our wars.

I also discuss Chelsea Manning, Africa, Iran, and Yemen.


NYT - Cops are bad guys with guns Patrick Cockburn - War with Iran Did the Houthi hand over the Hodeida ports?

On FPF #348, I update the persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. The UK sentenced Assange to a 50-week sentence for violating bail. The US is seeking his extradition on charges related to the Manning Leaks. Now Sweden is also seeking his extradition.

Chelsea Manning is now free from jail. Manning served over two months for invoking her 1st, 4th, and 6th Amendments rights. She now faces another subpoena that forces her to testify or be arrested.


Caitlin Johnson - Rape allegations against Assange

FPF - Patrick Shanahan


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