Jews Run Anti-Semite Psy-Op From Congress

Apollo-11 to 911

I8UB4UCY Video

(Note: The scene with the 9 pictures and two lights. There are also 11 stairs going up from the landing.)

Wakey Time Video

Or Not.......

I8UB4UCY Video

I8UB4UCY - Video

The Truth is the Truth - even if you don't agree with it.

Even When It's Not The Jew - It's The Jew.

Wadge War By Means Of Deception.

Bill Donahue #197

A Flat Earth Film

Which Is It ?

Bill Donahue #760

Bill Donahue #198

A Reading Of Dave's Work On Lincoln.

Dave's Website:

Charlie Discusses Jewish Secret Societies And Americas Founding Freemasons

A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole With Sofia & Dave.

Audio Only

Share This Video - Wak'em Up

Dana Durnford Video

Liberty Times Production

Unfortunately - They Are


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