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This is part two of the section of a documentary on the founding of America 🇺🇸

I have edited this section because I believe that this information is extremely important for us to understand in this hour.

This is a portion of an 8 hour documentary that I believe is extremely informative about the day and hour we live in

My thoughts on the time changes and prayer

I’m sharing what I have personally experienced, there is no condemnation on anyone mentioned, it’s merely my testimony which I am free to share that others may learn from my experience

Can we know what the proper time is?

Time, does it matter?

I believe it does, why else would there be so much confusion with such a daily occurrence?

How the early church screwed up time-

Information on various topics-

Reported from an undisclosed location deep within enemy territory

I will be going over this study for the next two weeks and using clips for my instagram account- I will share the gems 💎 here

Chuck has passed on and so did the Apostle John, we get to enjoy what they left us.


Here are some clips I found, with increasing frequency the Bible is under attack

Let’s study repentance because it’s required to be born again.

The synagogue of Satan.

Here is some more information, trump or trumpeter or horn

Here is some information that maybe you don’t know, here is something maybe you forgot,

I spent time watching videos on Obama as the Antichrist, I was and am still open to learn, this is interesting information ℹ️ so stick this in your bag of possibilities and shake it around

Just some random guy putting a video together for your entertainment


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