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This song is for all those who were aware enough and brave enough to warn others of the scam we endearingly refer to as "Covid-19".
-Glenn Daniel

Some of the t-shirts in the video can be found here :

Poor Girl perhaps had one shot too many.
Notice the rainbow above Justin Trudeau's head and the ridiculous indian head peaces.

May 17, 2024


‚ÄúAs Prime Minister of Slovakia‚ĶI can tell you that we‚Äôre going to look into these Politicians and their meaningless purchases of medical devices and vaccines and we reject the WHO Treaty‚Ķ‚ÄĚ -Slovakia PM Robert Fico who was later SHOT.


Video of him getting shot:

In Part 1 Richard explains how the Starship TV studio was made. Yes, the show is not actually filmed on a Starship, it is filmed in an old building in County Durham. We are seeking new cameras if any viewer happens to want to donate a PD150 or even a couple of Sony Z1's we would be grateful.

In parts 2 & 3, Dr. Rauni Kilde (ex chief medical officer of Finland) talks on various issues including the scandalous W.H.O. vaccination programme. Rauni also mentions her attendance at a Russian UFO conference where she was shown pictures of UFO landing/crash sites in the possession of the Russian authorities.


Rainbow trout are returned to their original wild form. Corn grows in a form that its ancestors had centuries ago. A common worm fern produces leaves like those found on 300-million-year-old fossils. And all this only because the trout eggs, the corn kernels, the fern spores were exposed to an electrostatic field.

The Dutch reporter Rutger Castricum reports on the so-called Mexican swine flu in 2009. It is remarkable that WEF puppet and possible future NATO boss Mark Rutte also appears in this video.

If you see parallels with the Chinese bat flea market virus outbreak, then you are probably a conspiracy theorist.

Award winning journalist, Gemma O'Doherty joins Richard to talk about her career in Ireland and how she parted company with her employer, who demanded that she cease reporting on corruption within the Irish state. Since leaving mainstream journalism she has continued to lead her field as a fully independent 'proper' investigative journalist, uncovering many serious injustices in Ireland. In recent years she has suffered, what appear to be orchestrated legal attacks, which are being supported by the mainstream media. "Lawfare" seems to the be price that investigative journalists are now paying, for searching for and reporting on uncomfortable truths. The parallels with Richard D. Hall's case in the UK are striking.

A Heart-Wrenching Moment at Japanese Press Conference: A Mother Recounts Her Son's Death Amid Landmark Class Action Lawsuit Filed by COVID Vaccine Victims Against Government.

Plaintiff number 7:
"My son had his third dose of the vaccine on May 1, 2022, and then in the early hours of May 4, at 4:30 AM, he suddenly shouted out and immediately after went into cardiac arrest, He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and put on ECMO, but he passed away a week later, on May 11. He was only 19 years old"

" My son, who worked at a pharmaceutical company, had strong side effects from the first and second doses and said he wouldn't take a third, but he had to take it for the sake of the company; the president also strongly urged him, resulting in him getting vaccinated."

"Please, this is the truth. It's neither a lie nor a made-up story. Don't look away from reality. Why is vaccination not halted? How long will this situation be ignored? I hope there are as few people as possible enduring the suffering we go through every day. "

Collaroy NSW ūüá¶ūüáļ . Meet 53 Cecilia, someone that trusted her Govt and had 5 V..... She was 4 times the lucky, the 5th Jab resulting in serious Neurological damage that left her wheelchair bound and unable to walk.


I Thought this was just a conspiracy theory?

Many people are sharing videos of massive rainfall in Dubai.
The UAE government has a cloud seeding program and is very open about.
Ther are other that are very open about modifying the weather like Thailand for example.

Someone on Twitter asked this question:
UAE Admits to assisting Israel in shooting down Iran drones.

2 days later Dubai, UAE is under water.


Today's show is the last in the current series. In 2018, Richard will be presenting another UK speaking tour, starting on 19th April 2018 and details can be found on the website. A new series of internet shows may be launched in the second part of 2018. In part one of today's show a new piece of evidence from the Madeleine McCann case is presented, and an appeal is launched to try to find out more information. The evidence might shed light on what really happened to Madeleine. In the rest of the show Andrew Johnson becomes the interviewer and asks about the history of Richplanet. What was the inspiration behind Richplanet? Over the last 10 years Richplanet has evolved, and is now a very evidence based operation. Learning how to filter out dis-information has been an important factor in Richard's path over the last decade. Details of the 2018 tour will follow.

I started this channel since Youtube removed Richard Hall's official Youtube channel.
This is an unofficial channel.

She was a sophomore at Wake Forest University and was a biophysics major.


I came across this one on the chekur6 channel check it out here:

Another sad story from a young athlete.
She participated in the Tokyo Olympic games 2 years ago.
many cyclist have had heart issue's since the ...

When will the mainstream media finally address the elephant in the room.

Another football player collapsed during a game. This time it was Evan Ndicka from AS Roma, who clutched his left chest while lying on the field.


In part one Richard puts the case that there is no justification for maintaining a system of Monarchy in the UK, with some opinion from Muad'Dib. In parts 2 and 3 Belinda McKenzie talks about Hollie Greig, who is alleged to have suffered sexual abuse throughout her childhood being carried out by a powerful pedophile ring in Aberdeen. Attempts have been made by high ranking individuals to prevent the media from reporting on the case. Also discussed is the role of family courts in the U.K. Why are children regularly being taken from parents in secret courts? In some cases very dubious reasons from "experts" being given to split families apart. What is really going on here?


This medical emergency occurred in the Palmese vs. Manfredonia game in the Italian Serie D.


That didn't age well...

OJ Simpson recently died of cancer at the age of 76.

In 2014 we screened the film "UFO's & NATO - The Human Mutilation Cover Up", which looked at claims of human beings suffering surgical mutilation in connection with UFO activity. We described the detailed disclosures of a former military man who worked on "find and secure" missions in the 1990's. The missions involved securing areas on the ground that had been affected after military engagement with UFO's. He witnessed over 30 mutilated human beings, all of which had similar surgical injuries to those found in animal mutilation cases. Richard met with the military source and gathered further information. Since these meetings he has been searching for evidence to corroborate the claims. In today's show we give a re-cap on the 2014 film and also reveal what part of the military it seems was supplying personnel to special forces for the secret "find and secure" teams.

I started this channel since Youtube removed Richard Hall's official Youtube channel.
This is an unofficial channel.

Maanum, 24, went down off the ball in stoppage time of the second half of the clash against Chelsea and was stretchered off the pitch. Arsenal have confirmed that "no obvious cardiac causes" have been found after Frida Maanum's collapse during Sunday's Women's League Cup final.

Ian has just embarked on a UK tour to raise awareness about "fracking". If you don't know what this is then find out because it could affect you directly. Fracking is a technique used to extract gas or oil from underground wells that would not naturally release satisfactory quantities. It is a way of forcing the hydrocarbon fuel to the surface, but can result in huge environmental damage and possibly earthquakes. The technique has not been permitted on land in the UK until now. Plans are afoot to turn the UK into a huge gas platform. The convenient excuse which is being used to justify all this is the government deficit. How can a sovereign nation that has sovereign currency possibly be in debt? If our government is in debt then it is not "the government", those that it owes money to are "the government".

Richard resumes his interview from show 258 with Dr Larry O'Hara. O'Hara investigated the 1999 London nail bombings in great detail. The bombings were, according to the official story, carried out by one lone idiot. However, a series of inconsistencies in the evidence points to something far more sinister. Once you realise the blatant omissions in evidence (not) presented at the trial, the possibility of state involvement becomes almost certain. The first nail bomb was featured on a TV appeal screened by state TV channel BBC1's Crimewatch UK, in which presenter Jill Dando said that there were "people on the roof with binoculars" within eye sight of the first bomb location, presumably watching the first nail bomb being placed. Dando was dead less than a week later. Were these events connected? Dr. Larry O'Hara also talks about the concept of the "S.P.I.J.". This term is used to describe journalists who are worse than useless due to being disloyal to the public and complicit in state cover ups and state operations.

I started this channel since Youtube removed Richard Hall's official Youtube channel.
This is an unofficial channel.

Richard is joined by author and researcher Dr Larry O'Hara who runs the magazine Notes from the Borderland. Over the years they have investigated and researched para-political issues with a very critical eye. It's not widely known that UK fringe political activity has been and continues to be heavily infiltrated by UK intelligence agencies. The purpose of such infiltration is difficult to pin down, and O'Hara seeks to expose it and explain it. His work is not an all encompassing publication seeking to cover every political issue, but instead hones in on specific cases and gets deeper into each case than any other investigative outfit. NFB are very critical of mainstream newspapers, and of Searchlight magazine which NFB has demonstrated comprehensively is an intelligence front. NFB are also critical of conspiracy theorists! NFB have clashed with conspiracy theorists on occasions and refer to the UK 9/11 and 7/7 truth movements as cults. Richplanet is not in agreement on every issue covered by NFB, but Richard could not let that get in the way of bringing some very valuable and insightful research to wider public attention.

I started this channel since Youtube removed Richard Hall's official Youtube channel.
This is an unofficial channel.

Disturbing images from Florida: Arthur Cazaux collapsed on the court on Monday in the first qualifying round of the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Miami. The Frenchman had to leave the pitch in a wheelchair, but was apparently conscious.

The collapse of the world number 74 must be reversed. possibly heat stroke. At the time of the collapse, the outside temperature in Miami was around 30 degrees Celsius, but the temperature on the court was probably significantly higher. There is currently no further information about Cazaux's health.


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