A re-cut of Cop on Cops episode number one, in loving memory of officer Steve Poppet.

“We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” is like no other Sandy Hook documentary. The closest match in terms of the depths to which it delves is the PBS documentary, “Raising Adam Lanza.” The many videos independently produced and mostly found on YouTube are meaningful when taken as a whole, but none individually are as ground-breaking. What IMS has done is to push beyond the barrier that separates the independent producers of this type of content and the automatic acceptance enjoyed by main-stream news sources. “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” was produced pseudonymously by the independent YouTube channels, MrStosh314, TyrannyNewsNetwork, QKUltra, Free Radio Revolution, UpNorthOfThe49th, Professor Doom1, Odinrok, Swan Song, Sherrie QuestioningAll & Sandy Hook Research (aka Names Not Mary).

CORRECTION: IMS research into the Aurora Colorado theater shooting took place in 2012, not 2011.

The March 15, 2019 episode of This American Life entitled, "Beware the Jabberwock - Stories from the upside-down world where conspiracy theorists dwell" reports about our group, IMS. Most of what they report is false or misleading. They falsely report that Doug Maguire was involved in the IMS production, We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook. So this video is intended to set the record straight with regard to what was reported.

The clampdown on free speech is quickening. Even this very video report is being re-uploaded after being removed from social media. What can you do to express yourself without limitations or retaliation?

Back in April 2018, Kentucky was voting whether to honor its prior teacher pension obligations. Coincidentally, IMS had just made new press passes. It was a perfect time to test out the effectiveness of the independent journalist press pass. I knew there would be a mob of people down at the state capital during the Senate vote. So I traveled the short distance and set out to get inside the Senate chambers during the important vote.

There is nary a single law prohibiting you, as a citizen to act as a member of the free press. Not every lowly State house security officer knows this and some have been known to shut citizens down without a second glance. Let’s see if the press pass is a useful tool for independent media to get access to people, places and information required for reporting.

At only 15, Rob won MTV's first House Party contest. Little did Rob know how his life would be changed from this point forward. Or did he? Was Rob someone who, without the bizarre intervention of winning MTVs house party would have had a suicidaly mundane life? Or was Rob manifesting a unique life for himself somehow? I guess that's a question we could all ask ourselves.

While volunteering at an organization I was introduced to another volunteer, Vincent Freeman. By his own admission he had worked previously for both government agencies and defense contractors. Vincent was obviously brilliant, very helpful and knew at least a little about any topic I could introduce. But a curious incident led me and others to look more closely at Vincent, and a bizarre series of events unfolded.

My research of Josef Mengele has revealed a man whose character and history have been distorted and invented like no other person I can think of. I haven't determined how it all came to pass or the specific purpose, but I have a few theories. I do, however conclude that the lies had to originate somewhere and that they were very likely part of a larger deception. WWII is a story rife with deception, many of which are impacting our lives even today. The Mengele deception is key among them.

In this video report, re-posted for a third time after being twice removed by YouTube we take a second look at what may have been an earlier media hoax. The Sharon Tate murder was said to be the work of the Manson Family, as the media dubbed them. Following largely the work of Miles W. Mathis, the entire episode falls apart and reveals itself to be a media hoax on many levels.

Independent Media Solidarity presents the second preview of our new feature-length film, The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You. Nationally recognized school safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig gives one of his best interviews for the project. This preview features great clips from that interview.

Tracy was a distinguished tenured faculty member in FAU’s School of Communications who taught journalism history, communication theory, and courses on the media’s coverage of conspiracy theories. Tracy received awards for his work, regularly earned excellent reviews, and was a former president of the FAU faculty union.

Despite Tracy’s outstanding academic record, FAU fired Tracy in retaliation for controversial posts he made on his personal blog questioning the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. In January 2016, FAU terminated Tracy’s tenured professorship, falsely claiming he had been “insubordinate” for failing to disclose his blogging activity under its conflict of interest outside activity Policy.

There are exciting developments in this ongoing saga. Attorneys for James Tracy have filed a reply brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. The brief is authored by the high-powered law firm, Carlton Fields who recognized the significance of the case and pride themselves on being both lawyers and citizens. The brief stands out as sound and powerful as compared to the backtracking and, frankly weak response brief filed by Appellee, Florida Atlantic University.

Please share this new video promo with your social media network. You can also provide more direct support by donating to James Tracy’s legal fund, providing other professional services or by broadcasting this documentary film.

Reclusive IMS group releases a promo of their long-anticipated
documentary, “The Conspiracy Theorist.”

The new project departs from Sandy Hook, the central topic
of their previous films, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – 2014” and “The Life of Adam –
2015.” But IMS fans won’t be disappointed with the new direction.

To offer your assistance or to follow the events,

IMS interviews Ericson Harrell.


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