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That's what i get for trying YouTube makeup tutorials...

Ok! Those of you that know me well know that I get out patent mental heath services. At was once called Mojave Mental Heath. Recently bought out and ran by UNLV School of medicine now. Since becoming UNLV School of medicine,They are making huge drastic unnecessary changes. I have been will this place since I was 19. I'm turning 33 this month. You do the math, But due to what UNLV is doing to the clients as well as the staff. I have left, and looking for an alternative to get services I mean, I once loved this place! It was a good place for help. I even got my Sister, my Mom, and my Hubby to go there as well. But it's not a good place anymore! It's just Absurd what's going on! I disclose everything in a very funny, comical way. This may have all been a bad situation, but it all ended up working out in my favor! A blessing in disguise big time! Now I just have to be careful with this blessing. Watch this video for more!

This is a remake of a video I did years ago. Long before this channel existed. Thought I'd redo it Shaniqua style. This is a very serious video! I hit a hard topic in this video that people never want to think about. The children affected by the violence of war.

This video contains Shocking/Graphic scenes!
Viewer discretion is advised!

In this video I talk about the fires breaking out all over Australia, and the countless loss to the wild life! This is a very horrific tragedy with no sign of ending anytime soon...

Long video... Sorry
In this video Shaniqua was challenged to try the Jelly Belly's 'Bean Boozled' jelly beans! All Shaniqua has to say is NEVER AGAIN!! It was horrible, and such a bad idea!! Try them at your own risk!!!

Thing are about to get weird...
Enjoy the madness!

And rip her Heart to shreds...

The 'Tear Me Up' video is here! This was a long process making the video, but it was well worth it. Thank you to all who participated in the making of this video!

Shaniqua thought She'd do something with kinda scary with a meaning, and message behind it. That is sometimes we are our own worst enemy. That it is our very own self's we are hurting most, and there is no one to blame but our self's.

Suicide is a major problem and a leading cause of death in the United States. The effects of suicide go beyond the person who acts to take his or her life. It can have a lasting effect on family and friends.

If you or someone you may know is struggling, and may be in danger. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is available to everyone. All calls are confidential.

Last Christmas they may have gave you a Heart that you gave away, But this Christmas Shaniqua got a Fairy, and it's here to stay!

*This is a old classic Shaniqua video*

Shaniqua has a huge announcement! She gathers everyone together to tell them the big news! Is she pregnant? Caught an STD? Nope! She has CLONES, and they don't like it, They try to fight back! Think everyone will be able to take Shaniqua, and her clones down? Or will Shaniqua take over, and beat them all??

I guess all the people in my head wanted to prove they where still around. It's not pretty when they all get together...

Look what we found hidden in the dusty ass Shaniqua video archives! This has never ever been seen! Well... After close examination... We can she why Shaniqua didn't want this to be seen. Well, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. I'll be hurting if she finds out though...

Well it was pride month in Vegas, And mostly likely else where. So we all got together for a chat, ....
Shaniqua enjoyed herself a little to much... I just going to leave it at that.

Shaniqua here, These are the new people that are going to be on the channel, and I let you know some info, and what's going to be new here. Even though I don't like it.

This is Shaniqua. I was trying to make a video about all your hate comments, but my other self stepped in and took control of the video, and showed me that I'm not the only one in his dumb ass head! Shaniqua dose not like this one bit!

Celebrations are in order!!! Shaniqua's cousin turned 21, and her aunt was baptized! Congratulations to both of you!!! These days were a blast! Shaniqua talks about the highs and lows of the events. The good, and the bad. Though she would not have missed any of this for the world!!

This was just craziness! Just bad all around. A car drove through a gate and into an apartment! Every news channel in Vegas is all over this!

Open a can of whoop ass! That's right!

An online game called Wizard101 is the topic of this video, and a game. Shaniqua play everyday! It's been around since 2008. If you don't know about it yet... Then Shaniqua says get to know it! I will leave links here about the game as well as a download.

What is wizard101?
System requirements: What You'll Need to Play Wizard101
Game Download

OMG!!!! Man, It was one hell of a windy day! Shaniqua don't remember it being this bad in many years!! Lot's of damage, and lots of people without power!!

It's a huge problem in Nevada and across the country. Medication prices are rising at an alarming rate! Making it very difficult to afford the medications we all need to live, and be healthy. The average list prices for the 100 most commonly prescribed drugs rose by 6% from February 2017 through January 2018. With a significant increase in just the past few months. For example one of Shaniqua's medications went up $94 in the past 10 months! From $362.99 to $456.99! That's just crazy! This needs to stop!

You see it all the time! When a disaster hits, and people must evacuate, they do so, and leave their pets behind! Why? You pack up everything else but your pets! It really pisses Shaniqua off!

This is a very real and serious topic. Happened to someone in Shaniqua's own family.

So... Las Vegas had something extremely rare happened! Something that like hasn't happened in 11 years! It snowed!! That's right!! Not once, but twice in 1 week, and Shaniqua's not talking about just in the mountains!! The 1st time it happened this week, it didn't reach Shaniqua, but the whole Vegas valley got 2 inches or more!! For those of you that get snow, it may not seem like a big deal, but it's a huge deal for us! We just don't get this kind of weather, but it happened!!


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Shaniqua Jenkins is a Las Vegas based entertainer that was on YouTube. She has a unique personality, and covers a wide range of video styles. Though not widely known, her most recognized work is a reaction video about a child kicked out of the house for voting for Trump in a mock election at school, with over 14,807 views. Recently deleted by YouTube.
Shaniqua Jenkins was a part of the YouTube community since 2011 after she uploaded a comedy video to Facebook about fake friends that got many views from her friends and family. One saw her potential, and suggested Shaniqua make YouTube videos. So she did just that. She was a hidden gem on the YouTube network.
Shaniqua Jenkins is a unique case indeed. Once stating she doesn't care about having YouTube fame. She just loves what she does, and making videos is a therapeutic outlet for her. Whether or not people watch or see her videos, she’s going to keep uploading them.
Shaniqua’s videos started off as funny, yet random comedy skits about her real life as Shaniqua VS. A few years later though, she decided to widen her range, and make more than just VS videos, starting a change. Since then she now covers many video styles and topics. She even added new additions to the channel, and lets her Vegas fans make guest appearances. She has done everything form reaction videos, challenge videos, video parodies, and more. Even though she’s mostly funny, has been known to state her peace on some quite serious subjects.
Shaniqua left YouTube on 11/26/19, and migrated to BitChute. due to new changes in YouTube's guidelines, and the deletion of some of her content, and fear of losing her channel for good. She hopes to start over at her new home for her content at BitChute.
Where ever life goes for Shaniqua. You are sure to know about it on BitChute. Every high or low. Though she may not want the stardom, if she continues to put out the work she does, and keeps uploading, it is sure to find her!