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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

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Stephen James Burford - New Book Out 4th July @EcstaticRebirth
Jun 30 @KingJohnUK @kingspatriot01 @KingsPatriot11
Thank you Stephen xo
We are doing a special Divine Plan Alignment Call on 7/7 - this is a shamanic I AM Self call & we need many Brits on it - can you send out the word? Details in the video and on the FB event page ..

When you're this cool they call you Lord Chancellor... xo
Mr. Joseph Gregory Hallett claims Kingship..
Greg's Interview with Pateo TV No. 49 from January 22, 2019.
Shocking key intel: Hallett notes that his publisher/webmaster was killed on Coronation Day June 3rd, 2018.
5,000 sets of his five book set were lost - this was a very big set back.. Greg has had to persevere.
God bless him and his family.

#ArAngA #ArAngAWorld #KingJohnIII
Together we've been telling the story of Joseph Gregory Hallett, it'll be one of the greatest stories ever told.
There's more to come as there is a lot to tell, stay tuned to hear about our new King, King John III.
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Chris Katko cartoon of Rosa Koire
. "2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto" from Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich, ACL Books, Alaska USA - Donations to snail mail at 7362 W. Parks Highway, Wasilla, Alaska 99623 USA .. with thanks.

Just out for a rip... props to Oleg at - great tunes!
Tantramar Landowners Association est. 2015 NOT AFFILIATED WITH GOVT / ENVIRONMENTALISTS

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Joseph Gregory Hallett
Jun 15
To all #DigitalKnights and #DigitalDames we would like you to become more aware of and declare yourselves living men and women. People from over 180 countries have already done so. Takes only a few minutes, no fees, gives you added protection. #WeAreTheLaw

Joseph Gregory Hallett
Once you have declared yourself a living man/woman you can then take back your legal fiction name ALL CAPS to your ownership. This opens other declaration possibilities on the site. The "Other" section is for uploading any documents, under penalty of perjury and full liability.
8:55 AM · Jun 16, 2020·Twitter Web App

#StopTheFascists #ResistTheBorg #StopTechnocracy / -- Anti Communitarian League
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First of a series of teaser trailers leading up to the release of a new interview series with Greg Hallett on his life's work. Visit this portal for more information and to be updated with new releases as they happen: #ArAngA #ArangaWorld www.KingOf.UK @KingJohnUK thanks Dave Mahoney and crew
Greg Hallett with Project Camelot 2011...

Greg Hallett, Kingof.UK @ teaser ...
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Patrick Wood's website
@ Community Covid Closure Gardens

Anti Communitarian League
Stop U.N. Agenda 2030 Technocracy Fourth Reich
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Donald J. Trump, POTUS #45
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Daytrips in the Maritimes... music: Ron Sexsmith

$5 Mask Ups.... fear and loathing in Tantramar.
Green MLA Megan Mitton's Mad Mad World of Fear...
oh boy.. oh boy... what a mess.. what a clusterfuck of ignorance. - Patrick Wood...

Safe Water Halifax - thanks Dana Landry - Facebook page - thanks Mark Mercer, Halifax
Rick Mehta - twitter/youtuber in Nova Scotia
Music: Enigma

music: Enigma
Bill Hicks, an American comedian born in 1961.
His influence lives on.... for the lovers.


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"Better to be slapped by the truth than kissed with a lie." Russian proverb
Me: "We were supposed to be at the Jetsons by now!"
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