Alex van Hamme at Free Bird Media speaks with Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute USA
Uploaded to youtube September 9, 2018

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Poem: "Man Made" by Mark Brahmin
Video: HCF & Mark Brahmin


For a different age I was born,
Every man has once said,
Where each was to honor sworn,
Rather to all this cowardice bred,
Thus for a gilded time we mourn,
Insisting such days forever dead

Yet of all the feelings ever known,
longing for a time not your own,
is when true cowardice is shown,
especially if dark the age is grown,
for like dawn light in black sown,
all darkness will be overthrown.

All darkness will be overthrown.

Instead one is given a great gift,
born in darkness and darkest days,
he’s given trials, mountains to lift,
Aye, the very minotaur in his maze,
he’s called to be strong, to be swift,
a hero upon which his sons gaze.

So appear you king or appear you slave,
among the good or a people strayed,
with actions now, the future pave,
for the coward is he who delayed,
product of his age, cradle to grave,
but an age makes not, it is man made.

It is man made.

UN minion, useful idiot.. guru to the broken.. Vox Day is effective at calling JBP out ..

More at .. building the communitarian "new economy" of #gibsmedats and cronyism, endlessly...

Cob Builders Handbook..
Build Naturally....

mirrored from "Alt Journalism" youtube video with download
- Little didn't threaten to dox Stormer book clubs until it was clear that they were ignoring him and his campaign. Pat later said that he would never actually follow through with doxxing anyone on the Alt Right, and that he only threatened to do so in order to elicit a response from Azzmador and the Daily Stormer.
- Some claim that Enoch "supported" Pat's campaign by finally mentioning Little's campaign on a PAYWALL episode of The Daily Shoah ('Holocaust') on May 29th (and he didn't even mention him until halfway through the podcast). That is BS. The election was on June 5th (six days later), and the deadline for voters to register to vote in California was sometime in late April. The general consensus is that Enoch and Sven ignored Little's campaign for MONTHS until the Alt Right 'forced their hands' on the issue.

I've been studying this issue for months now. If you feel I've got any of this wrong, please feel free to correct me and we'll hash it out.

Outside IRL where the magic happens..

Stephen Garvey's federal party

opposing 'diversity' builders and 'community' mouthpieces

read about communitarianism from Nordica Friedrich & Niki Raapana .. its a top notch read fam xo
Check out their event this month

The big questions that need answering, as I see them...
1.) Why attack women who are part of the alt right, or who are producing content for the alt right (Tara and others)?
2.) Why was Cantwell ostracized from TRS and DS?
3.) Why attack TWP, Heimbach, the 'working class' portion of the alt right, and the Southern Nationalists in the alt right? Especially after TWP was widely regarded as the ones that fought the hardest in the defense of rally-goers at Charlottesville.
4.) Why have TRS and DS not supported Patrick Little's campaign? (even before he threatened to dox Stormer book clubs because he claimed they were 'controlled opposition' [which apparently he only did after it was clear that Daily Stormer and TRS would not support his campaign in any way])
Original clip from Richard's Killstream interview (found at the 52:45 mark) found here:
a custom, principle, or belief distinguishing a particular class or group of people, especially a long-standing one regarded as outmoded or no longer important.
"liberal shibboleths about education"



Barbara the meddler... xenosh .. righteous third party

Jason Kessler - Unite the Right 2 - DC - August 2018
Bookmark this page for the latest updates on the August 11-12th Unite the Right 2 rally.
There will never be a better opportunity for us to expose the civil rights abuse & government sabotage that occurred at the original rally. Its time to tell our story of a great moment in American history & show we refuse to cede our 1st Amendment rights.

Learn more at their website .. Upcoming Federal Election 2019 in Canada

Published on Jun 16, 2018
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Isn't this the discussion? I think it is.. I have met people that believe it is racist and call you a nazi for even discussing the immigration policies in Canada... they are also prone to calling you supremicists .. white privilege is another lecture they will give you if you give them time to dump on you .. but the truth is that policy is being dictated on all nations to 'diversify' and push mass migration of foreigners into places they have not been and are not needed.. this agenda is 'white genocide' .. in simple terms it means no white nations.. no white majority nations and the gradual 'erasure of whites' .. a sickening and deviously nasty agenda.. the minions involved promote 'diversity' .. 'open borders' and 'no one is illegal'

Social Justice is demoralization and indoctrination and our universities are incubators for this 'agenda' at Mount Allison University.

Find his youtube series "Mandela Effect Decoded" and "Radio Gaianym" with Ginny Thwaite
"Not in His Image" 2006 -
Chelsea Green Publishing USA

Youtube link here ..
Download the MP3 here:
Make sure to check out for a treasure trove of podcasts and interviews with people that the mainstream media has mostly blacklisted.


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