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Countdown to the Future | The Prophecy of the Popes video February 22, 2022 mirrored ... #HailKingJohnIII King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett Kingship claimed in Common Law Court Great Britain & International "King of UK" and "Greg Hallett Archives" Youtube "CLC News" Youtube

Historica Dev. video mirrored... 575 views Jul 8, 2013 Keith Brideau addresses the 2013 graduating class of St. Malachy's Memorial High School on June 21 2013. The graduation ceremony took place at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick.
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King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett .. .. "CLC News" Youtube .. "King of UK" Youtube "Greg Hallett Archives" Youtube
SoulWorthy's Rumble video mirrored...
Donald Trump was elected president and what exactly is meant when he talks about “draining the swamp.” Censorship news: On 3/24/2021, after a few months of being "age 18+", Youtube took this down calling it "harassment and cyberbullying" and gave me a 2nd strike. Here's an article detailing the Oct. 2020 purge of great Youtube channels: See other videos of mine ("SoulWorthy") on other video platforms. Some videos are banned on some platforms and not others. More good Q resources are at this page:

King John III is the elephant in the room Joseph Gregory Hallett claimed Kingship; exposed flat lie royals
"King of UK" and "Greg Hallett Archives" on Youtube Thumbnail: "PAY"triot Matt, Montreal Quebec Canada a hub for 'change agents'


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thumbnail: Heinz Kissinger born May 27, 1923 in Bavaria, Germany

mirrored video... this video was made by Vigilante Intelligence Johnny Gat, August 2019. The video is currently disappeared or made private from Youtube: VI main channel:
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Agenda? Landgrabbing through shock and awe! Disgusting. Mirrored video:
50,424 views Jun 4, 2023 NOVA SCOTIA A team of retired professional highly trained experienced DNR forest fire fighters fought with the NS Gov to be deployed to raging forest fires for 4 days last week. The Government turned them down repeatedly. Meanwhile the public was told by the premier they were desperate for workers. Now the gov is bringing in forest fire fighters with zero experience fighting fires in the Acadian forest region. It is truly a failure in policy, politics, management at the director levels and above, and leadership. People need to be held accountable. The men on the ground however did exemplary work.

Dena Churchill's Bitchute video June 6, 2023 mirrored...
Guest Sgt. Pattie Brassard is a curious character to say the least...
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Divine Interloper's video mirrored... "Juan O'Savin shows up muddies the waters" -- why? Joseph Gregory Hallett King John III is the elephant in the room ... not so Camelot duo... Subversion and subterfuge "Juan O'Savin" pushes the myth Bll Clinton is a Rockefeller; Hallett advised he was the secret son of Pamela Harriman and Winston Churchill 2018 December 18th @ 3pm PT - interview DEBORAH TAVARES an excellent researcher and activist who finds the documentation to support everything she claims. Bio from her site: Deborah Tavaresis a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self‐employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialized in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build‐out to completion. It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United Nation’s AGENDA 21, through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures. Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man‐made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponized frequencies, the falsified science of the “global warming” movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time. KERRY CASSIDY PROJECT CAMELOT

May 2023 FCM Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold's chatter... Video was found at Mayor of Town of Tantramar Andrew Black's Facebook videos: Mass immigration brings all sorts of problems to our society.. no stopping their Agenda for global communitarian village.

"covid19 is le flu d'etat" - Joseph Gregory Hallett video mirrored.. The Answer to The Great Reset is The Great Awakening - Common Law Court Great Britain & International with King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett .. Hail King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett
Promoting CERTAIN people in this UNIVERSITY town... the rest must shut the hell up. Why? Because the 'community is a dictatorship' communitarianism is the ideology.
Read about communitarianism at this link: rest in peace Niki Raapana 1956-2022 ACL Books Alaska with Nordica Friedrich
Thumbnail: Rock & Hyde "Dirty Water" from the 80s music video

Video mirrored... Ian Jessop exits CFAX in 2016. American born Liz May is exposed at "Cloak of Green" by Elaine Dewar, 1995 - recommended reading Tim's two books. Rest in peace Dr. Tim Ball

2005 Magnolia Film ... based on the best-selling book - 2929 Entertainment A Wagner/Cuban Company This video mirrored from Poppabear UK

King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett author of 30 books. Website link for Greg Hallett ebooks here: Note: Jeff Bezos/Amazon is stealing the book sales profits from Hallett ... Appendix 13 "Was Wallis Simpson a Man" is helpful reading about AIS androgen insensitivity syndrome


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The book "Perestroika Deception: by Anatoliy Golitsyn