Fascinating speech from Professor Gwythian Prins at a Veterans for Britain event speaking about the threats to Five Eyes (US, UK, Aus, Canada, NZ) security from EU's own Military and Intel plans. He talks about how this specifically ties in with Theresa May's fake Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

Bio: Professor Gwythian Prins PhD (Cantab), FRHS is Emeritus Research Professor at the LSE and was a member of the Chief of the Defence Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel 2009-15. He is the Academic Board Member of Veterans for Britain and a member of the Editorial Committee of Briefings for Brexit. He was previously the Director of Studies in History at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Martin Howe QC of Lawyers for Britain speaking about the Surrender Act, Parliament, the Courts, the Constitution and Brexit

John Finnis article referred to in the Speech

Lawyers for Britain

Bruges Group

BBC Journalist tries shaming tactics on Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkins over Boris Johnson's Humbug remarks in the Commons tonight

When he politely refuses to bend the knee and apologise remoaner MPs get triggered. Hilarious

Children's Entertainment from Argentina (2012)

Playlist :

#Pepe #MemeMagic #MemeMagicIsReal

Geoff Shepard, a former member of Richard Nixon's Watergate legal defence team, explains the gross judicial and prosecutorial misconduct that characterised the Watergate witch hunt.

After a distinguished legal career Shepard has devoted his retirement years to meticulous research of the original Watergate investigation documents, uncovering much wrongdoing that had been hidden for decades

In this lecture at Hillsdale College (Fair Use) he explains his finding and draws parallels with the political witch hunts of today

Geoff Shepard's excellent book "The Real Watergate Scandal" can be found here

Great speech from Katie Hopkins last week at the UKIP regional South East Conference reception dinner. Talking about the state of the UK, UKIP, Gerard Batten, Tommy Robinson, Isreal, Islam, Immigration etc

Gerard Batten interviewed by Publick Occurrences outside the Tommy Robinson Trial. Discussing Tommy Robinson, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Sargon of Akkad and UKIP. Support Gerard Batten in the UKIP leadership election

Mirrored from Publick Occurrences (Fair Use)
Publick Occurrences Bitchute Channel :

Video from Based Amy. Gerard Batten attending a demonstration in support of veterans. Gerard is running to be UKIP leader again in the upcoming leadership election.

Arthur R Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society, 2015 lecture on so called Free Trade and Free Trade Agreements


Tribute to UKIP leader Gerard Batten from the UKIP Wigan Youtube Channel

UKIP European Election candidate Lawrence Webb talking about why Brexiteers should vote for UKIP rather than the Brexit Party

Lawrence Webb is the top candidate on the UKIP list for the South West of England constituency (Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad is second on the same list)

New video animation from @ThoughtPoliceGB on UKIP and the Brexit Party. UKIP leader Gerard Batten posted this video on his twitter account

Version 1:

UKIP leader Gerard Batten interviewed on Sky News 18/05/19. UKIP, the Brexit Party, Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad are all discussed. He even gets the chance to talk about Brexit a bit at the end of the interview

UKIP candidate in London for the European elections Richard Braine interviewed on BBC Breakfast show 18/05/19. The BBC manage to bring up Gab in onerather tenuous guilt by association. UKIP, Brexit, the Brexit Party, Farage and Sargon are also discussed

UKIP leader Gerard Batten on top form on LBC Radio answering listeners questions. Brexit, UKIP, Nigel farage, the Brexit Party carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad and Tommy Robinson are all discussed (Fair Use)

An animated guide to which party to vote for in the May 23rd European Election from @ThoughtPoliceGB

#VoteUKIP #MakeBrexitHappen

for more information on the slippery Mr Farage check out this video

Reports: Nigel Farage supported Britain remaining in the EU in a private European Parliament meeting

Left wing activists pretend to be opponents of the establishment but the reality is that their “protests” are always street propaganda designed to push agendas favoured by people in positions of power who fund these groups, direct their protests and ensure they are given kid glove treatment by law enforcement

This clip from the 2000 documentary "Questioning AIDS in South Africa" (Full video ) gives a very revealing behind the scenes peak at this dynamic in action. Its true of anti- Big Phara protests but also open borders, greens, climate change protestors, AntiFa etc

This is something to bear in mind when facing these kinds of "protesters". The psychological impact of these kinds of propaganda operations is based on the illusion that they are an expression of popular grassroots social pressure when the reality is that they never are

Katie Hopkins and UKIP leader Gerard Batten speaking at a UKIP election public meeting in Lowestoft on May 7th. The video is incomplete and the sound quality is not the best but I've uploaded it anyway as it shows Batten and Hopkins on top form

UKIP European Parliament candidate Tony McIntyre, who is third on the candidate list for the South West England constituency behind Carl Benjamin Sargon of Akkad, speaking on the campaign trail in Taunton


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