Do the tests work? What are the tests actually testing for?

Video from Mikey Landings

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David Crowe -
Dr Tom Cowan -
Dr Andrew Kaufman -
Jon Rappoport -

Dr Andrew Kaufman discusses Covid19 in an interview with London Real. The discussion covers various topics including the medical profession, 5G, face masks, vaccines, tests and exosomes

Operation Gridlock protest against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Lockdown Orders 15 April 2020. Outside Michigan State Capitol Building

From Raging Rob Youtube Channel

Drone footage of the Operation Gridlock protest today in Michigan State Capital Lansing. The protest has been organised to oppose Governor Witmer and her Lockdown Order

Two weeks ago Governor Doria of Sao Paulo State in Brazil ordered a lockdown, against the recommendation of President Bolsonaro
Protests against Governor Doria and the lockdown have been taking place. These are the protests on Saturday 11th April

Mass hysteria over a mysterious new virus. Shrill and frantic promotion of dubious "tests" by governments, the MSM and the World Health Organisation. Why the huge urgency to the cry of "Test, test, test" and can we really trust these tests?

We've been here before

In this extract from the 2009 AIDS documentary House of Numbers the dubious nature of HIV tests is exposed

Full documentary :

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Benjamin Franklin

"Mad" Mike Hoare has passed away today at the age of 100

A crusader against communism the famous mercenary was best known for his work in the Congo. In 1964 he was hired to work for the Congolese Army (as the head of a mercenary unit called 5 Commando) and was involved in Operation Dragon Rouge helping free hostages held by Communist rebels

His story was the model for the Richard Burton character in the 1970s film "The Wild Geese"

Aaron Brown of Fishing for Leave interviewed by Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney

Link to Fishing for Leave :

Aaron Brown reacts to Boris' Surrender Treaty. Video published by Fishing for Leave 18/10/19

Link :

Lt General Jonathon Riley Explains how Theresa May's Surrender Treaty (now warmed over by Boris Johnson) gives control of the UK's Defence and Intelligence Capabilities to the EU

Transcript here:

Professor Gwithian Prins lecture at the same event :

Fascinating speech from Professor Gwythian Prins at a Veterans for Britain event speaking about the threats to Five Eyes (US, UK, Aus, Canada, NZ) security from EU's own Military and Intel plans. He talks about how this specifically ties in with Theresa May's fake Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

Bio: Professor Gwythian Prins PhD (Cantab), FRHS is Emeritus Research Professor at the LSE and was a member of the Chief of the Defence Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel 2009-15. He is the Academic Board Member of Veterans for Britain and a member of the Editorial Committee of Briefings for Brexit. He was previously the Director of Studies in History at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Martin Howe QC of Lawyers for Britain speaking about the Surrender Act, Parliament, the Courts, the Constitution and Brexit

John Finnis article referred to in the Speech

Lawyers for Britain

Bruges Group

BBC Journalist tries shaming tactics on Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkins over Boris Johnson's Humbug remarks in the Commons tonight

When he politely refuses to bend the knee and apologise remoaner MPs get triggered. Hilarious

Children's Entertainment from Argentina (2012)

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#Pepe #MemeMagic #MemeMagicIsReal

Geoff Shepard, a former member of Richard Nixon's Watergate legal defence team, explains the gross judicial and prosecutorial misconduct that characterised the Watergate witch hunt.

After a distinguished legal career Shepard has devoted his retirement years to meticulous research of the original Watergate investigation documents, uncovering much wrongdoing that had been hidden for decades

In this lecture at Hillsdale College (Fair Use) he explains his finding and draws parallels with the political witch hunts of today

Geoff Shepard's excellent book "The Real Watergate Scandal" can be found here

Video from Based Amy. Gerard Batten attending a demonstration in support of veterans. Gerard is running to be UKIP leader again in the upcoming leadership election.

Arthur R Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society, 2015 lecture on so called Free Trade and Free Trade Agreements


Tribute to UKIP leader Gerard Batten from the UKIP Wigan Youtube Channel

Left wing activists pretend to be opponents of the establishment but the reality is that their “protests” are always street propaganda designed to push agendas favoured by people in positions of power who fund these groups, direct their protests and ensure they are given kid glove treatment by law enforcement

This clip from the 2000 documentary "Questioning AIDS in South Africa" (Full video ) gives a very revealing behind the scenes peak at this dynamic in action. Its true of anti- Big Phara protests but also open borders, greens, climate change protestors, AntiFa etc

This is something to bear in mind when facing these kinds of "protesters". The psychological impact of these kinds of propaganda operations is based on the illusion that they are an expression of popular grassroots social pressure when the reality is that they never are

Children's entertainment from Argentina in 2012

El Sapo Pepe and Las Pepas in Sapolandia

Children's entertainment from Argentina (2011)

#Pepe #MemeMagic #MemeMagicIsReal

Theresa May with subtitles. Funny video from (Fair Use)

UKIP leader Gerard Batten speaking in the European Parliament about the Yellow Vest and other political protest against the Globalist EU elite exemplified by French president Macron

Marxist propagandist Michael Brooks, interviewing SJW hack Kelly Weill, whines that the Social Justice narrative is no longer simply accepted as sacred text by many people

He whinges that he now has to endure to monstrous imposition of actually having to defend the views he propagandises for every day rather than just hectoring people to accept them as Holy writ

Brooks can normally be seen parroting the Democratic Socialists of America party line on events in US and South America

If you enjoy the kind of material Brooks is whinging about I recommend following here on Bitchute


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