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The Third Rail 192 Racist Cinematic Fediverse
With Borzoi Nike and DE.
The first hour was in another stream. You need to get the TRS mp3 for that part.

New album out now: Metamorphosis

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Track number 12 on Metamorphosis."
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Music and lyrics by Saga, video montage by unknown fren.

No more brother wars.
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ln2-USY2p0s streamed 2020-12-03 UTZ.
Bottom-tier e-drama inbound:
Sargoy is a mod in the PPP streams.
The QUOTE dumb cunt END QUOTE is an Irish woman who somehow got on the Internet as "Gravity" or "Gravity Scan" and said something about someone.


Made by >>alt Protestant<<

The music from 1 minute is
B l o n d i e
-H e a r t
O f
G l a s s

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Description from the original YT post from Ryan Bigguy:
"A quick edit I threw together to make the teaser better reflect modern day.
It's not perfect, but I used the footage I had on hand instead of hunting for different stuff"

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Original _could_ be seen here (NOW DELETED)

Video by the TDS guys. Clipped by a friendly anon.
The third rail podcast (lacks updates):

Video by Sven and friends at TRS. Clipped by a friendly anon.

The third rail podcast (lacks updates):

Check out Colin Flaherty's reporting on crime on Whites:

normalcy bias.
Predictive programming

Mirror of OI3tps5e_L8 it got shut down mid-stream when some fhggot of a trusted fhlagger must have reported it for nudity.
UPDATE : A complete mirror is here:

Mirror of BkkKuwgOqBg from July 19 2020.
Striker and Borzoi talk about Goebbel's novel and other topics

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Mirror of L__vk4RisBo from July 26 2020.

"Striker and Borzoi talk to Normapollo about the journey to Third Positionism

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0:00 - RIOT - The Mob

1:18 - Bear Grillz - Wicked (feat. Sullivan King)

2:36 - Subtronics - Scream Saver

3:50 - Dirtyphonics x Bossfight - Evil Inside

5:33 - sarin - Wouldn't Hesitate

6:51 - Marshmello x SVDDEN DEATH - Crusade

8:31 - Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)

9:24 - Justin OH - Bring Me Down

9:50 - Bossfight - Beat Down

11:26 - Asking Alexandria - The Violence (Sikdope Remix)

12:55 - Knife Party & Tom Morello - Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix)

14:57 - Noisestorm - Breakdown VIP

16:36 - George Lincoln Rockwell - The Negro Problem

💥👨🏿‍🦲 🔥

Mirror of UclnvpNFQUY

C_T's non-working copies of the stream on his channel:

Talking about the première of Ralph's first video face killstream.

Mirror of

Start of the stream is missing.

For the full audio head on over to

Mirror of 1n5ZKZ-FdCw

Mirror. Wmnrspctr.


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