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Chaos will prevail until 2026? - Dr. A. Fursov. **Please note I am more active on Telegram: ** IF you’re short on time – go to @63:00 for the #1 thing to do as we transition between systems.
This was a fascinating hour-long lecture by Fursov - and the translation was crowdfunded by my wonderful Patroen-ers (, and Telegram dwellers! Fursov is a historian and Director of the Russian Research Institute at the Moscow Humanities University.
@6:00 - Santa Fe conference by the NSA, what developmental scenario will the global community choose?
@7:45 - Sustainable energy is a farce
@8:15 - There is no overpopulation problem, but the only natural depopulation is occurring in Europe.
@13:00 - Are Western leaders handpicked from vetted yes-men?
@15:00 - 'Building back better' - A caste system not a class system
@16:30 - A race to the bottom? Why Capitalists are destroying Capitalism as a system.
@17:00 - Marxism & Leninism; why has the epitome of Russian history been dropped from Russian universities?
@28:00 - WWI & WWII as mechanisms to keep Capitalism flourishing.
@34:00 - Intentional slowdown - lack of cultural/ technological progress after the '60s.
@35:00 - The birth of ‘ecology ideology’.
@40:00 - Disintegration of the USSR, final lease of life for Capitalism.
@46:00 - Trump the ‘black swan’
@51:00 - System of post-Capitalism; middle class is the target!
@56:00 - Schwab, the new Bolshevik? The size of the resistance will decide our success.
@59:00 - Traditional values under attack of post-Capitalist society.
@62:00 - Time is of the essence; plan will fail if Russia/China/US pullout.
@63:00 - Education, community, family; key things to ride this out!

#Freemasons #WorldOrder #WorldGovernment
Vladimir Zhirinovsky is the leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party - ironically named, as I think it would be fair to say its policies are more center-right. It is the third most popular party in Russia, after United Russia and the Communist Party.
In this outtake - Zhirinovsky discusses 300 years of influence by international Freemasons, starting with the formation of the Lodge of Paris, in 1717. He then explains that each conflict since has only ever benefitted the Freemasonry, and never the Russian people. He also insinuates that the FSB - Russian Secret Service - does not always act in the interest of the state, but in the interests of a transnational agenda.
This secret influence (or perhaps not so secret, with the advent of the internet!) continues to rule today with weapons of social subjugation; excessive emphasis on the world of sports, glorifying of addictions to alcohol, pornography and video games - these trends are global. In the context of Russia itself, I would add that every effort is made to persuade the public to dislike everything that is made locally.
These weapons of social destruction are deployed via none other than the mainstream media, underpinned by 'experts' from affiliated think tanks and foundations - funded from abroad.
Zhirinovsky is an eccentric character with a reputation of a 'political clown' - but is he wrong???

This is a timely reminder, as we get more and more into the obscure debate about mandatory vaccines and even microchipping...(Look up the website of ID2020, who assert that "the ability to prove who you are is a fundamental human right." This is absolutely not a human right - however, the right to PRIVACY is enshrined in Article 12 of the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights!) This kind of language is completely warped and inverted from the truth.
In this video, Sergey Lavrov asserts that whatever repercussions come out of the Coronavirus pandemic - your right to move around freely is constitutionally protected. You cannot simply slip a mandatory vaccine into the picture and still assert this right is not being violated.... Watch this space for developments and be astute to inverted language! This is only the beginning.

This is a very different kind of 'Russian meddling'!
Mr. Khodorkovsky heads the Open Russia foundation - which, every Russian election cycle is aggregated toward spreading anti-government sentiment. President Putin is, of course, a long-time nemesis of Mr. Khodorkovsky; having jailed him for embezzlement and fraud at Yukos. It is not known exactly why Khodorkovsky was pardoned in 2013 - but he has since resided in London, from where he continues his 'political activity'. Today - he is buying up US real estate. What I found interesting in this expose, is the freedom with which known crooks are free to do business - so long as they remain figures 'against the regime' in Russia.

#WWII #EUresolution #history
There IS a reason I didn't post this in time for the Xmas break - imagine the dinner table arguments with all the relatives' 2 cents worth of opinions? =D Just kidding, but now that we're back to everyday life, we are more able to give it the time that it deserves. Here is the full lecture by the Russian President on the causes of the Second World War. Why is this topical today? It appears the EU is attempting to rewrite history, by blaming the Soviet Union for the start of WWII, which claimed an estimated 27 million Soviet lives. Read more:

So sorry about the pop music at the end - them youths like it! :P

At this year's forum on Artificial Intelligence in Moscow, President Putin raised the issues of privacy and ethical coexistence of humans and technology. He urged the professional community to develop a code of ethics that can guide continued development in this sphere.

In recent years, artificial intelligence - among its many uses - has been utilised for 'genetic editing'. While this innovation can potentially eradicate all diseases in human beings - it can also be used for less ethical purposes. How do we mitigate these risks in the future?
#artificialintelligence #bioengineering #geneticengineering #robots #AI

We thought Megyn Kelly was a bit thick - welcome Keir Simmons of NBC! When's the next time a Russian correspondent able to host a US presidential talk, though? :)

Greta, as a person, means well - but Greta, as a project of elite mafiosos, is too young to know how sinister the propaganda machine is. It is true that climate change exists - whether man- made or cyclical - but the only party who stands to gain from carbon emissions tax is the same party that is behind Big Oil. Good old Al Gore and his widely discredited book must be turning in their sleep :)
#GretaThunberg #climateChange #AlGore #fossilFuels

Nobody, besides North America, believes that Iran attacked Saudi Arabia's oil facilities - so, in fitting fashion, President Putin took the opportunity to "upsell" Russia's S-400 missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia :P

Mr. Tsimbaliuk has a long history of harassing Russian officials via various democratic avenues - and where can Russian journalists quiz the Ukrainian establishment equally?

In the early 2000s, Vladimir Putin successfully turned the tables in the brutal wars in Chechnya. Western mainstream media would have you believe that the civil war was the Chechen people vs. the Russian government. In actuality, it was groups of radicalised Islamists, ideologically and financially supported from the West, with the intention of destabilising the state from within. Sound familiar? In effect, the Syrian campaign was far from Vladimir Putin's first rodeo...

Fact: Current pro-Moscow leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was initially on the other side of the conflict - against the state. How did Vladimir Putin turn this situation around? Don't miss the linked video at the end - "Putin’s historic battle against ISIL (Q&A 2002)"

The US-based curators of Wahhabist radicals, such as the late Zbegniew Brzezinski, seemingly underestimated the experience of a former FSB Director.

Putin trolls Mr. Guado's extraordinary powers to announce himself President - who made him akin to God, anyway? Very insightful, recommended reading on the creation of Mr. Guaido here:

The Ukrainian government does nothing without the command of its parasitic Master, apparently... Within this video is a new mini-doco on the MH17 crash, featuring the victims-country of the tragedy - Malaysia, who were initially not allowed to partake in the primary investigation. Five years on, the questions remain - who allowed the commercial passenger jet into a war-zone? Why did the FBI collect the black boxes? Why is the official Dutch investigation unable to answer simple queries?

A young woman from the Ural Federal University fainted prior to a speaking opportunity with President Putin.

I assume this is the headline MSM would spin this segment with? =)

From the latest 2019 Q&A direct line with the President - the entire conference was over 4 hours long!

F. Fukuyama was wrong when he wrote his famous theory that Liberalism would constitute the "End of History", in so far as becoming the final form of human government. Human nature has a tendency to pervert every system of government that it creates, hence the sociocultural evolution is never really complete.

In 2021 - the last treaty that exists to regulate nuclear weapons expires. What then?

What does it take to be President? VVP lists a few qualities at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, 2019. (He left out being the Head of Intelligence in a previous life and knowing the system inside out really really helps! :P) PS - for those who don't know, Ukraine's new President is an actor by profession.

Following the withdrawal of the US from the Iran Deal, the issue is once again heating up the balance of power in the Middle East. President Putin appears to frankly not be very concerned about potentially offending "Western partners" about the way they have dealt with Iran. Going back on agreements, changing the goalposts, treating each event in isolation as opposed to the chain of events that international relations are - we've seen this kind of double standard before aplenty, haven't we? (See for example, Putin's speech that references the ABM Treaty 1972 linked at the end)

Ever since the US-funded coup in the Ukraine in 2014 - Neo Nazism, as well as WWII-era opposition figures like Stepan Bandera (recently declassified by the CIA as having been Hitler's agent) have been brought to the forefront as heroes in the Ukraine. Despite the despicable atrocities committed in the Ukraine by the Nazi regime, it is currently being whitewashed as the "saving grace" against Soviet power.

What if "Rocket Man" is just trying to protect his country from the world's largest exporter of democracy and freedom? There's a thought! On April 24th, 2019 - the Supreme Leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Un made his first ever visit to the Russian Federation and gave his first EVER interview to foreign media, which was Russia's VGTRK. The linked video at the end will take you there.

For those interested, I highly recommend my video link that appears at around 1:33 of the compilation - "Trump doing North Korea wrong!" It shows a contrasting point of view to that of Trump on how to deal with North Korea, from the Eastern Economic Forum 2017. Some advice doesn't age.


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