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MK-Ultra victim Hearing before the Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, Washington, D.C, March 15 1995. Caution: emotional material.

A therapist and two victims of childhood mind control experiments tell their stories. Caution: emotional material.

Chris DeNicola speaks of her childhood experiences as a human mind control subject at the hands of government scientists in their race to control the human mind.

The testimony of an MKULTRA test subject who was subjected to electro-shock, LSD, radiation, rape, dislocation of joints, chemical and drug experimentation as a child. Sent to a special school with many other children and taught how to sexually please men and entrap them in order for Richard Helms, Sidney Gottlieb, Martin Orne, L. Wilson Green, and others to use sexual blackmail operations (children) to secure permanent funding for MKULTRA, experiments and operations that continue to this day.

Based on the best selling book Angels Don't Play This HAARP, narrator Dr. Nick Begich presents a compelling discussion of one of the important military advances of the United States government.

The technology is designed to manipulate the environment in a number of ways that can jam all global communications, disrupt weather systems, interfere with migration patterns, disrupt human mental processes, negatively affect your health and disrupt the upper atmosphere.

The U.S. military calls this new zapper the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP. The rest of the story is revealed in the patents, technical papers and other documents that continue to emerge regarding this project. Begich has presented on the subject as an expert witness for the European Parliament, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense Policy Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament, GLOBE and others.

July 30, 2019 - Webinar on High Power Radio Frequency/Microwave (HPM) Directed Energy Weapon and Their Effects hosted by John T. Tatum, Defense Systems Information Analysis Center

A documentary about the World of the Rich and Powerful and their Obsession with Two Contradicting Things; Vaccines and Population Control...

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In late December 1980, in Rendlesham Forest, England, numerous U.S. military personnel witnessed what has come to be regarded as the most significant military-UFO incident in the history of Great Britain. Now SCI FI brings you this shocking exposé, complete with documentation, new physical evidence and firsthand accounts by both military and civilian witnesses - including Penniston and Halt, who have jeopardized their reputations and military pensions in order to seek out the truth. Join host Bryant Gumbel as SCI FI presents its exclusive investigation of one of the most important UFO incidents of the 20th century.

The morning of 16th September 1994 began like any other for the children and teachers of Ariel School in Zimbabwe. However, an incident during the morning recess would ultimately capture the attention of the entire world. In total, 62 children would announce to their teachers that spaceships had landed near the school. Furthermore, “small men” had emerged from the craft in full view of the witnesses, all of whom, incidentally, would describe the exact same encounter.

The late Cynthia Hind would be the first UFO researcher to speak with the children, who in turn, would invite equally experienced UFO researcher, Dr. John Mack to investigate. From Hind and Mack’s efforts and immediate documentation, the encounter is one of the most detailed and credible on record. And, at least officially, the incident is still unexplained.

The case still intrigues UFO researchers and enthusiasts today over a quarter of a century later, and is truly one of the most credible and thought-provoking UFO accounts of recent history.

In the documentary, Caputo exposes the cover-up that led to the impeachment of President Donald Trump and mass murder. The Democrats’ crusade to kick the president out of office didn’t start with a phone call. It began with Ukrainian corruption, election meddling and a bloody coup that cleared a path for Hunter Biden to get rich.

In 1966, in the Australian suburb of Westall, hundreds of students, teachers, and local residents saw the unimaginable: a UFO. Silenced by authorities at the time, now they revisit the extraordinary experience as a tenacious sleuth searches for answers.

Nazi Germany still holds many secrets, but one of them is about to be uncovered by this fascinating documentary. Deep beneath the earth's surface, the Third Reich built a labyrinth of tunnels to hide and build many of their most notorious weapons. This is a rare look into yet another dark aspect of the Nazi war machine. It was one of the most massive construction projects ever attempted by humankind. Late in World War II, the Nazis launched a bold plan to shelter armaments factories from the constant hail of allied bombs. All important manufacturing facilities would be re-located in underground labyrinths of protective caves. Today, after the victorious American Army sealed them off many of the half-built facilities have been long-forgotten. A small fortune was spent to seal them up, making them inaccessible to trespassers and intruders. With previously unreleased film material and exclusive interviews, the fascinating and dramatic story of the Underground Reich is reconstructed when the Nazis leaders still hoped that the miracle weapons they produced would bring Germany final victory. After securing special permission, a team of highly qualified experts explore the sprawling tunnel systems, finding their way into manmade caverns unseen for decades. In 2004, director Michael Kloft (The Goebbels Experiment) and historian Michael Foedrowitz accompanied government historians and surveyors as they inspected various underground tunnels, bunkers, and silos built by the Nazis between 1940 and 1945. Some, mainly in Germany and occupied Poland, were built as shelters to house high-ranking Nazi officials like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and Martin Bormann. Others, in the northern coast of occupied France, were constructed by Armaments Minister Albert Speer to serve as massive missile silos to launch V2 rocket attacks against London and, eventually, the United States. Interviews with surviving slave laborers and SS officials tell the story of how and why these tunnels were built. The film also documents the horrors faced by forced laborers, compelled to construct the tunnel system under the most inhuman conditions. Tens of thousands gave their lives to realize the Nazis crazed project.

During the Cold War, while the US and Soviets publicly competed in the space and arms race, a secret parallel race between the two military superpowers was undertaken to harness psychic power. With some of the greatest scientific and psychic minds in the country the US government developed a technique to utilize ESP as tool for espionage. They called their system “Remote Viewing”. Jeff Warren, a science writer and adventurer of unusual consciousness experiences, sets out on an investigation of the remote viewing technique.

Jim Jones, who was the most admired person at the highest level of the Democrat Party in the 1970s, not only made it publicly clear he was atheist and aligned with the Totalitarian Soviet Union against America. He also publicly trained his followers in Socialist church services to take up arms against America and to torture and murder their own family members.

Now you know why top Democrat leaders like Willie Brown and Harvey Milk said they admired Jim Jones because he reminded them of Chairman Mao.

Warning, very disturbing language is used by Jones.

Be warned what follows is actual Jim Jones training sessions for his followers to become Communist revolutionaries and murderers of their families, it contains a lot of obscenities and insanely evil talk.

But all Americans should know of the real Jim Jones. Many of his key allies such as California Governor Jerry Brown and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are still in high government positions. What does that say about the standards of the Democrat Party?

In 2010, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the Rockefeller Foundation, one of Our major “philanthropic” organs, convened what is called a “scenario planning exercise” where future events that we may or may not be planning are “gamed”.

Vox first warned the world about the Rockefeller pandemic “Lock Down” scenario on October 21, 2014 from New York City. His prescient and timely warning is highly suggested viewing.

In the 90’s a seemingly breakthrough in theoretical physics would be met with some skepticism.

After various experiments would make certain discoveries hard to verify, a key scientist’s disappearance may have been at the core of figuring out what is going on.

During the Cold War the CIA recruited high-ranking Nazis as agents for their operations against leftists and Communists across the globe. They infiltrated the top echelons of the German government and used Nazi treasures, allegedly lost in WW2, to finance these operations.

The Uninvited examines the reaction of governments and of the scientific community to claims from the public that they have been involved with alien interaction, looking at the world's most famous alien contact cases and highlighting the common threads that bind them together.

On November of 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel aired THE ABDUCTION DIARIES, a documentary on alien encounters and the unexpected impact on human lives.

With roots deep in the history of military sciences, and largely beginning after WW2, the history of mind control studies is a rich and fascinating one. The quest to conquer the human mind was attempted by the Central Intelligence Agency shortly after the end of the Second World War, with the creation of the MKULTRA project. Comprised of 149 sub-projects, the goal of this program was to study the effects of drugs, and different types of radical procedures on unwitting civilians in order to better understand how to create and interrogate spies during the Cold War. The results and actions taken by numerous agencies, doctors and scientists over a 30-year period would come to light to Congress in the 1977 Church Committee hearings as some of the most shocking and bizarre studies ever perpetrated by a democratic government on its own people. Featuring an exclusive interview and presentation by renowned trauma expert, Dr. Colin Ross, The MKULTRA Files is an examination of some of those experiments and the effects they have had on our culture.

For more than 20 years the CIA studied psychic abilities for use in their top-secret spy program. With previously classified details about ESP now finally coming to light, there can be no more secrets.

The unspeakable Chinese practice of organ harvesting is exposed in this Peabody Award winning documentary. In the early 2000s doctors around the world began to notice large numbers of their patients flying to China for organ transplants. An organ was typically ready within a week. The availability and number of organs was baffling, until horrific stories began to leak out. It was rumoured that hospitals were harvesting live prisoners for their organs but could this actually be true? Human Harvest takes you through the international investigation led by Nobel Peace prize nominees that is shocking the world.

Psychological warfare has taken many forms since its initial widespread usage in WW1. In this episode, we look at how the tactical use of truth and misinformation has swayed the tide of battle over the years.


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