People have been saying that Infotoons is nothing but fake news! Let me assure you that everything that we present here on Infotoons is 100% legitimate, factual and... wait, what... hold on. I have to talk to my lawyer.
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The real story behind salty crackers new coiffeur. Anyone who tells you different is misinformations! IT'S BEEN FACT-CHECKED!

What the Hell?

What do you think?

Because there's a war on for turning the umm freaking frogs uh,umm... well You Know the Thing!

Looks like I jumped the gun on this. It's only notifications for comments on creators videos.

Salty discusses the top-notch medical care of Queen Elizabeth.

This is one I did for the Aim cats a while ago. It was up on my other channel but YouTube decided that channel was too risky for people to see and did everyone the courtesy of removing it. All praise Our Benevolent overlords.

YouTube also deleted the American intelligence Media channel so if you want to see their work you can find it at...

Mike and Doug discuss the history of modern banking and its demonic origins.
Full video can be heard at:

Merry Christmas!!!

Salty reaches out to Alex.

I prefer him over Biden but this is my biggest problem with Trump.

Biden Warns us all about Democracy's precarious future. Let's go Brandon!

I saw it on Salty Cracker's ReeEEeE Stream last night and I had to do it.

I'm going to put this up on YouTube tomorrow to see if I can trigger the algorithm to leave an automated message about how the New World Order is a conspiracy theory.

Alex Jones & Robert Barnes in defense of Kyle Rittenhouse and our right to self-defense.


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