From Today's "Governor of Oregon Pretends Portland Riots were Peaceful, Says People Terrorized by Feds"

From Styx's "The End of the Summer of Hate is Coming (Bitchute Exclusive)"

Song: Eat Your Ass (And My Neighbor) by The Gregory Brothers

Disclaimer: We here at Infotoons disavow all forms of Neighbor eating. Most of our neighbors are filled with toxins and GMO's and are simply unfit for consumption.

Styxhexenhammer666, Raz0rFist, Computing Forever, Alex, Joe, Gavin and Crowder get together after the LockDown is over.

I saw it. It made me laugh. I made a cartoon.
(Why is there no "F" or "PH" in the word LAUGH?)

I'm blaming CGMatter for this one.

I couldn't resist

The Alex Jones interview with Styxhexenhammer666.

This is a mash up of a few animations I made that didn't fit anywhere else, some things I learned form tutorials and a couple scenes from earlier videos to flesh it out set to music. All modeling, animation, texture painting, sound and video editing was done with Blender.
Song: Sun Machine One from YouTube Audio Library

The technology and source code used to build Silicon Valley was stolen from a man named
Michael McKibben and a company named Leader.
The Crime Line:

This one is from RazörFist Arcade: BIOSHOCK Streamed live on Feb 7, 2020

This one is animated from this video on which is an edit of this video from eclectic method

Merry Christmas!!!

From your comrades at CNN Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I've been doing Blender tutorials to expand my skill set. This one was done using these two tutorials from Ducky 3D
Music: Spring by HOVATOFF


Most of this video was based on tutorials from Tutor4u
GIFs in the comments

From "Roger Stone did nothing wrong"
Roger Stone Defense Fund

The folks over at A.I.M. have been incredibly supportive of me and my work. Thank you Betsy and Thomas.

This one was made from two of their videos. "Are meteorites smoking weed? THC found on space rocks?"
And "Douglas Gabriel gets out of the weeds, into the stars"

It's time for another animated RazörFist rant.
From Russians and Rifles: The DNC Reaches Peak Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi makes her case against Trump...kinda.

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The most qualified and credentialed speaker on climate change the UN has ever seen.
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