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Rex Jones joins the show to discuss the collapse of morals in America and the destructive decay that collapse has created.

Harrison and Robert talk Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Hezbollah and Hamas

Unlike Austin, who recently voted to handle the growing expansive overtaking of the city by the homeless camping by banning altogether, Lops Angeles has a different approach.

Roger Stone Warns: Intel Agencies Weaponized Against Conservatives

Harrison talks Ashli Babbitt reddit comments directed at conservatives and Ashli herself postmortem.

Harrison goes through the latest Israel - Gaza explosion videos

How You Can Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory Marxist Indoctrination

The Purge Is On: DOD, DHS, Military, Local Police and Now Your Social Media Scanned for “Domestic Extremism”

In what they call an "EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC", retired military members put out an open letter against cancel culture.

In a exposing video clip, Rand Paul attempts to get Fauci to admit what his own organization's website proves for him regarding funding and gain of function research.

Harrison breaks down a new weird statue unveiled near Rockefeller center

Harrison talks about Liz Cheney, McConnell, Trump, America First

Harrison breaks down bombing videos in Gaza and Israel

From critical race theory, to mask mandates, citizens all over the nation buck the system that attempts to control them

Drew Mason of joins with Harrison to talk about the power, both physically as well as spiritually, of fasting.

Harrison breaks down the most recent news regarding the events leading up to the recent violence in Israel

MIT research shows that anti-maskers may be more skeptical, but based in an understanding of the medical science involved, as opposed to the leftist mindless zombies.

Daily Dispatch: Hamas Missiles Israel, Schwab Tracker Chips, Colonial Pipeline Hack

Harrison breaks down the ever growing list of articles related to side effects and damage and the covid-19 vaccine.

Daily Dispatch: Jobs Numbers, Wuhan, Artur Palowski Arrested

AOC quotes number contradicting her own facts in an poor effort to attack her enemies.

Alexandra Lains Joins the show to discuss cancel and victim culture and the farce they are pushing against the same groups they use to protect themselves.

Caller Debate : Are Whites To Blame For Black Suffering

Another caller makes another eerily similar comparison to vaccines and the rollout of other technology like GMO farming.


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