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My thoughts on the word "genocide" was created and used. The accusation carries severe punishments, but why does it always look like these punishments have had greater effects than the purported historical crime? Crucial information hidden right in the origin of this word, and use since then.

Two parts. First the moral double standards which are maintained by many who believe in genocide. Second, the importance of evaluating the present with simple observation, rather than stories of the past.

3:00 – Jazz History Start
4:10 – The Festivals You Don’t Hear About
7:45 – A Hidden Cultural Aggression Revealed
13:30 – The First Black Broadway Show
15:25 – A Hidden Cultural Aggression Continued
17:30 – Jazz and Race (Politics)
21:50 – Jazz and Jewish Influencers
27:50 – Jazz and an Early Drug Scene
31:00 – The Cool vs. The Beautiful
33:20 – Further Institutional Praise of Jazz
36:50 – “Lynching” : “Protest” Means Accusations Which Has, and Will Continue to, Lead to Our Victimization
46:00 – Conclusion: Positive Visions of Our Own / Why Pursue Beauty?

The thumbnail picture is "The Sugar Shack" by Ernie Barnes, a black artist who features black America as he sees it. This 1970s painting showcases dancing which you might say looks very different from Western expressions. Such will be the case for many clips that I will feature in the background of this video. Jazz, and black music before, are a very interesting history which has an effect today. Best to be aware of the emotions, intentions, and realities of power achieved through all forms of entertainment.

This is one of our most crucial considerations moving forward. We don't need it to be red or blue, left or right, we need moral or amoral. Take an actual stance, because the moral and the amoral is all around you, created with some amount of intention by those living within a moral narrative in which your wellbeing is of little or no value. The key to their different language seems to be that they can use language to abstract, and dismiss your most crucial interests, while asserting their political interests as a moral imperative such that benefits for them are a sanctified thing. Your interests are a dirty, sacrificial thing within their narrative. So moving forward, will you sanctify our interests as untouchable through language? Or will you continue being the sacrificial, and dirty interest within their story of success at your expense/over you?
Towards the end I explain how the self-imposed silence of many churches is a total dereliction of Christian duty, also some indications throughout that biological white erasure is as amoral in Christianity as it would be when simply considered as biological white erasure. My website on Christianity:

This is a bit like a movie review hybrid with a book review. For this particular subject matter this is an effective combination because the author parallels his own books, and certainly had something to say, while the movies can often be strikingly different from the books. Especially, Goldfinger, the movie, might be the most famous of all Bond movies, and the one which set many of the James Bond standards. So let's look at the political intention and where these intentions changed. How intentional could changes have been? When conservatives like Ian Fleming were such prominent voices in the media, what could have gone so wrong that now we're stuck in endless waves of antiwhiteism?
Clip of Nelson Mandela participating in a song of "Kill the Boer":

Reflects what I just said about elite schools, and something important, there are too many such cases to cover. Stats included.
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Timestamps below description.
This was a very interesting book that I got to read recently by Michael Walsh. However, there's a lot that I found to criticize, and hopefully those criticisms and historical notes will be interesting for you also. The complexity, and the amount of historical events described are the main reason that this video ended up longer than planned. Ultimately though this book is still bold in a couple ways, and the question is now if what is written is good enough for the purpose of inspiration?
Key video link mentioned on Christianity and variable racial practice of it:

Book Introduction
Evidence of Democracy (Republic) being Non-representative
Matt Walsh guest stars (not really, but a great clip)
Table of Contents
Anti-Martin Luther Comments
Pope Urban's Appeal for the First Crusade (Save Europe from Muslim invasion)
Michael Walsh Points to Faith and Culture Attempting to Ignore Remaining Ethnocentricisms
Another Cruel Antiwhite Accusation, this One Directed Against Westernkind in South and Central America
Are Jewish Last Stands Congruous With a the Nature of Western Last Stands?
Concept of Language and Cultural Control Effecting The Rule of Law
Walsh's False Conflation of Two 1940s Regimes in Their Approach to Christianity
Back to What Has Been Jewish Relation to Europe Historically?
Walsh's Cowardly Fear of "Identity Politics" for Westernkind
Walsh, Again the TV Watching Boomer who Recognizes Purposeful Untruths, but Still Accepts Them
A Good Point Though regarding Diversity
Back to the introduction in the book Which Promised a More Solid Moral Footing Than Found In Other Parts of the Book

Ending, Including Walsh's Work for Disney

Well he's the most famous architect, I'd say without a doubt. This means he's the most famous person in my profession. Since I'm decently connected in the business of course I have stories regarding the man who designs all those crazy buildings which have become the "cultural centers" and icons of many cities. What do these buildings express? What does Gehry want for the world? If you want to be famous, and he holds one significant key to that lifestyle of being a famous architect, what will entry in to his office cost you? These secrets aren't particularly secret, but as I can combine well-known facts about this man, insights in to the profession, reflections on the bio-spirit (and communal) nature of buildings, and some insider trends, it all seems to paint a fascinating picture regarding this man, and the legacy which he is attempting to leave.

In this video I reflect on the urban situation of "elite schools" which some people may have not seen for themselves. The interesting thing to note is that these are the exact schools that the super wealthy, and politicians send their own children to. In turn, these kids experience the kind of things that I point out readily in this video, and yet all the schools I point to are notorious for putting out radical liberals, the exact college students coming out to support White erasure.

A Halloween special video with a purpose. There's a lot to learn from our fears, the warnings that our bodies give us.
0:00 Opening: Horror Movies Use Something to Evoke Real Reactions
3:00 Politics Noticed and Intended in Horror Movies
4:00 Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Inclusive Hippies, “Hicksploitation,” Run from the Outgroup
6:58 Night of the Living Dead (Romero): Multiracial America Fails, White Unity America Succeeds
8:00 The Hills Have Eyes: Leftist Director (Again) Accidentally Makes a Heroic White Family
9:09 Various Other Films Mentioned in Brief
15:30 Youngest Directors (Started in Horror Because it’s Cheap)
18:20 George Romero, Leftist, Kept Making Movies About Multiracial America, and the Horror Kept Coming from that Breakdown
19:13 Horror: One Genre Where the Church Can Still be Good, and the Occult Can Still be a Bad Decision
21:35 Instincts of Fear (Scientific Papers Begin)
22:54 Briefly on Low-T Men as Forming a Less Healthy Society
23:54 The Observed Facial Trends of Horror (Women, Men, Big, Small)
27:08 The Psychological Difference Between Fear and Creepiness (Science Paper)
37:25 Outgroup Survival Judgements (and the Challenge to Manipulate that to Ingroup Fears)
42:43 Trying to Create Actual Fear Regarding Western Civilizations/Normal People
44:50 Evidence From Machine Learning About Horror Being Different
47:15 A Qualification Regarding Attempts at Woke Horror
49:20 A Method of Testing the Body’s Reaction to Horror Movies (What Scares People the Most)
51:20 The Shining (All the Creepy Studies Come Together)
55:19 Closing On Using this Info In Both Talking to People About Horror Movies, and In Real Life Societal Harm Evaluation
57:57 End Song: Elegie Op.3 No. 1 By Sergei Rachminofff (thought to have suffered from Marfan’s syndrome)

A quality read. Short read actually, but as it is the combination of several concise and effective articles there was a lot to say, and even more to read here if you choose to read the rest.
PDF Link :

Another fantastic poem from Kipling. I continue to work on several projects. It's been difficult to get across what I've wanted to recently, but I'll keep providing what I can.

This was a fascinating film to me in displaying the attitudes which could be accepted by a WWII audience, and given some of the statements and scenes in this movie which were readily accepted by the audience, it seems clear to me that the trauma from a huge war combined with carefully crafted propaganda made even this audience passively accept ideas which are so very similar to the ideas we saw stated more strongly in the 1960s. Importantly too, this film uses a quirky version of a pseudo-Christian Heaven to redefine what Heaven deems as good (progressive) for a then very Christian audience.

In the beginning of this video I also reference some charts and factoids to quickly express some opinions on race and the conflicts of people. These charts I found through Ryan Faulk's reference of them on these two recommended articles:

Starting from a recent article, and then comparing some pretty differential PEW poll results. Some is bad of course, but perhaps this demonstrates a fresh and fair perspective which contains some hope IF we can work strategically. What seems to work? Use it. There are still grey bars of people scared or avoiding the obvious through practiced ignorance.

3:22 Belief Example 1 – Religion – Believing Without Seeing
7:18 Belief Example 2 – Believing Despite Digital Evidence – Part 1 QAnon
11:43 Media Does Lie, But the Lie Has to be Invented to Continue Belief Despite Evidence
12:40 Belief Example 3 – Believing Despite Digital (as immediately accessible) Evidence – Part 2 Flat Earth
17:46 Belief Example 4 – Believing Despite Every Single Experience and Observation that You can Make with your very own senses!!!! - Race Denialists
24:58 The Big Lie Makes People Lie in Different Ways (for competition and differential benefits)
26:30 My Experiences of Black Race Realists Who Would still Complain about Racism
30:04 A Culture of Lies – How People Lie, and Lie to themselves for treats
32:03 Lying to gain benefit – Perception of Good Based on Tribalism
34:50 Conclusion, why it's disturbing, but important to recognize and act with the understanding of mass lies

I'm sure you've heard about this book on Bitchute, but what is it really? Is it strange, or is it effective? Is it something to spread to Trump loving people trying to stay ignorant of antiwhiteism and the origin of antiwhiteism? Or can even an extremely based person use this for their own good? In this video I review some experience with this book and explain my thoughts on what it is exactly and the effectiveness of it. Or does it have weaknesses?

Some pondering from me on the "most innocent" of black success narratives which we too often give a pass to. Try as we might, these stories still have a villain, and that villain is White. Even if no Whites are physically harmed in a given story of achieving what's declared black excellence, one might note that the story is inherently unfair to us. So here, I explain how these stories typically treated as innocent still set a competitive, and adversarial narrative, while also claiming the right to dependence (the right to access, be given, take, ect.)

2:18 Out of Africa Critique in the Book and My Parallel Evolution Doubts
7:40 The Butts or Breasts Mystery, a Potential Solution
12:40 Hair Differences Studied
15:00 Studying Skull Shape in Casual Observation and Science
16:22 The issue with language in this book when talking to the wrong people
20:10 Successful Moral Explanation within the book (recommended segment to listen to if no other parts are of interest)
23:12 Further comments on language
25:52 Crime (Interracial Crime Especially) and Average Social Characteristics Summarized
30:38 Instinctive Brain Responses vs. Egalitarian Dogma
34:25 Conclusion: The Largest, Most Successful Erasure of a People in History Happening Now
39:16 End Song: "Pride" by The Hellacopters

New key term to use: “Promiscuous Altruism” to describe altruism which always results in the harm of Westernkind, whether immediately (mass immigration inflicting massive injury upon the population today) or for ensuing generations (the aid given to Africa from the era of European colonialism to today has resulted in a massively increased number of Africans which has allowed for such a terrifying prospect as we see now with opened borders)

An addendum while considering the research I did for Pavlovian Antiwhiteism, but here I look at it from another perspective, the thinking of those that receive this conditioning, even consciously receive it knowing that it is conditioning with academics and skill behind it. It's very interesting to see the brain's reaction, what this association does to them when challenged, and how they accept this conditioning

Referenced Articles:
Scanning the Minds of Liberals when their views are challenged:
Nonwhite Antiwhite explains the experience of TV racial conditioning and the people who study/use this exact conditioning:

28:50 End Music Video - My Edit of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening, a lot to see, including "69," "Chaos," a skeleton, a ton of spirals, "Trans," "Rootboy" (urban reference to male genitals), money, lust, "CRT," and even then I couldn't feature all of the weird and....tribal aspects of many of the people behind the scenes doing this show.

A quick video to talk about alt-tech presence, how I will be using my different channels in different ways, and how I see my content/how I welcome clipping and copying of anything which you find useful. Maybe see you on Rumble, though a different channel, I'll just be placing other clips there.

An exploration in to how conscious and pervasive the cues are in entertainment, especially concentrated on how this manipulation is conscious within government documents and elite contacts. I hope to reveal here how the conditioning of a population is actually intentional and well studied by our Western governments. Is there a way to break this conditioning? What is the best way to break this conditioning? Science actually has some answers which might make sense. And if you watch to the end you might have an idea regarding who was the most right according to my review of the science in how exactly Pavolvian conditioning works, and how to best break it.

0:00 Intro featuring a shockingly popular movie reaction channel (Homies), you can see a European woman being fully programmed
3:02 Begin commentary on overall media trends (what the antiwhites enjoy we can by now mostly just look at and say it's malicious)
10:05 TV and Movies Conditioning
17:47 Real Benefits as Learned Associations with Movies (Cue Anon)
21:14 Musical Cues (Yes, the irony is obvious, but I use my musical cues for what I believe to be a firm moral good, White Wellbeing)
24:48 Government Cues
28:26 News Conditioning
30:45 Pavlovian Government
48:43 Operant Conditioning
1:00:11 Breaking the Conditioning (What Science Says is the Best Way to Break Pavlovian Conditioning)
1:08:03 Ending Sting (A New Reaction to Propaganda)

A book review covering the abolitionist character, intentions, and the obvious reasons that their advocacy formed a clear and present danger which has led to enormous bloodshed already. I lay out some aspects of this book which reveal how the incorrect beliefs of these people have been always set by the same issues we have now, albeit with far more worrying demographics in the West, especially when compared to the areas which previously underwent such demographic changes, these experiencing as bad and worse than our present day, likely setting a bleak image of the future if we do not learn from the past, and from easily perceptible reality.

Some thoughts I've been having, but haven't heard many, if anyone mention. My thoughts on some aspects of the vaccine possible effects in relation to the more extreme possibilities, and the possible outcomes from these considerations. I warn that it's difficult, and dangerous here to believe that we understand exactly the results of these, especially the results that help us here. Just for consideration, please comment with your own thoughts, I don't know the different takes that some people have, but I haven't yet heard much of what I'm saying here in other videos.

Just some thoughts on why the implications for urban living if supply lines break down, and especially if there is difficulty providing power to bloated populations in cities. Can they make smart cities? Are they already at their limit? It's possible that the break down of infrastructure is not intentional, but a result of dysfunctions in many crucial areas, and from a bit of an insider perspective this means that smart city concepts, Green New deal, ect. might not just get again pushed back, but might become especially difficult to pull off. Just for your consideration, a couple quick thoughts.

A pinch test (or two) that I thought of while doing more research on politicians, media figures, and the history of "classical liberalism". I figured it was time to push people a bit more to think about narrative and the natural conclusion of this narrative which I argue is the same employed again, and again. For your listening consideration.

Sorry, I know that the audio is still rough. I did work with it to make it nicer in my ear. I hope it works with your ear too if these subjects interest you. We discuss Thomas Sowell, language manipulation, biology and impact on ways of being/bio-spirit (including then the religious implications), possibilities of collapse, generational divides, media control vs things out of control, and the ending with a bit of hope for the future.


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