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I checked my old Sowell video at random and apparently there was still one guy at least not getting it. This in turn inspired me to detail exactly where Sowell's central thesis was the most wrong. Simply, he uses a lot of anecdotes and doesn't demonstrate the interaction between Crackers and Blacks of the period that his central thesis requires (because he can't).
End Song: Merle Haggard "White Boy"

The story of Lincoln Beachey, a recent discovery of flying Amish descendants I wanted to share. The innovation, the courage, the triumph, and the tragedy of my relative, Lincoln Beachey, and I ask you too to reflect on the leading accomplishments that you can see in the collective of your extended kin. I hope you can reflect on both our past and our future.
End song: Elime cover of Pink Floyd’s “Learn to Fly”:

Original from here:
There was a tech issue in the original and I figured it would be worthwhile to edit the audio for better listening. Enjoy, Ed puts out good shows for consideration.

The adventures of Luffy and his crew take a surprising turn where one of the main villains is shown as a stunning and brave feminist, among many other fascinating notes which have this show explaining pretty coherently why the West is oppressive and getting worse. You might be surprised by either the show or the real-world parallel involved.

So contrary to "get woke go broke" as a proposed solution, these companies just keep doing things that especially drive the White majority away from their products, it costs them and they don't change. If it's about the money, why? This isn't without precedent though. Reviewing retail data most of the largest chain stores were all too accepting of social policy which they knew all too well was lowering their profits and eventually dooming many of their properties. Looking over this, and comparing to the consumer trends we see around the world, it's interesting to see how much antiwhite oligarchs, even the White ones, will happily just stand passively as their businesses, and eventually Western countries as a whole, are set up for increasingly difficult, and inefficient selling. Money printer go brrrrrrrr, and these guys just relinquish their power before speaking up about real trends they see.

End song: "In It For the Money" by Supergrass

11:18 Comments Start
For your kids, (and leftists and civnats), this is a great book to have them growing up reading, get it before the leftist cult understands what it's about and also "Horton Hears a Who" with its anti-abortion messaging. First though, this particular Seuss story really hits at the heart of many problems, burdens and guilt accepted. So I've clipped together a nice reading for you and just a couple comments on the end. Mind you, Seuss had his problems, he was a war propagandist who helped to get us in to WWII, but he could skillfully deliver some morals that we really need now.

Step One - Change the definition.
Step Two - It will be destroyed.
Some thoughts I had on why modern empires are set on such a deadly trajectory, worse than previous falls. Also, concurrent to my work on scripture, throughout the entire Bible nations were synonymous with something very different from what a modern nation is thought of as.

0:00 Crime Not Related to Conservative Talking Points Historically
9:25 Popular Music Portrayals
14:35 Popular TV Portrayals
17:10 Comparison to Video Game and Metal Influencing White People
20:00 Pop Culture Variable Conformity
23:00 What Has Kinda Worked to Force More Similar Life Outcomes
32:08 TV Party! (Music End)

(Not that I can do genetic research myself, but in terms of finding the genes that explain why crime/significant personality differences are still so different when adjusted by IQ this might be it: (great article in general)

Should we be trusting? Peaceful? Patient? As we learn from reading the Bible there is a time for everything, and a time for war included. So now that so much has happened, where are we now? No doubt, there are still many that we would hope to awaken, young minds still captured by their schools, but what we can safely believe is that many people who promote this might use Christian words, might make us feel comfortable, but there are things where we really should know better.
End Song: Social Warfare by Count Raven

This revised video comes with extended segments based on things that I didn't give fair detail about the first time around, primarily the age at which Amish women tend to begin having their children and where some Amish communities do suffer from inbreeding conditions, but this helps in exploring how ethnocentric people might find opportunities to learn from both the successes and failures of the Amish.
Genetic evidence that the Amish live longer/are genetically healthier:
Niger population growth to watch:
Amish family size:
Article featuring attractive Amish women, just fun to read, hopefully inspiring if you want to be a future Trad Wife (tradition is attractive):
Fertility Health Tips:
Edward Dutton video, Marry Your Third Cousin:
Edward Dutton video with Emil Kirkegard, Mormons Eugencis:

Lou Reed, the name at the core of the Velvet Underground, that band with a banana and Andy Warhol connections, just the favorite musician of NY Times and most hipster critics even decades in to Lou's solo career, even written about after his death. Bizarrely, Lou Reed's music is not at all PC, filled with racial stereotypes, drug references, sex references, and perversion. Not that these things don't exist all around, but bizarre that the woke critics at NY Times still love Lou Reed, or it would be if Lou Reed weren't part of the chosen club, and pretending to be the average man's poetic voice in America, or to put it simply, pretending to be White when it comes to bad optics for Whites, and reminding us that Jews, and all other minorities are victims.

Everything you've learned was obviously wrong, backwards given the motivations that drove Western history to where it is now. This is why you can know all of this with certainty in a couple concise thoughts. This video is made for beginners to this subject matter, and is designed for easy sharing. Hope it helps someone review what they've learned and the instilled false morality that is so pervasive because of these false lessons.

This shouldn't be the only thing you do, and as always watch your tracks. Don't livestream and don't bring your cellphone if you want freedom. And be careful of political vetting to remove you, if you have opportunities for power and for doing the right thing, go for it. But in addition to the other preparation you're doing, if you're passionate you should still help us reach people, reaching anyone we can to see that this system is deliberately Antiwhite (and that should be the concentration, don't let them push their narrative), this system means to persecute us all, and the Antiwhite punishments for existing will continue with no end in sight, we know this. I would say in recognizing this reality, what we're still missing is women, and a lot of people with some wealth/power already. We know well enough with the trajectory that this dangerous nation will punish/continue to punish all White people for existing, but our people are still not gone. Our people can still be reached, and can see that no money is worth what this Federal government wishes to do to us. So we're still winning people over, and even in bad times now giving up is simply not an option.

Bitchute to Video converters:

World Truth Video:

Cropipic for quick clipping, scaling, and changing background to convince the censorbots:

This photo op was unfortunately done with the completely wrong assumptions. The assumptions that this nation is fair, or that Trump will ever defend his supporters. No, it's a set up and a demoralization tactic combined with a setup for further censorship, bias, antiwhite actions. Know what you want, what they want, and what comes next as we are setup for them to push, push, forever.

The opening clip is from the 1946 film, "A Matter of Life and Death" which gives the idea of a fairly mainstream perspective on Heaven for that time period, a vision of Heaven where everyone has a distinct cultural identity and a Heavenly council would care quite a bit about a romantic relationship being people of "good stock" same race, and even same nationality preferred, viewing relationships of people too distant nationally or racially as questionable. However, this movie is still for non-white immigration for America, so while in 1946 Western viewers could accept some amount of American immigration propaganda, they did not think that Heaven would be particularly open to mixed relationships. Learning about that pro-immigration stance though I did find that one of the main people working on the movie was a Hungarian Jew. Anyways, more a view of where Western audiences were largely thinking about Heaven back then. How about now? Seems that as Christianity goes through constant changes, pushed by political forces, that the moral expectations of Christianity change. So are we sure about the antiracist expectations of Heaven? I for one would say these expectations, as they are understood today, are not reasonable for history, for modern nations outside of the West, or in scripture.

The people are silenced everywhere we go. Every policy is made to our detriment. A rigged system removes voting as an option. And no, avoiding it is not an option as you were targeted first, and the powers of this nation have determined that they don't value you for a very long time. I normally present evidence on this channel about how deeply antiwhite our government has been for a very long time, and how this has been the driving force to allow for all the corruption we see now. Our Federal government determined generations ago that they would support demographic replacement and therefore only go after white people first who were opposed, and now the people who desire a future, to have a Western nation. Laws passed constantly against our interests, the express intention to displace and erase our people. We're getting real sick of this, and we need our home, our community, freedom. Btw, fuck off Q, you know you're placation and distraction from real issues. Be smart, be safe, be strong. First portion of video inspired by Randy Shackleford comment, screw Tim Pool also.

0:00 Women and Mental Health in the Current Paradigm
18:23 Relationship Ideals Best Guess
30:40 Hard Truths (Mixed-Race and Mental Issues)
46:50 Music Video End

Video about the mental health of women. Covering statistics that help to explain a lot about the lack of fulfillment that far too many women are going through right now. Most concerning though is that this is something that has clearly affected white women the most, and has been encouraged through insane levels of data falsification and bias. In this video I try to show the stats of happiness and stability for women and families, while also showcasing some of the researchers, news groups, and governments that know what they're doing, encouraging this behavior with falsehoods that they know to be false.

A video that I cut together for the end of my statistic analysis episode on modern women and happiness. For the original video I have to conclude that propaganda targets white women, purposefully misleading them to the detriment of entire families as well as their own detriment. Simply put, both government and media sources in the West are not interested in giving you good advice for happiness, fulfillment, and a future, they give you advice to encourage your destruction.

Why should you be against racism? Did you learn it in school or Church? Is antiracism scientific? Is antiracism Biblical? Or, is the central point just a command, a threat, a deliberate subversion tactic to ensure that you sit down, shut up, and never reject to the interests of others. Maybe we can see this by taking a closer look at the criticism of racism in both science and religion, if they are both criticized for racism, what do they actually say about antiracism when the information is uncensored?

3:46 Religion Across Races, But Contrasting Goals
26:55 Diverse Attitudes in Christianity and Thoughts of God
46:20 Black Churches
1:05:28 Christian Racial Identity Common
1:26:32 Christianity and Crime or Race and Crime

The Jolly Heretic Video Clip Used:
Fantastic Reading on Race and Crime:
Interesting Study on Criminality Relation to Belief of Heaven and Hell:
Ending Song by Trouble - "The Misery Show (Act 2)"

To ring in this Christmas season with so many traitors in power over us seems like a very good Christmas carol to subtitle and spread. As for me loving metal, this used to be one of my all time favorite albums, and I hope you'll enjoy it too, in that Western people still have amazing and creative musical talent too often overlooked by the major record/radio labels. That's exactly why we have Inheritance Radio, and plenty of other passionate channels to spread around amazing songs about our heritage and hoping for a better future. May you all have as merry of a Christmas season as Arntor!

This music video I cut together at the end of my long stats video "Why the Noses Dance Per Capita," to briefly show off some Jewish power and a song that just openly expresses hatred of the host population that made these guys wealthy. It's really vile the more you realize that it's one of the few songs they're not joking about, they just hate the idea of white nations existing for white people this much, and want nothing more than their power fantasy of fighting us and hurting us in our own nations, denying us any sense of pride or even self-determination. Especially if you're new to this subject I would recommend you check out my stats video "Why the Noses Dance Per Capita," I believe you'll be shocked by how well documented and well known Jewish power is, as well as some stats for what that means when they have power in Western nations.

Easily Identified Genetic Differences: 4:25
Ivy League to Company Heads: 14:30
Self-Interest/In-Group Preference: 31:00
Political Influence/Control: 37:00
The Most Wealthy/Powerful and Silicon Valley: 40:44
Media Overrepresentation: 44:18
Explicit Changing of Western Culture Through Music: 46:00
Per Capita Seeking to Disadvantage Western People: 52:53
Media and Academia: 55:20
Minority Benefits/Redoing “America” Activism: 1:05:15
Modern Activism Parallels/Antifa: 1:10:48
Historical Communist Parallel/Modern Statistic Reasoning: 1:13:40
Punk Band Led by Two Jews Sings About Terrorizing and Hurting Whites Including the Completely Innocent: 1:19:55

Many sources are linked through the article “The Jewish Question an Empirical Examination”:
This applies to images where I have not provided a link or mention it in the video. This article is crucial reading for the statistically minded and is longer than my video, covering many more studies and hopefully between my video, which even uses many Jewish sources, and this article you will recognize that there is an identifiable issue, and a worthwhile differentiation to make before failing to make that differentiation contributes to further harming our people and crucially altering our nations towards dangerous outcomes.

What was intended in these songs? They were sung often during marches, and the lyrics could be changed to be more political. So were these marches Christian? Were these songs Christian? Or do they use Christian references while announcing the destruction of what you previously had? The 1965 creation of New America, where America can no longer be defined by the people, by then defined by in its opposition to the traditional builders of America, defined by deconstruction and inversion of prior values. And what better to "Overcome" than old America, than the American people.

Culture 4:20
Settlement Patterns and “Biologically” 36:12
White Liberals 58:18
Jews 1:09:00
Nazis and “Scientific Racism” 1:27:35
IQ and Education 1:48:00

Thomas Sowell is continually referred to as a conservative, the go-to smart black man. Well how well do you know his work though? He's not a race realist, in fact that's "racist." The core of his theories therefore require him to write against racial science, against a lot of history, against the reality hitting us in the back of the head daily, and writes a lot of half truths out of context to justify this, and thereby ends up suggesting political solutions that haven't particularly worked, and will not work. This is the problem with him, he's very able to make white conservatives feel smart while reading him, feel like he's a great conservative, but with his work being half well written truth and half false, especially when it comes to some of our most crucial issues, it's a dangerous mix and it's time to review his positions and primary examples in detail. How accurate are his factoids?

"Schindler's List" is a Work of Fiction:
The Treblinka Archeology Hoax:
Living Jews Find that their Names are Added to Holocaust Victim Report:
Berlin, Sin City of Weimar Germany:
The Fred Leuchter Report:
Auschwitz Tour Guide Caught Lying:
The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth:

Sowell's IQ arguments, as revealed by his endnotes just depend on the arguments James Flynn makes. James Flynn may have lost this argument to some extent by his own admission, but Sowell is still dependent on this theory, on predictions that did not come to pass. For a nice article on Flynn's theories read here:


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