What will be the next tallest building?

If you are watching this, chances are that you are tea lover.

If you love beer, thank a monk!

What would happen if the population of insects decreased?

The three-legged wonder man who became wonder man!

Which country has the best carnival in the world?

The medieval knight: armor clad, equipped with a trusty sword, shield, and their luggage?

Could there be any undiscovered creatures lurking in your backyard?

But how on Earth it can be possible for one person to make 3 tons of human feces per month and deliver it?

Cheap, authentic and supremely instagrammable. What's your favorite street food?

Where did all these cactuses come from?

The Holocaust is one of the greatest tragedies in human history.

If it weren't for one brave man, we would all be wandering around a charred, radioactive wasteland today.

How would you like to eat scrambled cancer-curing eggs for breakfast?

When Valentine's Day Used To Be About Hitting Women

Now, this isn't what you think.

Nixon was known for his passionate stance against communism.

Are these the future of vacations?

Nero was Rome's most infamous emperor. He killed every member of his family, and *burned down Rome.*

Why can't we take our eyes off images of old buildings and decrepit interiors? Join urban explorer Bob Thissen on a tour around the world and explore the unbeaten path.

Do you sleep with an open mouth?

#TIL that the wreck of the Titanic is being eaten and may soon vanish.

Ever seen the Pyramids of Giza like this before?

Because you're worth it.

Why do Mormons love Jell-O?


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