Now in its 22nd year, this program and the works of Shakespeare are helping inmates re-discover life as a productive member of their environment.

The legacy of Jack Daniel's original master distiller was unknown for a century, shrouded in the South's slave-labor past.

Tired of the same old houses? Check out these more creative approaches to living.

There's a subtle way to rob a bank, and then there's a full-tilt, no-holds-barred way to rob a bank.

Women were vital to America's war effort during the 1940s, & the country's female pilots notched 60 million miles in the air proving it.

During the 9/11 attacks if it floated, it was needed. Half a million New Yorkers rescued by a Coast Guard-led fleet of tugboats and yachts.

You know their creations, but these inventors aren't proud of their handiwork.

Bored of soccer and hockey? Try out these more creative sports.

Forget math and physical education, try these much more unique subjects.

1980s cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar left Colombia with a long-lasting parting gift: the hippo.

If you don't mind severe burns, animal cruelty, concussion-by-cheese-wheel or even death then these high-risk festivals might be for you.

Japan's Glück Kingdom is an abandoned German-themed amusement park that mysteriously closed its gates 10 years ago.

Hair of the dog? Chugging raw eggs? Here's where cures for the dreaded hangover originated.

Watch out for these unusual medical conditions.

Larry Brilliant is a rock 'n' roll doctor whose epic journeys have lead him from Grateful Dead tours all the way to helping cure smallpox.

Some call it the Well to Hell, others say it's just plain deep. There's nothing else like it on Earth, but now we want to go even deeper.

These objects might not be quite as powerful as a locomotive, but they might be faster than the average cheetah.

China has a plan, & it's a doozy. It only involves trillions of dollars in potential spending & more than half the planet's population.

No one is supposed to like Adolf Hitler or the Nazis. His family didn't, which is why his nephew joined the US Navy to fight against him.

It's astounding what life will do to adapt and survive, no matter the environmental extremes it's surrounded by.

Can we bring the nuclear fusion power of the sun & stars to Planet Earth? The new documentary Let There Be Light follows the scientists who think we can.

They came, they saw, they kicked some serious Nazi ass. These amazing women all went beyond the call of duty in their fight for freedom.

54 men beat & kick one another senseless on a dirt field while fighting for a ball. Sound like fun to you? Check out Calcio Storico.

Are you into football? What about extreme ironing? These sports are certainly unusual.

We all know we need to be doing more about global warming, but the question is how exactly do we do that? Here's 10 ways we can start.


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