Root, root for the home team (even if they are women).

These bikes were made for popping a wheelie.

This church was one of the most popular places to get buried in Bohemia (modern-day Czechia).

These weapons might not have been effective, but they sure were....interesting.

These volcanic eruptions had a huge impact on human life.

Will you have what they're having?

These airport runways are more dangerous than most.

These rescues warm even the coldest hearts.

Fake news didn't start with the current American political administration.

These photos might look like they're of ordinary objects from far away, but up close they're actually full of people.

Artificial intelligence technology is making farming faster and more productive.

These perfect spheres might look carved out of rock or stone, but you won't believe what the secret ingredient really is.

This smooth operator's bedroom skills helped reinvigorate his species.

It'll be like that movie Passengers, but less creepy.

Your summer break can be hazardous to your health.

Are these trends a passion for fashion, or just plain weird?

The meaning of flipping someone the bird has changed since the era of the Romans.

The Stonewall Inn uprising, predominately headed by trans and queer people of color, kickstarted what we know today as 'Pride'.

Canada's not just about maple syrup and hockey.

Robots need love too, and you're going to love them.

Dogs didn't use to be one of the most beloved household pets.

Somewhere over the rainbow... the pride flag was born.

These old-wives tales persist to this day.

The 5,525 mile-long American-Canadian border is the longest in the world, but it isn't marked in the traditional way.

Would you want to live in this underground town?


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