Not all robots are bad.

Technology that allows us to travel time doesn't exist, but it might be possible according to theory. Famous scientist Albert Einstein theorized that time is relative depending how fast you travel. For example, the faster you move in space, the slower you move in time. But to travel a significant amount of time, you'd need to travel close to the speed of light...

New AI can make it look like anyone can say anything at any point in time, even if they would never say such things.

When alcohol reaches our liver to metabolize, it produces the highly toxic chemical acetaldehyde. Our bodies combat this with acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, a naturally ocurring enzyme. But drinking too much can overwhelm these enzymes, leading to a build up of acetaldehyde. This may result in a hangover, nausea, fatigue and even loss of intelligence.

Have you ever laughed at someone tripping, hurting or failing?

Finally, some good news for our Earth! According to a U.N. report, the hole in the Earth's ozone layer is healing and is expected to fully heal by the 2060s.

8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Researchers now suggest that microplastics, which have infiltrated the world's oceans and its organisms, appear to have infiltrated our insides as well.

You won't see any movies about it or hear many stories but India made massive contributions to WWI and WWII. In 1939, at the beginning of WWII, India's army had 200,000 men. By the end of the war, it reached 2.5 million soldiers, all of them were volunteers, making it the largest volunteer army ever.

Explore the these 10 extreme theme park rides that will give you one hell of a ride.

An artwork created by an algorithm sold for $432,500 at an auction. Does that mean AI is now creative?

More than 300 million people suffer from depression globally. Could this groundbreaking mental health programme in Zimbabwe be a solution for the rest of the world?

Interested in riding on the Titanic? Well, you might be able to do so soon.

Double, double, toil and trouble - these facts about witches might just put a spell on you.

Every year on November 11th we honor the brave men and women who have fought for and defended our freedom. This is why.

These mysteries still haven't been solved... spooky, right?

Cultural rituals vary around the world. Here are some notable, interesting practices.

This Floating Pipe Is Trying to Clean Up 90% of Ocean Debris by 2040

A natural disaster and a failed reconstruction led to this abandoned town.

Looking for a cold one? How about a beer made of bull testicles? These beverages might turn your stomach.

A simple gesture can be worth a thousand words. As NFL protests continue we look at sporting demonstrations that tried to make a difference.

People have left its physical mark on the planet, sometimes by accident but mostly on purpose-however destructive that purpose might be.

Thanks to some scraps of DNA and a lot of scientific ingenuity there's hope that some long-extinct creatures may walk the Earth again.

These inventors have made incredible contributions to science, industry and human life.

Smoking weed might be able to help you with some of these illnesses and maladies.

100 companies control the future of our world and environment as we know it.


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