Hint: read Revelations 2:9 & 3:9. Have they forgotten who it was that persecuted Jesus in the first place? Who slandered the Virgin Mary? Because it sure wasn't the Romans, nor the Amish or the Norwegians. Maybe it was the French Polynesians? Or the Eskimos? Dear Christians: set your head on straight.

What the Zionist media won't show you: the Godfather of Hezbollah, the half Iranian half Lebanese Shi'a Muslim scholar and philosopher Imam Musa Sadr is iconic for standing for Muslim-Christian unity in the face of the Zionist-engineered Lebanese Civil War. The stories of Imam Musa Sadr are so beautiful that to this day Lebanese Christians still have pictures of Imam Musa Sadr in their homes. In present day, Zionists are trying to engineer strife between Muslims and Christians globally so the example of Imam Musa Sadr is so important for the sake of peace and stability in the face of the Strategy of Tension that is part of the Zionist Clash of Civilizations agenda.

Imam Musa Sadr is the founder of Harakat Amal, otherwise known as the Movement of the Deprived, a socio-political movement and resistance organization in Lebanon. He sought to uplift the situation of Shiite Muslims, who were subject to abject poverty as well as discrimination, such as women being frequently violated by sectarian attackers. He also sought to prevent the rifts of the Lebanese Civil War by promoting Muslim-Christian unity, and Lebanese national unity. The only people whom he pointed a weapon at was the usurping Zionist invaders, as a legitimate and legal form of self-defense and resistance against the illegitimate Zionist entity.

This music video by Hamed Zamani is a rock song produced in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This song is not illegal because it doesn't promote Satanic values that dumb down the masses like the majority of music that comes from the West, such as the many rock artists directly influenced by Satanic black magician Aleister Crowley. Unlike rock musicians from (((secular liberal internationalist))) countries who say that "freedom" is having the human soul chained down by the desires of the stomach and private parts, Zamani maintains that REAL freedom is when we let go of worldly desires and annihilate our egos so that there is nothing left between our souls and God (a very deep spiritual concept of gnosis in Islam). Additionally, Zamani exposes the Dajjal (antichrist) system and the Illuminati by showing the shadowy evil villain wearing the one-eye pyramid symbol of the antichrist system. Additionally, the Zionist entity, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and the Saudi royal family are all exposed as masters of deception in the amazing cinematography that is found throughout the video. This song and video is sure to blow the mind of anyone who has been the victim of Zionist media brainwashing their whole lives. Video & Translation courtesy of Pure Stream Media.

Sayed Hasan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, speaks the plain truth about how Jesus would NOT be on the side of the modern day Pharisees, aka the illegitimate "Israeli" entity.

Christian Zionism is an oxymoron - anyone who reads The Bible knows that the Pharisees are the key evildoers at the time of Christ and they have zero to do with Moses or any of the holy prophets (they changed the words of the original Torah and slandered the image of the Israelite prophets by turning them into drunkards and adulterers). Historically accurate cinematic adaptations of Biblical history, from Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ to the Iranian films produced about Jesus and Mary, should be enough to warn followers of Christ (Christians and Muslims) about the nature of the Pharisees, that the majority of them are cursed and only a few from among them have let go of their twisted, arrogant, and racist worldview and converted to a more sane, non-racist religion like Islam or Christianity. Throughout the ages, there have always been a handful of Jews who have sincerely converted to Christianity or Islam and have served God and been a benefit to mankind rather than a hostile aggressor who is racist against all gentiles (aka "goyim"). How any Christian or Muslim can think that their salvation comes from Jews is completely irrational. Christianity and Islam both state that God's kingdom is open for all races and nations, whereas Judaism says it is exclusive only for one "chosen" race. Judaism isn't even the religion of the major Israelite prophets, the term only came about after Judea split from the rest of the tribes around the time of the death of Solomon when they broke God's covenant.

As Sheikh Yassin put it, the resistance does not engage with the "Israeli" enemy because they are Jews. We are not racists. The resistance resists the Zionists because they are land thieves, occupiers, and terrorists. If it was any other group doing the same thing, the resistance to them would be the same. However, outside of Palestine, our criticism of Jewish/Zionist global power is not a call to violence (resistance itself is not an act of violence, rather an act of self-defense) nor anything nefarious. Outside of occupied Palestine, our resistance is non-violent, cultural, and intellectual. For example, when it comes to the banker criminals, one course of action can be awakening the people to realize that usury is evil and then outlaw it. Such an awakening would be a bloodless revolution, and then the bankers can be stripped of their parasitic powers, be put on trial for economic crimes, and jailed accordingly. The Islamic Republic of Iran presents a perfect example: Jews exist in Iran, but they are not allowed to have positions in finance or in the media. Otherwise, they can live their lives normally and happily. They don't have the ability to use the media or finance as a weapon against "goyim." So they have no choice but to be good, peaceful neighbors to the rest of non-Jewish Iranians. If anti-Zionist Christians and anti-Zionist Muslims really were out to "kill all the Jews" as the Zionist media propaganda machine wants the world to believe, then how can Jews coexist in Iran? Clearly it has ZERO to do with Jewish ethnicity, and has to do with Jewish ideology and more importantly Jewish power. Without power, their racist ideology cannot be acted upon. The resistance has clearly stated that any Jewish person who can legitimately claim to be an indigenous Palestinian can stay in Palestine. The rest of the invaders must go back where they came from. Those who do decided to stay on stolen Palestinian land are militant, criminal occupiers.

This hip-hop track by Madd Cold dedicated to the resistant Syrian Arab Republic was so controversial that the Zionist lobby had it deleted off the internet. Salute to Syria and President Bashar al-Assad for defeating the US/"Israeli"/NATO/GCC-backed ISIS terrorists.

Stream & download this song for free at


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