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Mark shares a wonderful presentation about the designs he has created for sacred space, harmonising with the land using sacred geometry and energy work. How he came to be doing this work and how he can help us live in balance with the land.

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker and spiritual life coach, who has authored 7 paperback books, with others currently in writing and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/international conference speaker and global radio contributor.

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Adviser & Author
for Seekers of the truth on their journey

Kimberly talks about the Ascension, what it means.
Where our Soul comes from.
Jesus real name Yeshua and why.
Word magic.
Sound of Freedom film.
Non player characters.
Positive ET’s and much more.

Kimberley is a wealth of knowledge we covered a lot of ground in this conversation.

Sacha gives his thoughts on where we are in waking up to the corrupt governments and how we have to get out of the matrix.

Don't go to any business that is cashless and told of an example of madness in having to order by app.

The 5 Blue zones in the world where living to 100 and beyond healthily is commonplace. A state of mind as well as diet.

Attachments and entities and knowing how to protect ourselves.

Titan implosion distraction and Climate change!

Electric Cars, 15 minute cities.

Tel Lie Vision Hollywood, media.

Fires in Canada.

Mark Atwood , entrepreneur, poet, author, and truth seeker.
Jimmy Savile, the Beatles, Peter, Sutcliffe, Uri Geller, Frank, Bruno, Mike Read.
The link with all of them paedophilia.
Why are Truthers turning on Truthers? Mark speaks about his book and the poem in it that relates to this.
Trump was in Ireland recently and Marc met him.
Dinar, dong and Zim , we cannot wait for the RV, you cannot put your life on hold. We have to live now.
Agendas in every movie, the CIA made the name conspiracy theory.
All television is mind, control, and desensitising us to violence, horror and sex.
Mark shows the trailer to his new film that will be coming out shortly.

Arise humanity. Musician, author, artist, truth seeker. Medyhne Labachen talking with Jackie White

We talk about the moon, is it real? A whole conversation about the moon, being a control, mechanism for nefarious purposes. It was placed there as part of our learning experience, we needed it to help us look at our shadow self. We don’t need it anymore. What we see now is a hologram. The light is so bright now we are going towards having two Suns .

Expanding our understanding and new energies for the loving new world. We need to work on ourselvesstill if we are triggered there is still things that need to be healed within us and there are things to be healed within us all.

A conversation about Princess Diana with a picture shared byMedyhne .

Ho’oponopono and how that can help our mental health. The highest level of spirituality is non attachment.

Medyhne has now fasted for five days, letting go of any attachment to food for emotional purpose, it holds you back. Fasting is spiritual mastery and growth for our evolution..

Your Symptoms Are The KEY To Your Holistic Health
In this presentation, Loulou James explains how symptoms of all descriptions are ALWAYS messengers sign-posting us to health in body, mind and spirit.
The more we understand this, she says, the better we can approach our aches and pains with a mindset that is free of fear and more conducive to supporting healing within the body.
Loulou is an intuitive and highly experienced physiotherapist and a long-term student of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching which has its roots in German New Medicine. She is also the designer of the Buttafly and the Buttafly Technique which is changing lives with its unique application for posture correction and back pain relief

Loulou: I first came across Lifestyle Prescriptions (or META Health as it was branded then) in 2013 just as I was leaving for France on sabbatical.
I remember being really bummed! Here was something that spoke so much sense and seemed to provide all the unanswered questions from my career as a physio… But, argghhh, I didn’t want to do any more study! I’d really had ENOUGH!
But you can’t put a good thing down, as they say and as I was unwittingly developing the Buttafly Technique, it became important for me to understand the emotional connections of back pain. When people have a positive response to the Buttafly Technique the first thing they ask is, “Will this cure my back pain?”
I wanted to be 💯 per cent honest… The truth is, all symptoms are a combination of body, mind, social, and spiritual.
What I love about Lifestyle Prescriptions is that it’s specific and takes the guesswork out of health concerns. All the answers are there, we just need to know where to look.
If you would like help with your back pain, I offer an entirely different approach. If you want conventional physiotherapy, I’m not your woman.
If you want a holistic approach, understanding how the mind affects the body is a helpful first step. I welcome this invitation from Jackie White

Jackie White talking about the various Inspirations events have done over the years. She also reads a story All Good Things from Chicken Soup for the Soul by Helen P Mrosla.

Professor Dolores Cahill and Edward Fitzgerald are great friends and Dolores has been a great advocate for Edward’s new EBook Smoke and Mirrors

How they met, why Dolores could not interview back in September 2022.

Dolores talked about Natural law and out rights.

Both Edward and Dolores are part of the World Freedom Alliance and working behind the scenes for the good of humanity.

Sacha is working closely with a company that by the end of April will be able to provide a solution/remedy for any one affected adversely by any pharmaceutical intervention people were coerced or manipulated in to taking.

We will speak again when it is available and find out more.

The emergency phone alert supposed to be coming to everyone on April 23rd 2023 … turn your phone off for the day.

The new Quantum Financial System that went live in 200 Countries on Monday of this week.

A beautiful writing that Sacha wrote this week with an explanation.

How we need to tune into ourselves now into nature away from technology as much as possible.

Work with our communities be a part of our beautiful living Earth.

In this talk Veda answers many questions about the Intelligence of Water.

The Quantum intelligence, and use within healing.
The possibility of creating structures 100’s of years ago using sound and water.
How to magnetize water and the benefit.
The relationship of salt with water and the various salts.
Different experiments with water although Veda prefers to say relationships with water rather than experiments water is too sacred to be experimented with.
The significance of humans being such a large % water.
The possibility of flat earth as water does not bend and the possibility of an ice wall around the earth.

Veda shares a profound and very personal experience when she was young that may have an impact on her work today.

Sacha sharing some of the photo's of where he has been recently and the contrast of wealth and poverty.

Humanitarian projects, finance, redistribution of wealth or not? The banking system and what for pensioners.

School systems draconian way of indoctrinating our young souls in things we don't honestly know is true and will not help them in life and has been like that for 150 years now.

Isabel Oakeshott Matt Hancock and the telegraph revelations.

Government collapsing, how Charles should never be king...

Energy prices and profits... and more.

This is the first interview after Edward's E book was available from Tuesday February 28th 2023

In June 2011, Edward sustained a traumatic brain injury during a yacht race (one of his passions).

During the subsequent recovery period under neurologists and counsellors, was told that "you are going through a period of bereavement for the loss

of your memory and other capabilities, you need to come to terms with the fact that your international consulting activities are no longer a reality".

Edward was incensed enough to vow he would come back 110% better than he was before.

His book is not just a book it is a call to action, the amount of research Edward has put into this is incredible.

I urge anyone to share this with friends, his e-book is £2.22 through this link:

Professor Dolores Cahill a good friend of Edward's has written the forward for the book and Edwards talks about how he met Dolores.

. In the first chapter it explains there are three ways to hold the Monarch and a rogue or tyrannical Parliament and or Government to account.

Edward explains why the text in the book written completely in purple.

There is so much information shared in this video and so grateful to Edward for all the effort he has put into this.

In this presentation Veda explains how she became so interested in the Secret Intelligence of Water.

Who has influenced her work and inspired her, the incredible results showing some beautiful images she has captured over the years.

Veda now shares her work in schools and through her workshops.

Explains how many give tap water a bad name when actually it is our life giving force that is taken so for granted

and if we give love and thanks for all Water we come into contact with it will respond.

Never before have we begun to think about how intelligent water really is and our thoughts of love and gratitude while drinking it can make such a huge difference

in our body and our life.

Veda is joining us again on March 20th at 7pm live to Inspirations PLG Facebook page which is March 21st for Veda in New Zealand 8am

There will be lots of questions answered for the next talk with Veda.

Ian Leahy speaks with Jackie White about Flat Earth and why some people think we live in a Torodal shape earth.
Ian also explains about the Moon Landing from all evidence he has found.

Surrender to what is
Clearing heart-based meditation for 2023

Wonderful to speak with Diana Cooper today seeing she is in such good health after the few months she has experienced.

Diana wanted to thank every one so much for all the Love and healing sent during the time in hospital.

She talks of all the help she had from her guides and helpers, the upgrades she went through whilst in hospital and just has such a positive outlook on life our future it is a very uplifting message Diana is sharing with us.

Thank you to everyone for their care and concern.

Sam is a Natural Health & Wellbeing Consultant (specialising in bio-photon and energy re-alignment)

Sam Cooper is an expert in the field of psycho-spiritual development and bio-energetic healing with more than 25 years of experience. Sam’s passion for ‘what really makes us tick’ has fuelled her own extraordinary journey and led her to professionally train in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching, psychotherapeutic counselling, hypnotherapy, and anatomy and physiology.

In addition, Sam’s training as a Master Healer over the course of many years culminated in 2012, when she underwent a powerful transformation during which she experienced the absolute and true nature of reality. As a wellbeing expert, Sam has an enriched combination of skills to optimise mind, body and spirit and with the formidable addition of the bio-photon re-alignment mirrors, she uses a form of kinesiology to communicate with the body in a powerful and insightful way, whilst teaching others how to do the same.

Sam’s research has led her to some profound discoveries some of which she shares in her sessions. She believes, that each and every one of us can tap into that innate wisdom and access our true potential in order to optimise health and wellbeing no matter what our outer reality reflects.

This exclusive treatment is part of Dr Jung’s “Wellness Protocol” which maximises the healing process before or after dental surgery. In addition, those interested in supporting their health and wellbeing through light, frequency and optimisation of Self may also apply.

Dawn Lester and David Parker authors of What Really Makes You Ill.

10 years of research that went in to their book.
We talk about how the book came in to being.
There is no such thing as Covid, why we get a cold. Where has the flu gone.
Chemical Trails, EMF's, 5G connection to illness, high blood pressure.
Is there such a thing as shedding. Sexual intercourse vaxed and unvaxed, blood transfusions vaxed and unvaxed and more.

High vibration giving focus to our future we are creating.

What’s happening energetically currently and all the physical symptoms being experienced by sensitive people and a workshop Paul is holding in the New Year for opportunities to ride the waves of change and activate/step into the next higher version of you …

Your viewers are likely to be lighthouses of clarity and strength as things fall apart for the masses so it’s recognising that and preparing ourselves etc.
Also models of Unity consciousness in community community groups and Assemblies will become more important to engage with and support - so a different and higher vibe infrastructure can emerge from the government collapses and general disarray.
Personal liberation and community liberation journeys are coming together to offer in the new year on both personal and community level.

Dr Elmer Jung Holistic Dentist Southampton

Talking about how he became an holistic dentist his practise, the devastating consequences of toxins such as Floride, Mercury and dental cavitation, and best practice for our whole self.

Each tooth relates to an organ in our body so if you have decay in one tooth they can get a good idea of what needs to be looked at within the body.

They do that with their Bio Photon Practise incorporating Kinesiology, the Emotion Code and other holistic practises.

What sugar is
Why we crave sugary things
What sugar does to in our body
Why we need to avoid artificial sweeteners
Fizzy drinks
34 million diabetes in US alone
May 2021 4.9 million in uk reported
Effects on the brain, Teeth, Health, Body
Mood swings, hormones, Inflammation
Rheumatism, Skin Acne, Sweetners, Honey, Coconut sugar

As a follow up, here is the link for the slides and bonus bits:

Liberating yourself of any controlling or bullying energies is essential in these times.

The world and everything around us is changing so quickly that we have updated this workshop to give you more help and support.

The essence of the workshop remains the same, we will focus on clearing and healing what prevents you from being able to stand in your power.

We are all born with the ability to be strong, true to our pure selves and to stand in our power, the aim of this workshop is to help you to come back to that, your true, liberated, free and empowered self.

During this workshop we will –

– Explore what prevents you being and feeling liberated.
– Investigate emotions that hold you back.
– Give a healing session to release old patterns and emotions.
– Offer down to earth and practical tips for standing in your power.
– Give exercises to strengthen boundaries.
– Practice a meditation to reconnect you to your core self.
– Make time for a Question and Answer session.
– Give you take away tools for support in daily life.

Online workshop hosted by Jackie White of Positive Inspirations Group with Elizabeth Williams and Debs Atkinson.

Jackie & Michael speak about Soul Families, walk-ins, veil of amnesia, 13 months of the year, Amazing buildings such as the Taj Mahal and how they came into being, False Matrix, Crop circles and Royalty.


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