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A reporter on Friday challenged Press Secretary Jen Psaki on not releasing breakthrough Covid cases among White House staffers.
“Why not just provide the number? Are you trying to hide something?” the reporter said.
The Biden White House won’t release this information because it goes against their narrative that this is a “pandemic of unvaccinated people.”

UK gov yesterday ordered 3 billion pounds worth of ANTI BLLODCLOT MEDICINE
Clearly the vaccines aren't as safe and effective as they say!

Still about the virus??

This is hard to watch

Bee's are dropping dead but they aren't the only ones, whole herds of 18 elephants and 50 cows, billions of fish, hundreds of dolphins and turtles, that doesn't include the millions of birds being culled for "bird flu". They are killing off our food supply. All in the last 6 months!


Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades, assured on Monday that the state will show no tolerance after an attack on Sunday night against the offices of DIAS media group that saw the property trashed and cars set on fire.

In statements to the media during a visit to DIAS premises, where he was informed about the situation and inspected the damage, Anastasiades said he was appalled by what he saw, noting that such actions bring Cyprus back to the pre-1974 situation.

His visit took place prior to a meeting at the Presidential Palace to discuss the attack

Dr’s were paid to put COVID on death certs to pump up the numbers and scare people into taking the vaccine! 94% died from other causes.

I have finally learnt what fake news is..

17 pilots dead. They escaped the "first wave" but died in the second... after jabs!

A compilation of lockdown/vaccine protests!

protest london 19th july

Were Doing This For You Too!

The gov has been sued in a lawsuit in America and the true figures have been released.. breath taking

spitting red pills!

The COVID Variants are all named after Brain Waves. Alpha, Delta, Beta and Gamma. There is a fifth brain wave too Theta. Brain waves all have different functions and effect the human body, from relaxed to fight or flight!
Are the variants actually the manipulated brain frequencies being used on the public?
In the UK we have had Alpha and Delta. Both relaxed and subdued brain states (brain fog, long covid) but in South Africa they have Beta (beta brain wave) which is a high state of alert! Staying in the Beta wave for too long without retreating to Alpha or Delta causes psychosis, anxiety, irritibility and violence! And Africa are currently rioting... is that why?
Would we even suspect this of Africa? Africa always riot, right?
The Delta is apparently more transmissable... more people are vaccinated that is why... they are being hit with the delta frequency.
I am interested to know if anyone else thinks this could be what we are seeing.

Scary this.

Doug Logan then went on to display examples of several ballots on wrong paper stock.

Jovan Pulitzer posted the image of the off-track ballots.

The Arizona Audit Team was escorted from the Senate Audit Hearing on Thursday following their testimony.
The team has received several threats from disgruntled leftists since the start of the historic audit process.

Audit expert Doug Logan noted that the auditors reported that there were 74,000 ballots that were received and included in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County that were never mailed out.

10k spaces in each one. This is macabre.

Door knockers have been trained to withhold vaccine injuries and death info, as well as how to lie to get onto private property!

This just turned my stomach! This poor baby is being latched onto to a mans breast! This is child abuse!!!
⁣Determined to shove their depravity down the throat of their newborn, both literally and figuratively, the mentally ill new parents express dismay at not being able to breastfeed their baby naturally. In hindsight maybe “dad” should’ve kept his breasts when he decided to keep his uterus. Just a thought.
⁣The new parents have refused to accept identification documents for their newborn baby because it would require the female who gave birth (wearing glasses) to be listed as the mother and not the male (black hair, pretending to breastfeed) who did not give birth.


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