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World first... She might be shocked but we aren't! How did it get there I wonder?
Woman's symptoms were brain fog and depression...

#lahaina #fire #corruption
#lahaina #fire #corruption #maui

Why is anyone still listening to him when he literally flaunts being one of them right in their faces??

Number of dead still hasn't moved from 115 in a week!
California fire captain said "there are no missing. They are all dead, not missing. No firefighters have been allowed to investigate, the gov are hiding something"

I uploaded a video called the science of a pole shift a couple of months ago which pointed out how governments were aware of the Pole Shift and preparing for it. China built complete cities with offices, schools, hospitals, government buildings inland. This is because after the Pole Shift places like Beijing will be under water.
China has now given Beijing businesses 3 months to move to the Ghost cities. They have given no consultation just demanded the move must happen!
No government is going to give us a truthful warning. If they did the world would descend into chaos. But they are certainly making moves to prepare like evacuating their capital cities. Egypt is evacuating Cairo (which will also be under water after the pole shift) and moving it inland.

Short Story on my MI5 application.
Questions they asked.
Instructions on recruiting process.
Denouncing Dual Citizenship

Extension on yesterdays video and how they are going to make being homeless illegal and send you to homeless (quarantine) camps if you do not comply with all this trans non sense, satanic religion, vaccinating yourself or your children etc. Trump and Desantis are both pro quarantine camps with Desantis signing legislation to send people to camps and Trump openly staying he will send the homeless to camps. Very soon the majority of us will be homeless or at risk of homelessness automatically making us criminals.

I heard Trump say this a while ago and thought at the time he’s a snake. But they are ALL snakes trying to achieve the same goal, get us in those concentration camp prisons!

It gets worse. Very soon they are going to either crash the economy or raise interest rates so high you can no longer afford rent or mortgage, losing your home. They will own everything and if you don't behave and do everything they ask like vaccinating your children, you will be evicted and are now a criminal (homeless is illegal). They will take your children away from you.
They are giving you no choice but to do it because camping or caravaning is now illegal too.

I know a lot of people have been adding the dots to this so this is just another piece of the puzzle…
We know how the Freemasons like to put their symbolism into anything they do

Smart clouds are made from Graphene and Nano particles sprayed via chemtrailing. When stimulated they form smart clouds. These clouds then block certain areas of the sky and sun. They can also emit light, emulating sunlight.

As if we don't already have tons of evidence this is satanic... like we said, they are taking souls and replacing them with demons.

Zeta Talk on Pole Shift
Informative videos in 3 parts

lol true though.

absolutely terrible news.
But a pattern is emerging on which people are getting sick and dying in Hollywood after jab. It is the ones who wont sign up to their bullshit like, Jamie, meatloaf, Ray Liotta, Justin Beiber. They aren't in the cult of hollywood

An interesting video I had never seen before.
All the planets in our solar system are showing signs of distress not just earth with all the powerful storms.
Something is happening and the warning signs are being ignored by us.

Simulator is created by Graphene and Nano particles from chemtrailing, stimulated by voltage to form a structure that effectively cloaks the sky, but can also emit different light colours, white, yellow, red, blue, green, purple and red.

I love Polish people. They are who you would want immigrants to be!

Taken from Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
Hopefully enough people are awake now to the government and how corrupt they have always been, how little value human life has to these monsters and the people who died on 9/11 finally get justice.

I hadn't seen this before but its happening everywhere

Close up of the nano clouds forming the structure and showing the nano clouds moving in all different directions at the same time.

The camera I filmed here froze from 3:53 til 6:32 (sunrise) but I filmed from then onwards and caught some interesting footage. It is hard to film the simulator because nano clouds move a lot faster than normal clouds do, it is hard to see the simulator form in white clouds, and the amount of time it takes to form is a problem too. I film hours then cut that down and speed it up to see it. But I did manage to get some footage of the circles of the simulator which is hard to describe to somebody who hasn't seen it. I have been searching for something I could use in comparison the closest I found was the stargate portal but it isn't that and I don't want to mislead anybody. I did manage to find something yesterday, completely by accident and I was gobsmacked at where I saw it (but not entirely surprised as this person is not alien to this subject). It was almost exactly what I see in the sky. I will put it in my next video.
These structures are man made. It isn't possible for them to naturally occur and they appear in skies all over the world everyday, no matter what climate the country has. We don't all get the same climate so how can we have the same skies?
The implications of this is scary. They are blocking out natural sunlight. We are going to get sick, so are the animals, sealife and plants.

The white "cloud" is going behind the blue sky not floating across it. The edges are crinkled and bubbling, it is not the sky! The white cloud is a huge light source not a cloud and it fills the entire sky! The chem trails spraying different colours blue, white, yellow, red, purple... then acts with the graphene and nano particles to create a "cloak" in the sky. Birds fly through this blue sky leaving holes in it!

A truly terrifying description of what to expect during the Pole Shift but also how you can prepare yourself and your family for it.


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