how likely is it that 4 Pilots died of natural causes... it was the jab!

Jimmy talks of his reaction and other people he knows who are suffering too

Andrew Neil shows the true figures not the government’s

Finnish MP tells them we are killing people

Nurse punished for speaking out against vaccines

They can use serious injury or death say the FDA the tests are being used on children in UK schools

Tucker Carlson speaks with 2 victims of the mRNA gene therapy shots June 16, 2021.

Communists terrorists working within our borders BLM

After they said no one would have access to the app!

Why WIFI Will Be Tracking You In 2024

Dr Ros Jones (retired Consultant Paediatrician) talks to Rev Dr William Philip (Senior Minister and former medical doctor) and Rev Dr Jamie Franklin (church minister).

MP confronting parliament over the ridiculous lockdown and Boris betrayal

Dr explains how their spike protein can effect you

This is so disgusting how many people hid this and cost people their lives!

This is what they want to do

If the vaccine works why do we need to take it? If your worried then it doesnt work so why did you take it?

When anyone asks why I am not vaccinated

The UK is fine yet they lock us down again.. this isn't about covid! wake up

The FBI are the real domestic terrorists

Partying UK ignore ridiculous lockdown rules chant FUCK BORIS!

Ex Nurse took a vaccine, had a stroke. Warned his family to not take it but they did and two have injuries.

Gemma: Tens of thousands dead, millions injured by vaccines. People in need are not being helped like cancer patients.

Matt Fucking Hancock has shares in A GENOME SEQUENCING LAB !! FFS and they are allowing him to push vaccines! NO CONFLICT OF FUCKING INTEREST???

This is why people are having heart attacks and serious heart problems like myocarditis causing death


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