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White flight is a VERY interesting topic. I wanted to talk a bit about white flight and how it inhibits white racial consciousness.

I also took this opportunity to springboard into spreading white racial consciousness by reframing it as spreading mental "seeds." By assessing who is open to seeds, what seeds are best for them, and considering follow up and eventual adoption of these ideas to be only optional, we can spread ideas in a way that feels more rewarding. A seed is success. This can help prevent frustration or defeatism among us.

A video letter to my people.

This is an entry to the Kindred Creators competition

I hope that this video is able to sway a few opinions. But I think the way I worded it is only likely to have am impact on someone already somewhat open to some of these ideas, rather than someone who is holding a view that is completely opposed to it and is only willing to project evil intentions on all opposition voices. But then, how do you ever reach out to those people? Especially with a 5 minute video. So if you know someone who you feel is kind of open to these ideas, but needs a push, link them this and see how it does.

If you give this to an American White, you may need to dispel some myths about the the United States if they believe the founding fathers intended it to be some sort of multicultural mixing pot. I plan on making a video about that at some point. For now I would suggest something like:

Pretty much anything by Jared Taylor on the subject is likely to dispel the lies that persist in some people's heads.

I use only public domain images and music within this video.

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How exactly is the racial nationalism of non-white groups treated in America?
To anyone without their head in the sand can tell that non-whites have racial nationalism viewpoints far exceeding whites.

And the way they are treated is very very different from white people. I thought it would be interesting to talk about.

Credit for comics, Stonetoss:

The very essence of law and order is eroding at a rapid pace. The idea of nobody being above the law and everyone treated fairly, that is so dear to western ideals about justice, is being left by the way-side.

We're told more and more that law and punishment needs to be contextual. And if someone is getting punished more than someone else, then it's oppression.
This has to stop.

Two studies mentioned:
The Determinants of Deadly Force: A Structural Analysis of Police Violence
The Reverse Racism Effect

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The conversations on the internet are more anti-free-speech than I've ever seen. I felt like I had to weigh in. The deletion of youtube channels, the destruction of all content that expresses certain 'forbidden views' is the modern version of book burning.

And of course, when you start looking at the the concepts behind "hate speech" it is only natural you see these are the same concepts behind "hate crimes." It's all bad.

If you think I made good arguments for free speech, link this video to your friends who need to be won over to the free speech side of things!

Hello, everybody!

I'm no fan of diversity. But every single day we hear how great it is. But then the people who laud diversity seem to avoid it themselves. Odd, right? It's time to stop fighting for diversity and instead push for separatism. I would hate to live in a world where Sweden isn't Swedish, where Arabia isn't Arabic, and Korea isn't Korean. But 1 out of those 3 seems to be pretty controversial.

Talking about these issues has been really interesting to me. It wasn't that long ago that having conversations about race-mixing, diversity or multiculturalism could be had and everyone was allowed to be heard. But some things today are simply 'not allowed' to be discussed. There are too many 'illegal opinions in the minds of thought criminals. I want my next video to be on the topic of free speech. I hope to see all you thought criminals there.

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While the national and international news is fairly unlikely to report how many of these fake hate crimes go on constantly, many local news sources do. Pretty much all the examples in my video, besides the Canadian one and the Jussie Smollett case referenced in the comic come from local news.

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In a previous video, someone commented a quote from Muhammad Ali. I decided to use a bunch of him in this video, speaking about an issue Ali was passionate about - miscegenation, or race mixing. It's shocking how quickly the entire established and "correct" view of race mixing has so radically shifted in just a few decades. It used to be nothing like this -- it used to be much more sane.

image on miscegenation laws created by wikipedia user Certes CC 3.0

Intimate Partner Violence in Interracial Relationships
Douglas A Brownridge

Are Multiracial Adolescents at Greater Risk? Comparisons of Rates, Patterns, and Correlates of Substance Use and Violence Between Monoracial and Multiracial Adolescents
Yoonsun Choi

Spousal homicide data is FBI UCR SHR 2003 to 2007

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I didn't laugh as much in this one. Next one I'll make more funny, I think. It's better to laugh when we tackle these difficult issues.

Sweet iceberg image is by Uwe Kils (, taken from Wikimedia Commons, under CC BY-SA 3.0
brain images from study Limbic Justice—Amygdala Involvement in Immediate Rejection in the Ultimatum Game
Another great comic in this video from from

Most images either public domain or used from pexels.

I hope we can all find a little bit of time to laugh at the modern world. It's a pretty depressing place if you can't see some humor in the absurdity.


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