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This is a stream highlight from my Saturday gaming stream

I wanted to talk about Sowell's commentary on the bell curve. Sowell's obviously a smart guy, but he's presenting a very odd idea that I can't help but feel comes out of his unique life situation as being born in some other ethne's society.

And I felt this conversation hitched up pretty well with John Cleese's comments he made years ago about London. His comments were entirely reasonable. I've been very pleased to have been to England and experience the English people, been to Japan and experienced the Japanese people, been to India and experienced the Indian people, etc. It would be a shame to see all of this destroyed thru increasingly globalized mass migration. But the countries most under threat are white countries, as our leadership actively holds contempt for the founding white populations.

What have I been talking about on stream? Well, partly pushing back against ideas of human genetic populations as blank slates that can all be driven into the same monoculture, or as unblank slates that should or can forced into it via 'equity.'

The inputs are different but so are the biological organisms translating that input into output.

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I stream twice a week, this a highlight from one of the streams I had on Saturday, Feb 5.

I'm so tired of the weak ineffectual responses to hateful statements against the truckers and protestors of the freedom convoy. So I wanted to lay it out in a way people would understand.

Anti-whites are not just goofy people who have a small misunderstanding. Anti-whites ultimately advocate for or downplay the victimization of whites. The blood is on their hands.

Technological uplifting and pride in your ancestors? This is a crazy video. My take: an organisms should not be given technology that wasn't developed by itself or its close genetic kin. But if your close genetic kin have developed something, and you have made contributions to the conditions needed for your kin to make that development... And if you continue a genetic tradition of upholding those standards...

You get some bragging rights.

"Racist" is an anti-white slur. It works as a weapon against white people. It's used directly, and the threat of using it, to get white people will kneel, bow down, or do just about anything. No one else is swayed by this word in this way. It's time for white people to stop attributing power to that word, and stop being desperate to prove yourself to anti-whites who hate you.

Personally I believe race is pre-political. Which is why I have a video about that. I am not a fascist, and I'm not really interested in defending fascists or fascism as a political ideology or movement. While I do have explicit views on economic, monetary, and other political policies, I don't talk about it much because I think it's all sort of secondary.

Now in this game, if the gamer speaks out against communism or say anything about race the devs don't like, they'll pin the gamer as a "fascist." And then once they've got that pinned on them, it's time to tell the gamer that... they only think those things because they hate women? lol

It's a bizarre element, to say the least.

Societal narratives, the popular context by which everything is interpreted, are understood implicitly to be important. But they're underestimated. They're far more important than people think. And the common narrative of today is far more anti-white than most people realize as well.

I think using facts and evidence is critical. I think bringing up statistics is important. But we must understand that some people really don't use facts at all to come to their conclusions. When that time comes, it's time to call them by what they really are.

image of cousin marriage is here:
A derivative work by The RedBurn
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

The fabled libertarian to alt-right pipeline!. Race has been more common in politics. For the left race is opression narratives. For the right, race is biology, heritability and genetics. And of course then you got the civnats and centrists doing what they can to close their ears to all the race talk and ignore it all.

Mass immigration is a tool of establishment authoritarians.

The Hoppe talk is published by "Property and Freedom Society" here
Comic by JinjerZilla

A short one, to the point. We are kin, and must look after each other. If we don't, no one else will.

This is a follow up to my video on assimilation, "Assimilation is a Joke."
In that video I put forth the idea that the conception most people have about historic immigrant assimilation to the USA is incorrect. Rather than immigrants choosing to become like Americans over time, instead, the ones who didn't fit in just left. That makes their group average more like America, but not because individuals are choosing to become a different sort of person. If we say past groups have 'assimilated,' then assimilation is the process by which those groups permit the individuals within their group who don't belong in the country go back home.

This also ties into what group averages are. In my video 'Physiognomy is real!" I use the term "biospirit" to describe that group disposition. It's important to use this word, because this concept itself is critical. And having a word for a complex concept can help to make sure it's not overlooked.

Hey guys, lots of ideas presented in this one. And I chose to introduce a couple terms that need to become more popular as well as the underlying concepts:
White Erasure

Here's that video on doppelgangers:

Hey guys, I've been streaming Fallout: New Vegas with American Krogan on wednesdays, 7PM EST. Just wanted to give you a clip of the kind of thing I talk about.

Hey all.

I saw some of these videos on social media. People saying their babies are gay. Parents pushing their kids to be trans. It's heartbreaking.

These parents are desperate to ~signal~ to the world. And while this signaling is couched in the language of acceptance, it's not. And some children will find out the brutal truth, that they weren't accepted.

Every clip in this video is either public domain or fair use for the purpose of commentary.

Hey guys. Some of us have talked section 230 to death over the last year or so. But some of my viewers say they don't know much about it.

So I spoke into a microphone for a few minutes and did very little editing, just to give a quick two cents on this 230 issue.

Heya all. I wanted to give a really basic run down for how these terms are being used, because they're becoming more and more important.

BLM wesbite archive:
Smithsonian, scroll down for the image on whiteness and white culture:
wikipedia telling us what white supremacy is:
White supremacy pyramid:

The color of crime

Want to see what you're missing out on? Well here it is!

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Hey guys, I'm streaming games 2 days a week.
Wednesday 7PM eastern US for analysis of games with American Krogan.
Saturday 3PM eastern US for fun with white positive content creators.

Q: Hey Embargo, if a non-white group starts voting republican does that disprove scientific evidence for the heritability of political views?
A: No.

Q: Well, then is it a good thing for white people?
A: No. The shuffling a party politics doesn't look like it will benefit us, if it even happens.

Q: But political parties are really an expression of the genetics of the people who control them, not the voting base. So does any of this really matter?
A: You're right, it's an expression of the people who control them as they work within the bounds of not trying to tick off their voting base too much. So the voting base represents some amount of boundaries on the actions of the controllers. And with the change in racial makeup, the boundaries will change.

Hey guys,

I sit around in my clay wine jar and I think. And I think and I think. And sometimes some pretty goofy ideas come to the surface. And most of them don't get made into videos, they just stay with me in my jar.

But this one I thought I would share with you. I was going to include more about myths and stories that are passed down thru the ages, and the importance and use of them even if they are fiction -- but I wanted to keep this short and low-effort. My views on those just didn't make it into the video. I'll keep it super short and simply tell you, yes, those stories are worth more than just modern random fiction.

Weird video, right? Hope you found it interesting anyway.

I want to thank American Krogan for joining me on stream today.

For those of you who don't know, I'm trying to get some in the right-wing and WHITE+POSITIVE to come play video games with me, as part of a humanizing mission.
Maybe the next time someone reads online that such-and-such a person is "evil" and they decide to search us up, one of the things they might find is... just us being normal people. Not always involved in some long discussion or dumping data and information about some topic or another.

If you know a content creator that might be interested, tell them to contact me!

Also, thanks to everyone who came to watch on dlive and twitch today.
I'm still working to try and figure out the audio and everything! I appreciate the help.

Heya guys, another short one. It appears as if fear is becoming a bigger component of the political struggle for some people. I thought I would at least point it out.

Like I said in the video, if you want to download and mirror something I've created, go ahead. Just be honest and let people know it's a mirror and that you're not me.

Hey guys,

I wanted to talk a little bit about genes and environment, and hopefully bring a couple ideas to the table that I see some people ignoring. The main one, simply, is that the environment was shaped by genes as well. And that groups of people create unique environments. For example, the Swedes create a sort of Swedish environment that other groups simply don't create. The Italians don't create the same environment as Swedes. They both create nice environments, or at least can be nice environments. But they're not the same, and we shouldn't expect that they could or should create the environment the other group creates.

The socioeconomic status of your parents matters -- even if they're not the ones to raise you, lol.
Because it's the socioeconomic status of your blood.

Heya, just wanted to talk to you guys about a couple things.

Have you seen this video on the founding fathers?

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