Part 4 - John Todd - Freemasonry the Occult - Worshipping Lucifer - Catholic Church - Adolf Hitler Catholic

Part 3 - Death of Lenin - Ukrainian Holodomor - (Millions of “Ukrainians” were Germans who built the Russian Bread Basket) Walter Duranty - Weimar Republic was hidden Communist - Ukrainia is destroyed - Purge of Ukrainians - Rescue of the Ukrainian Germans by the German Wehrmacht

Book - The Jewish Peril
Pt. 2 - Germany 1919 - [Hundreds of Thousands of Germans also took their lives; 2 Million starved to death by the British food blockade] - Jews convinced 6 Million Germans to become Communists. [The battles between the Communists and the National Germans were long and costly over the years. Thousands of Germans of the Freikorps lost their lives; many were murdered. The shooting of the Raeter Republik Communists was very well justified. Jew Communists Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg had declared they wanted to turn Germany into another Soviet Union. Russia: Millions of Germans from the Volga River, Ukraine, Crimea are put on trains and dropped on the bare Steppe in Siberia - others were put into the Gulag] - Protokols of the Elders of Zion - French Revolution

Part 1 - Monarchies of Austria, Germany and Russia destroyed by the Jews - Hungarian Jewish Revolution - German Jewish Revolution - Rosa Luxemburg - Lenin - Adolf Hitler, Catholic, leader of the German people - Adolf Hitler for the freedom of Germany and the people of Europe

Monika has been released from prison after a trial in October 2018

Around 2013 - CORRECTION! In the beginning, the translation is not quite correct. It should say:
You probably think that it’s rather remarkable that I pose this question. Why do I, since the Holocaust is known to be self-evident, after all? (Then slightly facetiously with the tone of voice:) Everyone knows that six million Jews were to have been gassed (indicating an assumption). She does NOT AFFIRM that six million Jews have been gassed.
Frau Haverbeck - now 90 - is currently (2018) serving a 2 years prison sentence in Germany for her historical opinion based on facts and scientific research. The devil has a grip on our governments in the West (and East, etc.) In America, the Jew is working on taking our free speech away as well. Singular people have already been prosecuted.

Ernst Zundel interviewed by Israeli.

Ernst shows the ugly and devious literature that has been put out for decades in the West to debase the German people given to the children totally inundating the thinking of generations with hate against the Germans WITH LIES AND DEFAMATION BASED ON NOTHING BUT JEWISH AND THEIR MINIONS' SEXUALLY PERVERTED AND OTHERWISE DEVIOUS MINDS. The Demonstrations against him for speaking the truth are taking place in Canada.

Attacks by the Americans on German ships in open waters against the Geneva convention, starting in 1939 and so much war mongering by Roosevelt.

Be sure to watch part 2 as it gives you information on the many attacks of the U.S. military on Germany before Dec. 11, 1941. Roosevelt forces several countries into compliance against Germany by blocking their finances.

A helpful overview for newcomers.

Wie immer, trifft Alfred den Nagel auf den Kopf. Deswegen hat man ihn ins Gefaengnis gesperrt um ihn mundtot zu machen und ihn durch Strafgelder zu berauben.

The Jew-Run German courts are full of deception and injustice when it comes to the Jews, and are not abiding by the constitution. They even say "truth does not matter" and "the Holocaust is obvious because it happened." One can bring perhaps scientific proof that it did not happen, but, nevertheless, the deposition does not count. Is not accepted. Is always rejected at the end. It might even bring further charges of "instigation to hate." America, it will be coming to us, too.


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