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Music studio under construction. This Film and usic Production Studio is powered by Alternative Energies such as Wind, Solar And in Rare cases Fuel.

Remind music studio I created two walls with stucco to appear to be cement so that I could make Egyptian style paintings were 24 karat go inward records and the theme of music.

Isaac Kappy is a fraud and I have quite a bit of evidence that he is. In this video I my self consider it Gnosis of proof beyond what our US Courts consider to be reasonable doubt. Watch the video and Please Comment, LIKE THE VIDEO, Share it, You have my permission to RE-UP the video so long as you do not modify it, You can add a watermark promoting your own channel with it. But do not change my work please. And please Download a copy. SHARE It EVERYWHERE because we are dealing with a Chris Angel style Stunt. Distract with the left hand to move eyes away from the right hand. so what is it that they are trying so hard to distract us from?

Next is state of art acoustic treatment.

Off Grid Living Solar Batteries generator inverter.

Because I am Off Grid Powering a LOT of computer systems I needed a system that would be able to change from the generator to batteries without shutting down ALL my systems only to reboot all my systems in the middle of working with a client. I created a flawless system. Here in this video, You will see very little of that but if you need any information please locate my Facebook (Jin Ion) I will use my Custom Thumbnail with the same Photo I have on My Jin Ion Facebook, so when you search Jin Ion you will recognize the image and know it is me.. Then you can ask me any questions you have...

Studio Progress and How I built My Tankless INSTANT Solar Water Heater!!! Saving me 275$ a Year in Gas for my Tankless Instant Gas water Shower. It was costing 25$ a month but now its only be used during the 6 to 8 weeks on Monsoons we get here in Hawaii so I'll only use 25$ a YEAR in Propane!!!

My solar system I'm setting it up today its save me about 1,300$ a year in Fuel as my generator 5$ Per Day to Run, But I have a Pure Sine Wave Inverter that Charges My battery Bank from a generator so that took my Gas Mileage from 5$ per day to get 2 full charges from each gallon and my 6 batteries run my Systems for 18-25 hours so I increased my Gas Mileage to about 66 hours per Gallon by this method, So I took my Gas Bill of 5$ times 30 days at 150$ a Month to 5$ every 66 hours nearly 3 days which took it from 150$ a month in gas expenses to just 30$ a month, Times that by 12 months and you get a yearly electric bill of 360$.

Now that is if, I was ONLY using my Generator, Inverter with the built-in battery bank charger and battery Bank. Now that I have Solar it changes everything because now Ill only needs the Generator for those 6-8 week Monsoons we get here in Hawaii so now I changed the 360$ a year and all the wear and tear on the generator to a whopping 6-8 weeks of generator with battery bank, bringing my yearly total elec..

Roli Seaboard rise 49 & Blocks

In this video I explain Plans for my closet doors/Guitar Hangers

It was a late night so I am did a little cleaning after phase 3 which was drywalling the third wall and doing a little more planning changing my plans around a little bit I think I’m going to stucco the sliding doors and the door in the center and I may actually buy a projector reason I want to use a projector is because I want my scarabs to be identical but the mirror reflection and I’m gonna change around a little bit so it’s gonna be really really cool so in the end result is going to be amazing. I’m going to paint the Aztec calendar in my calendar and the Egyptian calendar as well so this studio will be very artistic but for the most part it will be one of the most do you eat studios available. Enjoy because I’m going to document every step of the way from start to finish.

Today I was by myself doing well number three with no help although at the very end of the day my dad showed up and help me out a little bit it was really hard I worked from about 11 till 5 o’clock just getting that one wall but that was mostly because I had to move all the stuff to get to the wall

Stage three progress. Still about 8 hours of time to complete the studio remodel then we move onto Acoustic treatment at which point My studio will be ready to record the best possible acoustics possible, using the best money can buy..

This is my dad putting in his door knob it’s flat that way when we close when we open the slider doors it doesn’t have a door knob it’s only about three eights inch thick so it’s really going to work miracles.

I am treating my studio today, also known as acoustic treatment. I purchased a 70‘ x 12‘ wide mobile office to build my film and music production studio. Here I’m documenting the acoustic treatment so people can learn As much as possible about how to properly acoustically treat once studio properly. Hope you guys enjoy this video is going to be the first of a series of videos that I will be making and publishing to show how our acoustically treated my studio hoping that it will help other musicians understand the dynamics and skill set of the trade for acoustic treating music and film production studios. This is not limited to Writing songs and or singing songs or playing musical instruments but also DJ and YouTube channel creators who you would use a very similar method of acoustic treatment for their studio. As far as YouTube creators go they don’t have to treat their studio as extreme as my own because Music studios must be treated with much higher standards than say somebody what the intention on making a YouTube channel. However it doesn’t hurt to understand acoustic treatment to the degree of a music studio because acoustic treatment for her YouTube creator channel or a DJ is a walk in the park compared to acoustic treatment for a music studio or as you would have vocalist and guitar players Excedrin Excedrin. So please thumbs up if you like what you see, please share my video and please support my channel, this is the first of many videos to come.

I’m going to document every aspect of the acoustic treatment for my main studio. Further my studio is also powered by solar and wind energy. Therefore part of the documentation for the treatment of my studio will be very relevant when it comes to acoustically treating your own studio.

So please enjoy the videos there’s more to come and if you plan on building your own studio I will be going over a step-by-step process and I will be explaining every aspect of the acoustic treatment as well as explaining why it ..


Please see the Video through to the end for the final conclusion Bomb Shell Final Solid Proof not just any Pyramids but Pyramids connected to the earthly Pyramids.. Implication that we once thrived on Mars, Had a war that knocked us back to Pyramid Age for those who escaped the fall of Mars and migrated to Earth!!

Not Asking you to Believe me, But By the end of this video you will KNOW!!! Very Few will try to debate once they see the final conclusion..

these particular midi controllers are made of rubber so they can take puncture damage, spills etc. but using a long time method of pull out drawers to keep my work space compact and keeping my equipment safe.

Jin Ion Facebook Add request me and you will get regular updates. Sorry about the sniffles As many of you know our volcano has been erupting more than in recorded history but in just one month. Iv been a bit sick since three days after it started and my dad was having the same symptoms. But now the smoke is getting worse and I am feeling it a bit. Surprises me because I use to think people are wimps faking it if they live as far from the volcano as Maui, now I know it can give you respiratory and sinus problems. First I got a real bad chest cold for 2 weeks then sinus but when the trade winds come up I feel better.

Good thing I don’t have to sing right now. Anyway-

In this video I show some of my instruments and very creative ways of applying them in the studio not just on the stage. Unconventional methods that I personally haven’t heard any other musician imply or use of these instruments in the particular manner that I use them for.

Of course I got them for performing arts on the stage but once I took a look at them in my studio I instantly realized so I’m very practical applications and so in this video I explained that and some progress on my stereo thank you very much please like and subscribe. And hit the bell notification because Google is change their entire algorithm so subscribing no longer gives you a notification you have to hit the notification bell now to receive a notification that one of the channels your father has purchased a new radio so please hit that Notification button.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be making progress reports video of completing my studio. I’ll be doing some work on boxings of some products that I order. And after that I will be doing a full documentation of the design and fabrication of two very extreme and very radical good tires. So you’ll definitely want to be notified when Publish a new video. Thank you very much

Progress in Building Alternative Energy Studio!

Please See the video for the Details. This course is a start to Finish on one film project, from writing the Plot, to Filming the phtography, Editing, Creating the Sound track, Some will be remix, others will go over some music Theory and write our own Chord Progressions. Final production we will decide as a group how to push the marketing and create passive income from this project which will be split among the team.

So you will pay for the sours but in the end if you perform well the case will end up paying for itself. Int not just about learning all there is to know in film, audio production but most lessons and courses do not offer any way to make your money back or even double your month. Depending on how good the piece turns out and how good we market it, It could make a few times what you have into the cost of the course. And the lessons are priceless as you will learn things that are skills that hold a wide range of uses for many companies. The best part is these particular skill sets can be applied as a home based business in order to make good money from your home office where ever you want that to be.. A lot of my friends live in Thailand, Bali and Mexico and Make a killing beings they live in third world but make first rate income..

It’s getting close I have a few intense bits of construction to pull off but I did construction for 25 years so I happen to have some good material left right now and I figured out how to soundproof my area without spending five grand.

Also everybody wants to learn logic Pro X Can you see in the music world a lot of things of changed it used to be that you had to write an album then go get noticed by a record company before you could go be a performing artist in the music industry. But with the new idea of DJ is having a lineup of other hit songs becoming popular it open the door for people to become performing artists simply by choosing a lineup of really good at entertaining service and also with that being a good entertainer themselves.

This man is entirely new breed of musician this was a DJ who actually didn’t know how to produce music. And so I’ve met quite a few DJs that are asking for my help to teach them how to write music because of this this genre or better said the time. At the same time there are going to redo another select group of individuals that want to learn how to do the movie editing in the special-effects all the image processing.

Who’s are going to be especially how are the people that are filming of the boat dives and all the tour industry and I wire a lot of the small businesses I have a creative business for the filming tourists on these tours on the rainbow room is in selling them for 20 or 30 bucks over the last 17 years and living on more than three of the islands I can tell you that all the tours I’ve taken there was always for tog are for making videos of the adventurous and offering to sell it back as experience editor and special-effects a film producer I can say with the quality of their edits were slim at best. So this is a group that could definitely benefit on taking some classes.

With my studio is a work in progress but very too soon I expected to be ready for classes and I do have a class would be we start with a pr..


Update for TWO Guitar builds documented Go pros!

Well this is going to be very similar to a tutorial because I will be teaching every step as I move along but this particular bill is going to require a lot of critical thinking so I’ll be teaching several critical thinking when it comes to doing something that nobody ever has done before and remember all the best in the industry giggle when I ask advice so I know I can do it and I think everybody might like to see this. I’ve got a really nice go pro set up so I’m gonna be documenting it for us at the hands and documenting things that people need to know as they do something like this and I’m going to move on to the satanic guitar scroll down my videos and see if satanic or “Dark Stylus”.

That’s a pretty complex guitar including having the best woodcarvers in Indonesia car of the horns out of Ebony. They be practical they will be balancing rods they will detach from the guitar making it convenient for guitar would fit in a very small case and be like on the design itself is incredible because I’ve incorporated all of the actual visual features in to comfort for performing and studio so of course she would remove the horns for studio and you want to flip up the little leg piece for your side when you’re sitting on the stool in your studio.

So get ready guys in the next about 30 days I’ll be purchasing another for them maybe two and three of the newest router bases flex actually got some really good ones now all the materials I need for the inlay I just send her and I will be documenting things with perfection and completing both guitars one is for sale I am not in the Satanism so that was just a design that came to my mind one day and I know it’s a bit this is a business opportunity in with the build it was auction it off.

Jin ION Industry Of Nihil New Intro Testing!

Its a Bit off Center, Its not exactly what Im looking for but Ill be working on a New Intro for my channel!

Another School shooting, why are children being the primary target for these events, what are these event? In this video I will try to explain my history in being a free lance journalist and why I think these are taking place!!


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