My studio is about 3-4 weeks from being finished.

It's been two years in the making.

Alux studios Apotheosis a work in progress

Who created all things? As above So Below!

Put politicians in check mate or we all die, what will your 401k do for your children then!

Prey for more scumbags to go where they belong!

Mystery School Acoustics, Reverse Engineering Acoustic Cross points.

X Mass the most U.N. HoliDay

For those of you celebrating this day rather you Christian or not I suggest you pay attention every single word that I see in this video. I’ve made this video or these points in the last few years and one thing most people agree with me on is every point that I make with the exception of then they find some strange excuse to justify continuing the same pass because well this is what was taught to them as a child or for whatever the excuses. So just hear me out and consider the details and then consider worry the world is headed right now and if we continue down the same path do our children even have a chance at any kind of future? So continuing down the same path that we are currently on is probably a big mistake no matter what you tell yourself to excuse what you’re doing. Again I suggest you just hear me out and then comment please, I want to hear what you guys have to say about it. I want to hear the people who will make an excuse for themselves to continue down the same path and I want to hear the people who are actually affected by what I have to say and want to make a change and create a new path to a brighter future.

Digging up secrets from los Mayas to save our world and battle against guns, bullets with Spirit, how? By awakening the people and teach them that they have spirit. The best thing about people who are very psychic but don’t understand it and don’t know it. Is that they feel your emotions and says they don’t know if that’s your emotions they believe it’s their own. Just like the Jedi mind trick remember George Lucas said I didn’t write Star Wars I rewrote ancient mythology. That being said I can project compassion after I learned from the Dalai Lama. And then I will project that into the evil people of the world that I encounter and they will believe that compassion is of their own and then the good people who feel sorrow because they have empathy when they see evil but they believe That sorrow is their own self in this particular place in Mexico there are six suicides every day. So those people I will be teaching with a friend of mine how to utilize their spirit in this material world in a practical way and I understand their feelings is psychic intuition so they’re not even their own feelings and then I will teach them how to let them go. But first I must meet the llamas and have them teach me how to do that because they’re the Bodasapha Shit sorry you guys know I’m saying I don’t know how to spell it and if I go look up how to spell that shit anyway the point being is people think they’re gone and they’re not here anymore no more Buddha no more highly enlightened people but they forget the Dalai Lama and his monks they are that and so our lost my a shit sorry you guys no I’m saying I don’t know how to spell it and if I go look up how to spell that shit anyway the point being as people think they’re gone and they’re not here anymore no more Buddha no more highly in lightened to people but they forget the Dalai Lama and his monks they are that and so are los Mayas!

They’ve come back I think it’s the beginning of the fifth age which is the new golden age. And I ..

Alien at Museum Of The Maya

I had never known about the Alux before I saw a Jade figurine at the Museum Of The Maya!

First time I saw it, I was filming it. You can hear my reaction but I had no idea how much the ancient details would fall inline with modern accounts. For one they are a spiritual, sometimes invisible creature but can appear.

It goes on to note that Farmers growing crops would leave offerings to them in order to be left alone. UFOs and Farms go hand in hand.

This really got me thinking one could replace the subject from Alux to Grey Alien and agree the similarities. But one could say the same thing about Ferries but one can not deny the folk tails about ferries bringing people with a circle of mushrooms but Many people do not know a very famous trace case detailed a UFO landing which later resulted in nothing growing in the imprint it left.

But a fungus did grow in a circular pattern around the three landing sites. Pretty amazing stuff. I always loved the story about the man who sleeps 100 years. Other stories involve going into another world and a short time in this place, the man returns home to see 100 years had passed!

That is pretty much how one would expect things to be if we visited a planet with more gravity than our own. The cycles are not very nice to us here on earth. Not as nice as they where to Noah!




Pyramids Mystery Schools Of Music And Cymatics

The largest musical instrument is a cave where a person used the harmonic resonance of the Stalactites to build an instrument.

Here is that link.

But maybe they are wrong? I think this one is larger!! And I also think that they used stalactites as resonators under the pyramid that has all the shapes of defusing sound rather than bouncing it back!


The rest you will not find on video lest I film it.

The stalactites are nice calcite crystal resonators! And the cave itself! So the Quetzal Bird at El Castillo Youtube that for key words or just watch my Proven free energy pyramids video I made about 8 months ago.

I lost each acoustic property of the place and I provide reference. Today I am back looking at the Whispering Galleries at the Great Mayan Ball Court. But you won’t find them on YouTube lest I put them here. And that is exactly what I’ll attempt to do for you so that you need not take my word for it.

I believe I have discovered how this works and the implications are striking! The illusion scientists may have been on the brink of Cymatics and Holographic light.

Oddly enough a Ted Ex cast I watched about 3D Cymatics shows me that a stalactite prepared just right could do the same result.

Did the Maya superscientists discover this? I do not know but they paid their attention taxes let me tell you.

Acoustic Effects Pyramids Yucatán Cymatics patterns in 3D

I follow some of the best YouTube researchers but the one that continues to amaze me is Rex from the leak project. Not sure if it’s all the interviews or people he has discussed these topics with. But the man knows his mystery school shit for sure.

My self, I have a particular set of skills that constantly result in my ability to go into locations that do not “ officially exist”.

Now I won’t be discussing any of that but what I will say is that I was initiated at one of these places and soon I will tell my story with a camera and better editing.

I will be solving some very interesting mysteries out of Egypt, I believe the crystal hospital they had was in Abu Garabi but I may not have spelled it correctly.

As a sound engineer When I prepare a studio for recording acoustics such as Vocalists. We locate what we call crosspoints. This is where a vocalists voice will reflect, bounce off the walls and back into the microphone.

We don’t want reverb or echo unless we add it. However in Egypt, they did The exact opposite. As opposed to preventing the sound from bouncing off the walls and crossing the path of the other vibration. They actually used granite and quartz crystal to make a change in which they intentionally belts the sound in the vibration. As what was the frequency of the wave form, for the walls to create a vortex of what we might call Cymatics.

Now today we are only discovering Cymatics and I have only seen people playing with Cymatics in 2D.

Luckily for my, I know how to use a GFX software called Zbrush abd Maya. So I’m hoping to take some Cymatic patterns and create them into a 3D image.

Seeing Cymatics in 2D is interesting but it’s like looking into a needle in a haystack! We need to consider Cymatics in terms of 3D. Then we might understand how they performed Surgical procedures without incision but with sound. In Egypt.

Currently in Yucatan where we also have Crystal Stalactites in caves full of water, just under the pyramids. Well the M..

I’m still recovering a little bit. I’m not even to talk about what I saw last night. It’s just way too much but some point some really interesting information most likely when I get back to my studio and I can properly edit and publish. Till then I’ll do what I can. And I’m relying on memory cards that are only 32 gigs so that’s pretty difficult to do with 4K. That I want to build everything that I film in 4K just in case it’s something I want to put in my final presentation. So I will update you guys when I can till then. Wish us luck.

but the eyeliner?!’fg

Oh here we go I’m gonna start in Maui and secondary hopefully it won’t end and you get food then I won’t be back until the 10th is the Blair witch pooping and I have mine in my camera snd giants!!!


I took a little drive down to the beach, well call it a gamble drive. You'll Get it, I was acting fun as always but for real Im budget short for this film by 700$. Just watch... check it out.. realize my life is in danger just going to one of the most dangerous places on earth to film something that I discovered that will Rock the Pyramid world...

And it would be sad if I fail to get At least Some arial footage for this full documentary. not just another doc but one that will prove beyond reason a monumental discovery about the ancient wisdom..

I.O.N. Industry Of Nihil / What is It?

Music studio under construction. This Film and usic Production Studio is powered by Alternative Energies such as Wind, Solar And in Rare cases Fuel.

Remind music studio I created two walls with stucco to appear to be cement so that I could make Egyptian style paintings were 24 karat go inward records and the theme of music.

Isaac Kappy is a fraud and I have quite a bit of evidence that he is. In this video I my self consider it Gnosis of proof beyond what our US Courts consider to be reasonable doubt. Watch the video and Please Comment, LIKE THE VIDEO, Share it, You have my permission to RE-UP the video so long as you do not modify it, You can add a watermark promoting your own channel with it. But do not change my work please. And please Download a copy. SHARE It EVERYWHERE because we are dealing with a Chris Angel style Stunt. Distract with the left hand to move eyes away from the right hand. so what is it that they are trying so hard to distract us from?


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