No accounting for taste but at least he's based.

Feeling a bit Irascible over more Covid bullshit? So is Scarface.

I like his style.

It's really Ireland that amazes me right now. A thousand years under English oppression, they finally do away with that, and they're just walking right into oppression again. And yes, I know, he's Scottish, but my point about Ireland is still valid ;)

I know my Basket of Irascibles will appreciate the rich aching of this dude's butthole after facts tear it all up.

From the floor of a hovel in India, to the back of your throat.

Enjoy this loving tribute to a psychotic Marxist tyrant.

So they took a break.

Sure looks like a helmet to me.

After enabling it. After denying it. After supporting them even after they stormed his house. Sweaty Teddy can't take it anymore. Shove this in the face of every lefty asshole who said there was nothing going on in Portland.

Dave Cullen was speculating a million or so marching for freedom

Those people attend those things for social justice and to fight "muh raycisms" right?

And vagene

Geraldo has no retort and proceeds to burst a blood vessel in his anus.

Oh, China. Putting the comedy back in communism. China is asshoe.

Y'all crack me up

Exposing that they all parrot the same script (yet again) is also "extremely dangerous to our Democracy" right?

Joe is arguably worse since his signature reveals he's forgotten how to spell "Joe"


The song is now stuck in your head. You are welcome.


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