Rambling, sporadic, low audio quality commentary on President Donald J. Trump's live smackdown of Joe Biden. Joe did well so far, you know, as Joe goes. This isn't over, and I just know we'll get the gaffe of gaffes before the end of the ride.

I haven't given up on my channel. You're not that lucky. Just been focused on a software project that's almost finished.


From the Michigan Republican party. What's good for the Michigoose is good for the Michigander.

Tensions are still rising between China and our Indian friends. This is why China is so hot to fuck up Australia. They want to keep them out of the coming fight.

The post didn't specify where or when this was, but 'Murica!

Oh well, we get to enjoy it now

This is just some quick information about a browser plugin I scratched up to help save your sanity until commentfreely is a bit more user-friendly. It's pretty basic but it works. V3 brings new comments into the page without refreshing. Upvote button finally works. Reply and Flag not so much. Yet. But it also parses video links for Bitchute and Youtube videos. I think you'll enjoy that. (9/11/2020 updated more. youtube frame fix.)

*Identities blurred in the video to avoid being a dick, makes it hard to look at, so all the relevant info is in the description:

Obviously in the event that nobody's being filtered and the internet is largely populated with shitweasels, it becomes desirable to remove some content from our sight. Morons have traditionally relied upon content hosts to implement user blocking and other techniques for cleaning up this discourse.

This was of course wrong, stupid, and double stupid. Letting some company control what or who you see and hear is bullshit. It's often used by absolute fuckwads to attack others. As we've seen, a bunch of monstrous assholes are willing to use it to try and control what you think. Why rely on the server side?

So, using a valued browser extension; Adblock Plus I'll show you how to take control for yourself. It should be in your hands alone to decide what or who you see and hear. So, with a few simple filter rules for Adblock Plus you can do just that. Updated these 8/28 for a little better functionality.

This one hides attached images > div.comment-wrapper:-abp-has(> div.comment-header >[data-user-id=""]) > div.wrapper > div.attachments

This one hides the upvote and flag buttons > div.comment-wrapper:-abp-has(> div.comment-header >[data-user-id=""]) > div.wrapper > span.actions

This one hides the content of the comment > div.comment-wrapper:-abp-has(> div.comment-header >[data-user-id=""]) > div.wrapper > div.content

This one hides their profile image > div.comment-wrapper:-abp-has(> div.comment-header >[data-user-id=""]) > div.profile-picture

To get the data-user-id in question, in most browsers you can simply right-click the avatar and select "inspect element". By placing the value of the user's data-user-id in the quotes, you can tell it which specific user's content to hide. It needs to be done for each user you no longer wish to see. In Adblock Plus options you just add them to your custom rule list. If you have access to a PHP host (must have https:// access or Adblock Plus will reject it) there is another method.

I've written a simple PHP script to take a value for that and just write the appropriate rules. You can use that PHP script directly in Adblock Plus as a dynamic filter list if you run it on a web server that your browser can reach and of course as long as it supports PHP. There that is. And here's an updated version that could still use a little more work before I start getting fancy with javascript and styling. adds a word filter option and improves upon the way users are blocked so you can still see replies to them from users that aren't blocked. And here's a V3 that adds granular control to the blocking filters.

You can easily script something up in a wide variety of languages to accomplish this, but since I bothered to write it; enjoy.

The best part of all this is that while traditionally, block lists for services have required you to log in, this doesn't require that. Any lurker that doesn't want an account on Bitchute can use this. There are more potential benefits to Adblock Plus that are a little less direct, and a little more sweeping.

For example, you can filter by the content of a message. If you never want to live the atrocity of seeing the word "banana" (sorry for doing that to you, anti-nanners) you can filter comments that contain it: > div.comment-wrapper:-abp-contains(banana) > div.wrapper > div.content

Will collapse the content section of a comment containing that awful, filthy pejorative. So tend your own garden, and cheers.

Great news!9/3/2020 The browser extension I wrote is ready for public testing.

That can be installed in Firefox as a "temporary" addon or made permanent if you use a developer build of Firefox. (don't make that switch without backing up your settings and saved data). Tested, throws no console errors. Also works in Opera, Brave, and Chrome under developer mode. Tested, throws no errors. I haven't tried it on others yet but I will. It should work with anything that supports chrome extensions. I'll be posting a video on using it.

Unicorn Riot's commentary is enough to make you grind your teeth but get a load of every single one of these fucking fools. The police scanner to the side is Kenosha, but not much was happening there. Wonder why. At last you know what a "true Boog person" is.... for fuck's sake.

He's very matter-of-fact.

Teflon Don doing what he does. Delighting, entertaining, and sticking it to the left. Looks like a much better show than the DNC already.

A man in Kenosha incorrectly estimates the crowd's willingness to riot. They're rioting. Additional commentary from the streamer explains the situation.

The Basket of Irascibles discuss developments in the Durham situation regarding Brennan. Featuring a humorous clip that the left probably thinks is inspiring, rather than laughable. It's not.

Channel intros are like assholes. Everyone's got one and they all fucking stink

Saturday night. Worked on these and many more deepfakes all day. Didn't want to skip a day of entertaining my loyal Basket of Irascibles.

Royalty Free Music from Bensound that's really nice of them

Trump's approval rating is up! Surprising no one, some petty bitchiness about people mispronouncing Kamala, in the DNC's opinion is a great opportunity to make themselves look stupid. That's just one of the various DNC events driving people away from them. This you may have seen many times from the sock puppet trolls that sniff around Styx, Tim Pool, The Quartering, etc, anyone who has a channel that's getting views. They don't care how stupid they look. Because they want Trump to win so they can keep up their rioting crap. That's pretty clear at this point.

George chickening out at Nakatomi and leaving it all on the brave John McClane to save the day.

The 25th Subscriber Spectacular is in the works. We've pulled Tim Pool out of production to comment on his upcoming portrayal of Hillary Clinton.

Working up the 25th Subcriber Spectacular, so I'm not taking a lot of time on this one, but fresh video out of Seattle for ya.

Source stolen from Bolverk's channel (be sure to check that out) and modified a little by me for political purposes that seemed fitting.

This one, upon review, sounds like a mumble-rant. Need to readjust my volume or the mixer's for mornings haha. China's going to get hungry. We're probably going to war with them though. India, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines are all onboard with it if you check their media.

You can support my channel by telling me I'm awesome in the comments. I don't want your money.

Every Karen has their day

Washington Post's live stream shows a serene view, but we can hear an antifa protest picked up on the audio. It sounded to me like they were chanting "No Trump, No Joe, Everybody's Got to Go" however I'm not certain. The audio was competing with seagulls and I had to turn the gain up to hear it well. Could be a riot in Milwaukee tonight. No wonder Joe and Blow are a no show hoe duo.

Update: WaPo cut the audio from the camera right after I uploaded this.


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