This is a companion video to go with my first video on the subject regarding Facebook's general ban on white nationalism. This covers Youtube's decision to ban white nationalists as well as a variety of other kinds of people, and their clear indication that they intend to expand their censorship efforts.

A comparison between the foundational worldview of the abrahamic faiths and the pagan one.

Just my thoughts on why the battle in AL matters and is a morale boost. These kinds of upsurges are one of the positives of the Trump presidency and I hope legal precedent in the USA will send reverberations through the rest of the West.

Thoughts on the validity and necessity of the Superhuman, Human, and Subhuman classification system. Disclaimer: this video doesn't push violence on any specific group for any of their protected reasons blah blah blah you know the drill.

Just letting people know I am working on a video, fishing for suggestions etc.

Thoughts on why it doesn't make sense to demand a rational justification for continuing to live, or to justify why to continue to live in a specific way. Recognizing this circumstance opens the door to a broader conversation on a variety of social issues.

Just a couple of quick thoughts on a book I finished reading called Brand Luther. The book explores the nature and development of printing in Germany alongside the rise of Luther and the Reformation. It's a short but fairly interesting read for those concerned with revolutionary media.

I made a video about the distinction between White Nationalism and White Supremacy. Recently, Facebook decided to ban white nationalist groups on its platform due to pressure from outside organizations. Those organizations have malicious motivations and this video seeks to explain the reality behind contemporary white nationalism.

A preliminary outline for a white nationalist media strategy to address efforts by Facebook to ban it.

Richard Wolff is an American marxist economist. In this video I review his mainstream persona and an appearance at a student group.


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