Talking to people that have medical issues, weight problems , etc. and have been unable or disinclined towards working out.
TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT!! It''s for your own benefit.

A couple of points for both sides of the riots. (This video is 15 minutes..if you see another longer video, let me know as my this video was replaced with something else since upload last time)

Jumping on the bandwagon and reviewing one line of KILL CLIFF drinks

Talking about the benefits of positive hydration and it's role in your health and fitness performance

Workout ideas for people with a variety of impediments to doing regular fitness/sports workouts. Just get moving!!

I interview a man who has lost 50 pounds on intermittent fasting. He explains the system and his tips on how to make this work for you. Included is information on what tools you will need to implement the program. How it works. Some of the things (scales, etc.) that he purchased to track his success.

Talking about some of the side effects of excess sugar in the diet. Some tips to reduce it.

Talking about conditioning for tour and playing as well as thoughts on how to keep and increase speed. Metal drumming is more than an aerobic activity. Plus, some other nonsense


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