iktor: Viktor Bout - Wikipedia

Brittney Griner: Trial for WNBA star Brittney Griner opens in Russian court (

The trade: Russia Hints at Linking Griner’s Case to Fate of ‘Merchant of Death’ (

Why Colleges Are Becoming Cults [Full Series] | Dr. Lyell Asher - YouTube

The How to Homeschool Guide

he carrier: Fujian aircraft carrier: China's launches third and most advanced carrier - CNN

Belt and Road: Belt and Road Tracker | Council on Foreign Relations (

PI gets the missle: Philippines signs deal for BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile (

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We've seen it before at Stoneman Douglas.
This time the media has a villain it can use

When we talk Ukraine/Russia war we think corruption, criminality, idiocracy and other things.

Just a few years back, the US Military and it's associated henchmen would assemble a labyrinth of corporations, ngo, and other legal holding companies to funnel profits out of the warzone and into the pockets of everyone. Now, we just have the Ukraine Contact Group.

The Ukraine Contact Group is mentioned:

Who DoD says they are:

What they do. Circumvent law and supply weapons that shouldn't be given:

Switcheroo on the ledger books. Old goods for new:

As Elon Musk's attornies start their "due diligence" on the Twitter buyout, shocking information as to how the Twitter and Dorsey-ites have run their shop.

The Quartering:
WSJ also covering (not in a good way) :

for quick up to date info on our southern neighbors: demoler_backuo on Insta

Is this new Candace Owens series a signal that the Socialist Left is junking BLM and preparing a new cadre to raise havoc in the USA pre- Midterm Election 2022?

How the Supreme Court selects, deliberates and decides on the cases brought before them. ALL you need to know

How wokeness F's up a multi $$ corporation.
Pro Disney:

The Reedy Creek Website:

Shady Land Deals:

Things to do in Orlando:
Stock Prices!!!

Gonzalo Lira aka Coach Redpill made it into all the youtube community's headlines as he has missing and supposed killed/captured by Ukrainian security forces. Why? because he was doxxed by the Daily Beasts!!

H=Coach's comeback:

Coach's last will on the internet and the names that he named:

A quick review of #sobtactical new P-Tool, is is it a punch dagger for the new age? A couple of observations.
You can buy it at They also make rifle slings, holsters and offer training classes. Check 'em out!

Move along! Nothing to see here

Glad to be back.

Tulsi is getting another good bounce as the world focuses is jaundiced eyes on the Ukraine/Russia drama.

Remember when Hillary Clinton called her a Russian "asset" not spy "asset"?
Well, I do and so do a number of investigative journalists.

Check out "WHITEHOUSE REDS; communists, socialists and security risks running for US President, 2020 by Trevor Loudon

Citizens for National Security

The belt and road tightens both ways. Will Russia's failure in Ukraine lead to Putin's ousting and if so, does China benefit more than anyone else?


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Adventures in computer buying from Target.

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