Reverse-Racist Bullshit On youTube About The Somalian Cop That Shot White Yoga Instructor

This is an old talk video done at a place that i dont live there no more. But a year later on the anniversary of the particular incident i had with police, COVID came and 2 police ended up as deceased...I SHIT YOU took a year, but karma is a bitch. I dont just say this about police, but people on the other side of the tracks who are no better.

OK...i get it...but i was just having a little bit of fun..dang....but..yes..i agree with you even though i dont see anything wrong with belittling your haters so nobody gets any idea thinking you might be intimadated by their idiotic bullshit...yet your giving these people attention by interacting with them and some say your generating the OPPOSITE or your original intent. These people are like the functional dope heads some of us worked in places who talk their bullshit and you cant really have a valid arguement with them any more than you can argue with an idiot commentor or i DO agree with you, but part of me kinda wants to say "WTF is the big deal?" or tell you to get a sense of humor.

When your too busy to give a damn about some WHITE LEFTIST talk shit and telling you what to do.

OK, to be fair with this one while somewhat flipping the bird, I do kinda like part of this guy's statement cause it reminds me of some people i know who have sayings like this that a lot of us have used for our own reasons. this is just a statement that gives you the excuse to get digs in about a list of other variations of this logic and how it stems from pseudo-authority figures who play that card to artificially elevate themselves while talking down to or about somebody else who snubs their bullshit. The best you can do it laugh it off.

This is my long-winded talk video i did about this sorry-ass cheap shot artist with his reverse-racist double standards bullshit. I dont really need to include any clips from the video since i know you know where to find it. Say you dont want to listen to my long-winded video, if you want me to, i will snag a snag it and post it here for criticism purposes.

A few of my particular frequent commentors on BitChute..I know this is up your alley and i know you will agree with me about this..This is PURE HYPOCRISY and this fool seems to be BLATANT and BOLD and ARROGANT with flaunting it in our faces that he can get away with it....How come guys like this can be ignorant and say anything they please against white people, but not the other way around? And how come so many people are so SPINELESS and BRAINWASHED that they dont seem to be the slightest bit bothered by this?

Video from my voutube archive about FAKE EMPATHY, FAKE COMPASSION and DOUBLE STANDARDS concerning these things.

This loser pretty much practically telling me that he is a miserable lowlife that is physically lazy and one of those idiots whom if they are around you in the world offline maybe eyeballing you from a distance, they aint able to physically do shit to you, so those kind get online and hide behind a computer and say shit that makes them look even more of a fool. They need to get off the drugs, get a life and grow up.

This is a video i posted on other sites a year ago (and moderators blocking me from this video getting any views) when the pandemic was just started and during that time, Buttigeg was running for president, (his sorry ass didnt get enough votes to continue running, but there was a kid on TV with Buttigeg ,whom was COACHED to say that he wants to be BRAVE like him and be gay LMFAO) And there was the black couple whom the dude was a sports star or something or other (and they were declaring on TV that their BOY wanted to be a know he was being coached..nobody gonna tell me different) and meanwhile, i am flipping a middle finger to the TV screen and LMFAO



First, some didnt read my disclaimer. Second, anybody who does smoke pot and does anything similar to what i was trying to show in the video and gives up money for the poor and you smoke pot, I WOULD PERSONALLY SHAKE YOUR HAND if i could...So its not all about having bias against ALL pot users, just so you know.

In humoring this commenter, i ask "Well? i supposed to be happy for you?...and i am supposed to care because...???...and why did you pick a fitness video to make this comment???..and if your looking for somebody to be mortified or impressed, or looking for someone to get passive-agressive with, wouldnt if make more sense to make such a comment on some video which is labeled or classed as conspiracy theory or whatever? ...why me???...How EXACTLY are you expecting me to react? " They dont answer me back..well..typical.


These videos made during the previous year of this pandemic crap in area where i previously lived. I created these vids is a model for how that THE CLOSING or RESTRICTION OF GYMS should not be a thing that should control us. Just because they try to deny us access to FANCY MACHINES that they think we depend on, does not mean they can stop us from bettering ourselves and we not going to physically and mentally decline like they want. THE GREAT RESET (if it exists at all) is a thing that they might want to use pandemic to CREATE EQUALITY and MAKE EVERYBODY THE SAME and make us into WEAK SHEEP by CREATING FEAR and KEEPING YOU A COUPLE NOTCHES DOWN by VIRTUE SIGNALLING...sure the owners of the gyms lose their livelihood and their ability to make a living and it is indeed a shame, but notice the dirty looks you get from the SHEEP when your empowering yourself even though the gym gets taken away.



i am personally glad Trump got acquitted. What i am showing you in this video is one of MANY fake hypocrites who brandish and hide behind the STRONGER THAN HATE emblem and THEY do MORE HATING than everybody else.



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