A drumless track enabling me to record my own drums on it.
This is for educational purposes and for anyone who wants to ''watch n' learn'' and to focus entirely on just simply watch and listen using ''learning by ear'' as some may relate it to old way of learning, but i believe this is useful for anyone starting on the drumming journey, ear training is very important.
It all comes down to visual analises, playalong, learn the parts and later on come up with their own interpretation of what they want to play or what they would like to hear on a given type of soundtrack..

Drum exercise / practice:
Left hand leading on hi-hat.
This is a ''watch n' learn by ear'' as a fun challenge for those who like and enjoy learning by simply watching and the metronome click gives away a starting point where the ''1'' count is.
Surely not a challenge for some, but anyone starting up or just interested in learning some aproach ideas will find it useful.

A drumless track ''Higher Ground'' enabling me to record my own drums and my own simple interpretation at that point in time, nothing to do with how to play it, nothing to do with any ''drumming Olympics'' competition.....just a playalong to that very moment in time...

This is a Stevie Wonder song, i only recorded my own drums on the track as a sort of tribute if you like..


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I am a drummer who has a passion for music, anything that sounds good to me....from the sound of birds, to agressive music..

I am in the process of making this channel a test run for a possible drumming lesson's channel and also posting anything related to Drums in general..

After all these months one after the other getting worse and worse, no gigs anymore......i am building up some will-power to do some more online work, as its the only way so get the music going.....after 25 years of playing, recording, touring here and there, bar gigs.....etc etc......suddenly feels like hitting a concrete wall..... it seems the wall can't be broken, therefore the need to climb it and finding a way out is the only key.

I believe in Music, but music is a sonic expression .....'labeling genres' is never a good thing...i do not aproach Music via labels and making it a full-on box of little puzzle pieces with a name labeled on each one of them....because in the end.....they are all forming the full picture of the puzzle as intended in the first place....all one piece.
I enjoy playing to anything....anything i feel connected to, anything i can identify myself with at any point.
Everyday can be different...some days an urge for complex music.....some days....a straight easy groove....some days just the sound of space to breathe and start another day of percussive wonders.