"Kings shall be your foster fathers and their queens your nursing mothers; they shall bow down to you with their faces toward the ground and lick up the dust of your feet."
Isaiah 49:23

Who knows how many SJW activists on social media are just simply a random generated face.

If I would live like that, I would prefer to be living in the wilds.

Yeah, according with Berkeley University, "eating your own feces are feasible". And now, Vegans are pushing the consumption of the "Essence of Earth", because contains B12 vitamins: "Why would you eat vegetables who are grown in the dirt, and supplied by the dirt with Vitamin B12, if you can eat the dirt instead?"
These are the same people who are calling to the dismantle of meat production around the World.
I guess they would see innovation in Haiti with their Dirt Cookies.
What a "bright future" awaits us. Honk!

Spain - Warrior Spirit

Music - La Molinera

One group of Vegans were meddling one bullfight event in the middle of the arena in Argentina. The gauchos (Cowboys) decided to treat the vegans as they deserve - because that's what they're - mooooo.

San Juan Lagunas Town expelled a Jewish Community who was constantly threatening and disturbing local residents. They moved to Guatemala City - Zona 9 (District 9th). The Guatemalan City Police trespassed the Jewish Community, due child abuse reported - that's what press say to minimize what really happened.




This is a popular Carlist song from the third Carlist war.
The soldier asks his red beret of the Carlist cause and proclaims that with his rifle he will kill more liberals than there are flowers in springtime.

The Carlists were very traditional and very catholic rebels, that stood for the restoration of the Spanish Bourbon-Parma house, as opposed to the French Bourbon-Anjou.


Conan The Barbarian Parody

Insurrection (Netflix Movie) - Directed by René Pérez.
This movie is also propaganda, promoting people move to the far-right side - so they can push people to start the 2nd Civil War in the US against the Satanic Far-Left, and other civil wars in other countries. But there are some cameos of truth.

Yucaipa, California. People of the neighborhood kicked out Antifa mobs who tried to riot the suburb.

Movie scene: Scary Movie 3.

Convidando está la Noche, Ay que me abraso, by JUAN GARCÍA DE CÉSPEDES. New Spain Baroque - Mexico (1619-1678).

This video well explains the origin of white European people. There are so many "experts" on Anglo speaking TV, where they relate modern white Europeans with Neanderthals - and that's NOT necessarily true. I've found a video made by "Antropología Biológica" on Youtube ( It's in Spanish, but I've subtitled in English as I could. Enjoy the video. At the end of the video there are the sources where "Antropología Biológica" found the info.

"Dios Itlazohnantziné" by Hernando Francisco (1570).


Surrender of Granada - January 2nd, 1492.
Isabella frees the slaves who were submitted by Emir Boabdil. Isabella and Ferdinand reconquer Granada.


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