Free Your Mind. Have some nachos.

Two pawns, the King, and I'm almost out of nachos.

We monkeys never had a chance.

Another day another dog fart. It's true what they say about monkeys.

They are watching.

Smoke and angels.

The tale of what may happen if you dare venture Down Demon's Road. Spoken word over some old style Rock n Roll with surreal visuals to take in.

Spoken Word with a bit of eerie music and visuals thrown in for good measure, just in time for the Halloween season. Enjoy...if you dare !!

Spoken Word & a bit of mellow rock, with some trippy visuals thrown in for good measure.

Music, Visuals, and a bit of Spoken Word
Check out Worn Robot(street musician in video) on Spotify and ITunes

A bit of jazzy tune-age with some spoken word and some trippy visuals thrown in.


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Music. Visuals. Spoken Word.