She appeared in a dream, but Luna fades with each passing day.

Notes adrift on the wind in the multiverse.

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Objects in mirror may appear stranger than normal

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What crosses a floating monkey's mind when all eyes are upon him? No one is safe from Big Brother.

The epic journey of a dog's quest to find the source of a hypnotic groove.

New & Improved !!

What happens when a rock'n'roll band gets abducted by Aliens ?
Music by Warren and Yarek
Outro music by Little Wonder (live)
Puppets and set design by Warren

When your blood feels like liquid metal, stay away from open windows.

The story of poor Umat.

The farmers......or the fathers?

Batteries not included.

These 8 fresh brain farts serve as an updated topographical map to my psyche.

Some assembly required

Ask me about our new "Cheese Stuffed Chicken Pickle Fries". (limited time only)

part 1

I ate it anyway.


Has any one seen my dog ?

Just in case they are listening.


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