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Why do some people say CAIR is HAMAS? Weird...check out this story....this video is almost impossible to find on the Internet

Also, check out this document:

On November 5th 2018 federal officials in Minnesota held a meeting discussing hate crimes and freedom of speech in light of the Tree of Life masacare that took place in Pittsburgh, PA on October 27, 2018. FBI special agent Jill Sanborn made it clear that signage on a synagogue that says "Die Jews" is a hate crime and the FBI will investigate it as such. However, if someone is standing on a street corner with the American flag and t-shirt that says "F" Islam - this is their right and is free speech.

“Is there a peaceful Islam? Yes there is, it’s in the hearts of peaceful Muslims. Unfortunately though there’s also a rather more objective Islam and peaceful Muslims have to do some really rather creative interpretation… There are hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims, that is a fact, but that does not mean that Islam itself is peaceful." - Anne-Marie Waters, author of Beyond Terror: Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy

In Pakistan

I’ve seen a scene similar to this with my own eyes in the Muslim world.

Our camera has now documented what a Minnesota mosque is doing to its neighborhood - literally blasting the Islamic call to prayer across a five-block residential area an no one dares to complain. Another major issue is traffic: the City of Bloomington is refusing the enforce city code despite the fact that traffic levels violate it on a weekly basis. Four Somalis were indicted in Minnesota for islamic terrorism and all four of them were members of this mosque - Dar-Al-Farooq. Dar-Al-Farooq has also been instrumental in electing Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison in political office.

Google is suppressing the search term “ilhan Omar citizenship”. This video shows the search results on Twitter.

You can read the original article here:

Here we show you how Google Search is covering up for Ilhan Omar and her citizenship scandal:

Intimidating people who ask about her position on FGM? ✅

Making light of 9/11 and Al-Qaeda? ✅

Demonstratively refusing to condemn terrorism? ✅

That’s what Ilhan Omar, Somali Muslim infiltrator into the American political system, the darling of the Democrats has managed to achieve in a very short time.

Yes she did say that!

“Our country should be more fearful of white men!”

“We should be profiling, monitoring and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men!”

Oh really?

How about we begin to profile, monitor and create policies to arrest and deport all jihadists, Somali genius?


Channel 4 WCCO reporting on the call to investigate Ilhan Omar and the website announced today by MN Rep. Steve Drazkowski at the State Capitol in St. Paul

Minnesota Channel 5 KSTP reporting on calls by Rep. Steve Drazkowski and Judicial Watch for an ethics investigation of Ilhan Omar

A video of John Krupinski, coach of the Minor League pro-hockey team Danbury Hat Tricks in Danbury, Connecticut giving a straight patriot talk to his players, has gone viral.

African migrants storm the Pantheon in Paris; demand “Papers and Freedom”; clash with police.

Our website:

Have you seen "The Mosque Diaries” - a citizen media project exposing the Islamic takeover of Minnesota neighborhoods through the abuse of conditional use permits? Check it out:


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Citizens protesting St. Louis City Council decision to drop the Pledge of Allegiance

July 8, 2019

#TexasWoman Interrupts Muslim Day Charade

This Texas woman means business! Don’t mess with Texas jihadis! You’ve been warned!

There it is folks - this video has been deleted by Fox 9 Minneapolis on their website, from their YouTube Channel and Facebook. This piece and this entire story was produced by Fox 9 as a way to officially bury the Somali Daycare Scandal and investigation by Jeff Baillon which he released on Fox 9 in May of 2018.

Jeff was working on a follow up. But no, Fox 9 caved in and buried the story, sending lying Tom Lyden who basically threw Jeff Baillon under the bus and put together a whitewashing piece, another fabricated sob story about the Somalis and how they need to send money back home. Here is the archived version of that webpage:

Never mind that the FBI and numerous other investigations have proven beyond any shadow do doubt that the hawalas are used to fund terrorism.

The Minnesota Secretary of State is a disgrace! Siding with Muslims against fellow Americans and using his office to tell Americans from other states they aren’t welcome in Minnesota! Oh really, STEVE? But Somalis are welcome is that right?

Call and tell him what you think about him pandering to jihadi supporting MAS at:
or via email:
[email protected]

I hope he gets hundred of calls!

Facebook just banned this video from our account there.

We didn't find this video on YouTube and are uploading it to the benefit of all the people who aren't on Facebook. The original video was posted on the Facebook on June 3rd 2019 via the page ExMuslim at:

with the following text:

A live video taken by a New York City resident walking Downtown Brooklyn, two days ago, though he first thought it was "Saudi Arabia or Syria" as it happens 5 times a day in countries under Sharia, but No, the (Athan-اذان) you're hearing here, shouted loud from the top of Mosques is in Brooklyn, NYC, The United States of America!

Update: A resident of brooklyn's atlantic ave and a freind of the page told us that she did contact the local Police and they said that ''You can report excessive noise coming from a house of worship when a service is not being held as the police WILL NOT respond if you are reporting noise during a religious service'' So she asked if it's allowed by the city then as in ''it doesn't violate city noise ordinance and disturb the peace'' the Police shockingly said, ''Yes they're allowed to shout the Athan with speakers to the outside during a religious service''

As Ex-Muslims this is beyond traumatic, dark and terrifying, we lived through this before in other countries, we know what's next, if people won't stand and speak up.

Most likely this is the same mosque this video is about, which clip was published in 2016.

In this episode we would like to turn out attention to the role of the City of Bloomington in allowing this situation to deteriorate to where it is today.

All evidence points to the City basically assisting the Muslims in their plan to appropriate public land and funds.

Most recently the City of Bloomington approved plans to build additional access to the Smith Park parking lot using public funds! Why is the city using public funds to build access to the parking lot no one needs except for the Muslims on Friday when they flood the area with traffic during prayer hours?

The harsh reality is that for years the City of Bloomington has been blatantly ignoring the complaints of residents relative to the Muslims violating city code.

Based on evidence presented to our team by members of the community we can safely say that Gene Winstead, the Mayor of Bloomington is well acquainted with the complaints by residents regarding the increased levels of traffic, noise, parking violations and the way Muslims have taken over Smith Park.

What has the mayor done about all this? He doesn’t seem to have done anything to apply city code to these violations. It appears that he is actively enabling the takeover. Is he really aiding and abetting the Muslims? Or is he just incredibly incompetent and doesn’t know how to apply city code? Or maybe he is threatened and intimidated by a mosque which has produced over 30 jihadists?

We’re not quite sure but one thing that has become clear is that the City seems to be doing a very poor job in training the Bloomington Police force in regard to issues surrounding Dar-Al-Farooq.

We experienced this first hand.

Full story at


Presenting: the most righteous moral judge of Christians in America!

The woman who married her brother and committee immigration fraud is on a mission to trash Christians - even while oops she throws up in her mouth! Coincidence? You decide!

This version of the clip has some extended child jihad evidence added at the end.

Youngsters at the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in North Philadelphia are shown in video footage speaking in Arabic during a celebration of “Ummah Day,” said the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a Middle East monitoring organization. One girl says "we will chop off their heads” to “liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque” in Jerusalem, according to the MEMRI.


Youngsters at the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in North Philadelphia are shown in video footage speaking in Arabic during a celebration of “Ummah Day,” said the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a Middle East monitoring organization. One girl says "we will chop off their heads” to “liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque” in Jerusalem, according to the MEMRI.


Innovative citizen activism raising awareness of the CCAP program (Child Care Assistance Program) a.k.a. The Somali Daycare Fraud, at the Minnesota GOP State Convention; April 27, 2019


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