AOC says shes a planned parenthood baby, Best part of her slid down her mothers leg. The only time ill say it, but that abortion should have taken place.

During the world War many Britons gave their all to defend their great country from a foreign invasion...

Honestly how exactly did we win...

I'll await the replys and comments saying how awful i am ;)

I care not for the names you throw at me but the damning of my race and people i will not stand for!

Video shared from Cptn Frol Telegram :)

May is here, Summer has begun boys and the skys are looking very 'Clear' keep at it boys :)

Completely sane interaction with London parking attendant, i would expect to see more of this across the entire of the UK.

With the Globalist lie being sold that there are work shortages in the UK that why we need migration is fast becoming a hard lie to sell with unemployment rising all the time.

The little ungrateful rat calling "Ironing" racist too, i would have had a mouthful for the little prick

Dont get me wrong or misquote me, All the above names have brought attention to the horrendous injustices against white people and Jones in particular has awakened a generation to Government lies and control.

Many things Alex was called crazy for are realities today, however Both Alex and Paul were critical of Israel and the horrendous acts committed on the Middle east by the state, but now are silent and outright refuse the question of control in our media...

Tommy Robinson is a different story all together, he is a well documented supporter or Israel's genocide and regularly promotes their flag and ideology.

I could go on for ages about Mr Robinstein as the man if far more than just controlled opposition, But many who are lusting after him will not even look at many of these facts.

Keep connected, Informed and above all Keep safe folks :)

BlackLivesMatter host fight in Chuck e,Cheeses, One "MOM" brandished a Gun in the altercation the Police were called and the situation was resolved.

I doubt you will hear of this on the MSM as None of the WHITE police officers shot, Tazered or beat up one of the Blacks. The Black who held the Fire arm did have a concealed carry permit but weapons are not permitted in the Children's establishment.

Also maybe its because im not American born, but who the fuck takes a fire arm to a kids soft play centre anyway, what if it misfired? Maybe it just me... Maybe not if you disagree or whatever say your peace below ;)

When a white person says #GreatReplacement they are often called a #Racist or even a lunatic

But when it comes from the mouth of a Black 'Irishman' will it still be called White supremacy? or Racist?

Will #YouTube Censor this video or ban my channel? If they did wouldnt that be #Silencing a Black voice. Wouldn't they then themselves be GUILTY of the very thing they accuse ALL whites for?

Im assuming it wouldnt as YouTube, Google and the Tech corporations are starting to show their TRUE power. They are controlling your GOVERNMENTS through "lobbying" or buying approval of far left unconventional ideas and Totalitarian objectives.

Time to Stand up, Speak up before you are completely silenced. I estimate this my 3rd channel to be gone soon too. But WE ALL need to start speaking REAL truth to these powers that be and not conforming on a conveyor belt like zombies on a assembly line.

A young Mexican girl decided to attempt to be this decades Gretta, hitting all the "hot topic" buttons and even trying to blame the WHITE man for Climate change now, dont forget your damn white racism makes the trees fall down now too.

"colonialism, oppression, capitalism are all to blame for the current climate crisis" claims 19-year-old Mexican climate activist Xiye Bastida , in her very "How dare you" esque rant, will this girl topple Grettas green crown :D

This girl with a clearly scripted and well thought out speech trys to tie the climate agenda neatly with the current racial narrative.

Watch this girl, shes going to be a dream for the damn left waffle.

#NHS seem to have moved past the DNR (Do not resuscitate ) fiasco and have moved on to just a direct #RefusalOfMedicalTreatment creating as many feared a two tier care system here in the #UK

The so called conspiracy theorists claiming a medical apartheid was on the horizon have just fallen into the realm of factual theory...

Police beat an elderly man on his door step, in the video you can hear the shocked on looked who recorded this police interaction, shocked and appalled at the violence shown towards the elderly man.

#America is such a God damn #Racist place, a man cant even walk the streets without noticing the hate between Whites & Blacks

You wont see this on #MSM

Keep connected, keep safe out there ;)

All this talk on the MSM saying that Russia is gearing up for war and will invade #Ukraine again like in 2014 calm down, #Russia is NOT invading Ukraine you need to relax guy

Take a load off and watch #Putin enact his "end of days" claim ;)

A short clip explaining how the #FBI in the states manipulate the #HateCrime acts and racial crimes in the USA.

This highlights the hypocrisy surrounding #EuropeanAmericans and how they are often discriminated against, with no public out cry, no marches for Justice. Just suffered silence :(

You young independent Journalist had decided to wander down to a #BLM Protest to record the movement and im assuming to make a independent video...

Well maybe not anymore, This Young Journo has just been #RedPilled fast and hard.

As the March of love & peace decided to beat his ass ;-)

The name #Covisiots has been a slur for many a folk, however a God loving place in the US, made these guys feel a little silly ;)

Your #Freedom is only gone when you follow #Totalitarian rules

Stand up for your freedom!

The Anti-White racist agenda infecting our lands is a blight on our Nations and our peoples, Our ancestors fought wars to keep our Traditions and OUR Culture, that wasnt for you to just give it all away.

And more so on top of that, you HANG your heads in SHAME at the accomplishments of OUR great ancestors. Well no more my Brothers & Sisters, no more SILENCE, No more not having an OPINION.

If you capitulate or fail to speak out you are a traitor, and our forefathers knew how to deal with those, STAND TALL, Proud of your WHITE SKIN, of your Culture and ancestors.


Steve asked (on Twitter) his online following to submit questions for Tommy to answer. This was to be a ‘no holds barred’ tell all interview, one dictated solely by Steve’s online following. As expected, Tommy delivered.

Tommy covers many issues, most of which were questions from his ideological detractors, he put a lot of issues and online rumours to bed once and for all.

Tommy talks about donations he received, his family life, court cases, media coverage, BLM, Muslims, Islam, Christianity as well as his well-known obsessed online ‘journalistic’ stalker, the one, the only, not so Independent ‘Dizzy’ Lizzie Dearden.

Bristol Kill The Bill "protesters" block & close M32 Motorway with reports coming in from The Independent and Sky news that #Antifa #BlackLivesMatter & other #RadicalLeftists have joined the Protests nationwide this afternoon.

Around 100 people blocked off part of a major motorway near Bristol in the latest round of Kill the Bill protests.

Avon and Somerset Police said part of the M32 motorway had been closed to traffic after protesters sat on the road at around 10pm.

The group have since left the area, returning to the city centre where their protest is expected to continue.


#GoodFriday #Easter celebrations were disrupted at a Church in England by the local SS style #police. Who threatened to fine or arrest the worshippers.

Gone is the freedom of religion if your a Christian in the UK and more, other religions have had their religious holidays honoured even in COVID.

However with restrictions laxing and groups of THOUSANDS turning up in many City's across the country, this is yet another organised attack against Christianity.


#LeftWing Anti-Capitalist protester tried to climb #ChaseManhattanBank with Main stream news outlets saying this was an #ExtinctionRebellion stunt.

Either way this man child found out fast that gravity is real, and she's an unforgiving b***h ;)

They are NOT brainwashing your #Children in school & anyone who disagrees is just a bigoted homophobe

The LGBTQ+ #Alphabet is part of the new #WokeMafia and any argument against it is intolerable, so just shut up and suck the d ;)

The GAYPHABET it's as easy as ABC

A man of #Pakistani decent was killed in a fatal car theft in the #DC capital of America.
The tragedy was reported from CNN as a "taser Accident" sparking outrage from Social Media and other Journalists.

Mohammad Anwar, 66, was driving for UberEats in Washington DC when he was carjacked by two teenage girls armed with a Taser.

They stole his car while he attempted to stop them, he was holding to the car as the thieves took off, with Mr Anwar still holding on to his car. Sadly the attempted #CarJacking resulted in Mr Anwar dying when the thieves crashed moments later at an intersection.

Obviously our thoughts go to the Anwar family at this time,

Keep connected, informed and above all safe.

While the #Police had kettled the Protesters at #Bradford on Saturday, one police officer told a gent who needed the bathroom, to use the street...

Pretty sure thats against the law and probably not the wisest advice.

However thankfully the police that did notice had a good sense of humour and didnt arrest him. Had they i had caught the footage of the Policeman telling him to do so at least.

And one man on a bicycle kept spirits high with his free style rap :)

Unfortunately my memory was full before he finished :(


A #PoliceOfficer at the Bradford #FreedomMarch yesterday was discussing the nature of Totalitarianism and the Police state here in the UK.

However with a heavy police presence for people walking up the street essentially and OUR whole country under Lockdown for over a year now, how can anyone truly deny that we do now live in a #PoliceState

*This footage was captured by myself and is NOT subject to copy right breaches, feel free to share, screen grab or whatever :)

Keep connected and keep safe out there people

A short cut from today in #Bradford with all calm before the #Police surrounded a calm, happy mixed group of people.


Full uploads to follow as i cant go live on YT


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Keep safe the worlds going nuts