We out here burnin' more rubber in NFS Heat

(I'll finish the rest of the description when I get back.)

WOOOO! Lets take a dive in the wild west in Red Dead Redemption II -- Watch live at

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(Edit 2/11/20 6:52 PM) This game is another Rockstar banger.They did a phenomenal job with the game. An this is the first video I done on it. A few days before,I did the stream, I went ahead and played Red Dead Online. As, of right now, I'm level 95 and I barely touch Red Dead because R* decreased animal spawns. And I swear that I'm playing RDO in lobbies all my own. Before hand, I was making RDO $ bank. I even got up to 2500 RDO$ and blew that on clothes, horses, and weapons Great job, R*... now put the spawns back how they were.)

Saddle up and get your guns out cause we're huntin' outlaw scum in the new update for Red Dead Redemption II's RDO. And I already love it.
(Edit 2/11/20 7:15 PM) The cover is from my RDO character, Ellie McKay. I also had some friends (who I played and done heists with on GTA) who played it. We spent hours collecting the treasures and stuff when that update came out. They stopped so, its just me.

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Before I played Ace Combat 7, the last one in the series that I played was AC6: Fires of Liberation. Now, somehow I managed to beat the game. Never did get the [email protected] skins cause I didn't have the cash. But the game is seriously fun to play and Project Aces once again kills it with the story and soundtrack. This was streamed on twitch, not mixer.

I dont know how or when I got a Xbox Game Pass, but fuck it. Let's use it and try this bad boy out.

(I think the homie gifted this to me.)

(Edit 2/13/20 8:39 AM) This was the first time ever playing an F1 game. I was interested how different it was from NASCAR and it has some simularities (I spelled that wrong) and some differences. But I stuck with it and I'm pretty good. On career mode, that is. I haven't played multiplayer cause I know it's notorious for having trolls wrecking everyone at the start of the race.

It's super bowl sunday and I did a bit of a quick stream. Hope you guys enjoy. (sorry for all the pauses. This old house needs work. Not to mention it doesn't help that the neighbors are playing ball outside and keeps hitting the house, making me paranoid.)

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And this popcorn is so worth the wait. You can find them in dollar tree or dollar general. But from what my aunt has told me about that popcorn is that it's so good that the stores can never keep any on the shelves.

This is the stream of the Creepy Kitties Twitch channel stream. I'm reposting this due to the fact than an japanese company (that isn't Nintendo or The Pokemon Company) had sent a copyright notice to my friends and their stream. Now this company is notorious for doing this to other channels on YouTube.

In todays edition of Topic Tuesdays, both Summer and Sammi look into Pokemon and the creepypastas of the much beloved franchise. And things got... weird (and creepy, of course) in their findings...

The CreepyKitties Twitch links.

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Now all their stream times are in Central Standard Time:

Topic Tuesdays Every Tuesday at 9PM CST
Hosted by Summer and Sammi
And Media Mondays Every Monday at 7 PM CST Hosted by Sammi.

It's been a good while since I've played Resident Evil. But it's a good thing the homie Smurfman (Skullkidzonfire19) was there to help me shake off the rust.

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(Edit Saturday 1/25/20 1:46 P.M.)
Here's the first resident evil 6 video from the 2nd one that I put up earlier. Like I said before I'm gonna try to look through what I got to find the others if I remember if I had put them on my external hard drives or my thumb drives. Ok this is the shortest edit thus far.

We're a mutating monster out here! We're taking a look at Evolve on the channel. I've never played this but from the amount of times, I've been failing in this video, my blood began to boil. It's giving me flashbacks to playing Fight Night Champion.

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(Edit 1/25/20 1:21 P.M.)
This game and it's base died way too quickly. I don't even know who still plays Evolve. It looked pretty interesting back when I saw this at E3 but there were factors on why it burned out so quickly. Now that I'm thinking about it, this was the first Xbox Games for Gold game that I downloaded. I only played this game maybe a few times before I stopped and uninstalled itl That's the quickest note edit I've done to date on here. Also, the channels on the shoutout are on my youtube page.

Thank my boy, Smurfman for the title! My boy tried to beat the 2nd level and rage quit. I swear we have too much fun playing this game.

If you enjoyed this video and want to see more of the both of us (him)playing some more rage games (Dark Souls included) then leave a comment on what game you want us to play.

Edit 1/25/20 2:32 P.M.
Oh my aching childhood! Crash Bandicoot! This game is absolute gem of a game. But holy shit, I don't even remember it being as hard like it was in the video from the original OG trilogy! Man, I love and hate this game.

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These Wailers and zombie dogs are really after our asses in this video. It'll be funny as we go into a blind panic.

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(Edit Saturday 1/25/20 1:11 P.M.)
Ah yes... Resident Evil 6 If you haven't noticed from watching this one video is that games like this always have me a bit jumpy. But me and the home absolutely love the Resident Evil Series. I'm gonna try to upload some if not all of the videos we have made. But most of them have been lost due to the fact that my old laptop has officially died on me. Taking away all of my projects, music, and other videos with it. So all I got are the videos on my YT channel and the joint channel we use. Also, I forgot about the channel intro I had used for the video. It's not good at all. Sorry!

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Don't say nothing. Shut yo mouth how I sound. Hope you guys enjoy this video and sorry ya'll only got 1 video this weekend. Still looking after my mother while she recovers.

Edit Friday 1/24/20) Happy New Year to ya! I don't know why I decided to play Hitman: Blood money when I never knew how to play it since I never played the Hitman series games. And on top of that, I decided to play while my mouth was still tasting horrible and numb after leaving the dentist. They messed up the filling I had the week before the video was made. Always remember to brush your teeth after every meal and brush at night. Floss also and use mouthwash. Trust me, save your teeth and keep them clean cause I hated the taste of that numbing agent. I might play this again, if y'all want. Let me know on twitter. ( (@ItMeT0kenMixer)

My shit

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I had this thought since I downloaded this game: why don't I make a stream since I got it for the moment? And then when I first started playing it online, I remembered that I am absolute garbage at online multiplayer games. Well, I decided fuck it, I'll give it a shot. So here it is. My first stream of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

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If you think I learned my lesson when I made my first DT&T video, well you were wrong. And this time I had the homie, Smurfman (Skullkidzonfire19) for the ride. I was trying top pay attention while I was driving but I couldn't

(Current me: Ah yes. DiRT 3. I never finished the LP of this yet. Maybe in the new year, I'll finish it up. I'll have to reupload all the videos I've made so far here but I'll try to do it.)

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I failed so horribly at this game for a few reasons.

1. I had a fast car instead of aggression car for doing an marked man event.

2. I was more focused on trying to wreck my opponents in a race than just go fast and git gud.
3. I constantly kept doing donuts
4. I should've done a MGSV video.
5. Did I mention I should've chosen a better car?

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Bootlegness TO THE MAX! AGGREGATE TOTAL! (pink flower)

Sorry for the horrible view.

(Current me: Jesus... I forgot all about this video. This was made New Years Eve, December 31st, 2012. My friend finally wore me down to make videos on my laptop on YouTube. [When it wasn't such a fucking wreck like it is now] Me and him had such a good time playing this game, that we had a couple of his neighbors come knock on his house door.)

So as you'll notice, the quality is ass cause my webcam was a potato and the view is shit because my laptop was on my lap facing his television while we played. I was working with what I had.)

I don't have a screenshot of the gameplay so.. here's Paul Heyman's face. (Are you gonna take us off the air now?! SHEEP FUCKERS!)

Neither one of us have played the 21 minigame before. So this is a very new thing for us. And as per usual, we got weird and had no idea what we were getting outselves into with this. But it was all #ForTheLoveofWheatPaste

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From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck.

Truth is...the game was rigged from the start.

I played the 21 minigame off camera so... Yeah, I hate this minigame.





Thank you to Plague Jester Sky for making the thumbnail for this video! (I can't find the original thumbnail man!)

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Crime Time with Lady Sky and Mistress BirdBerella:

It's been awhile since I touched a NFS game but I gotta say, this one is worth the wait. I was planning to get a new NFS game before but I saw the game play of the other ones and thought against it.

We couldn't make this up. We had sooooooo much fun playing this. And if you guys want to see more goofiness from me and the homie Smurfman, we got a joint channel called SonicandSmurfman.


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