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Makes me sick to the stomach this shit.
Dude it's gone past getting his reg, your 20 years behind and still in your bed, right in front of your eyes.
If there wasn't a problem to begin with , it wouldn't of got this far in the first place.

For weeks I have had this video to upload. So I finally managed it. Then realised another channel Debess uploaded the same video earlier this afternoon. Grrrr! scoot1073
Looks like they are getting us to kill our Brothers and Sisters again in another war.
Let's not forget in all this plandemic and war bs that it's always gonna be about white genocide.
This is a new channel and sharing one of the video's to get him supported up.

Not being defeatist. Thought of the track when I saw the picture here:-

1st Stage: Classification
I believe this word is meant in the sense of “to separate into different classes (of people)” rather than as a noun that comes from the verb to classify. Regardless, this stage is all about separating people from each other, dividing people into different classes and introducing the Us vs. Them mentality. In the past, this was done along the fault lines of ethnicity, race, religion or nation. Now, in the context of the COVID cult, it’s done according to who believes and who rejects the COVID cult narrative. If you are a dissenter or non-believer, you are being singled out for your thoughtcrime. If you stand for medical sovereignty or bodily autonomy, you are being put into a separate class.

2nd Stage: Symbolization
Symbols are used in many ways. Symbolization is used here to make the targeted group, who are enemies of the state, stand out as ignominious and conspicuous dissenters or traitors. In the times of 3rd Reich, the Nazis forced the Jews to wear a yellow star as a symbol that they were in a different class. In the COVID cult, this is done through reverse psychology: model citizens of the NWO cover their faces, but those outside the COVID cult refuse to cover their face. By refusing to wear a mask, these dissenters voluntarily make themselves a highly visible target.

3rd Stage: Discrimination
Discrimination is illegal in many nations, but that doesn’t seem to matter in the COVID cult. Centuries-old legal traditions and human rights have been trampled underfoot. The government has used not wearing a mask as a pretext for the mass denial of rights, including but not limited to rights such as the right to freely travel, the right to freely earn a living and run one’s own business, the right to freely trade with others and the right to enter public places. Discrimination is a way of tightening the screws and increasing the pressure for what is next to come.

4th Stage: Dehumanization
This intensity picks up in this next stage. Dehumanization always seems to be a necessary precondition to murder, since it involves making the target appear less than human, not valuable and unworthy in the eyes of the killers-to-be. Generally, the targeted group is robbed of its humanity through labels, insults and characterizations which all emphasize distinctions rather than the commonality of what all of us humans have regardless of our differences. In terms of the COVID cult, heretics are branded fanatics, selfish, extreme, disease-spreaders, super-spreaders, domestic terrorists, asymptomatic carriers, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and much more. In 2019, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared vaccine hesitancy (and by extension ‘anti-vaxxers’) among the top 10 threats to global health.

5th Stage: Organization
Past genocides consisted of war, mass murder, bloody massacres and/or mass graves. If a genocide comes from the COVID operation, it will be less sensationalistic. Operation Coronavirus is a silent operation using fear, trauma-based mind control and other ritualistic elements. It has the hallmarks a false flag operation like 9/11; look at the history of false flag ops and the history of fake pandemics. In this stage, the government begins actively organizing its police and military forces against those it has branded enemies.

6th Stage: Polarization
In my opinion, this stage is very comparable to the first stage, or is just an intensification of it. If you are a social engineer, once you have separated the masses into different classes, you can then further entrench that division via polarization, setting the groups into mutual antagonism against each other. This has been happening for years in the US anyway, even before Operation Coronavirus was launched, and was exacerbated by Trump, wittingly or not. Things have reached a low point in the US where it seems many Americans cannot simply remember they are both human, or both American, and feel the need to dehumanize their ‘opponent’ if he or she is not on the correct political team. Whatever happened to being able to agree to disagree, or being mature enough to accept others have opposing views to yours? In the COVID cult, the NWO controllers have deliberately fueled the fire between the masses and the discriminated aware minority via the MSM, which constantly spreads propaganda that healthy people are asymptomatic carriers.

7th Stage: Preparation
This stage of preparation involves things like isolation and quarantine camps. Politicians have been suggesting detainment camps (i.e. prisons) for those who refuse to embrace the COVID cult. There have been rumors for decades in the US about alternative uses for FEMA camps. If you don’t have the “mark”, you’re out of luck, and you’re either excluded from society, excluded from commerce or literally imprisoned.

I share this for like minded Brothers and Sisters mainly and other's (skip to 9.11) in audio 'for the easily triggered' in these times who are taking the narrow path.
Praise our Father. Full of great information as to our natural bodily functions and the process's of removing toxins, optimal health and why fasting is vital.
FASTING 01/21/2018 Another great talk brought to us from the 'HERALD OF TRUTH RADIO' Radio for God's people. Archives here:-
One would be a fool to cast out the stone on finding later, that it was the founding cornerstone of their survival.

James Harvey Teenage Freedom Fighter From Wales UK,
He has been a great voice for children of his generation and passionate for his freedoms. What the world needs. I salute you fella!
He has already raised nearly 90%

Students against tyranny will be a platform to connect like-minded students together so they don't feel so isolated in their beliefs.

From Wales Awake Bitchute :-

I don't remember where it came from. Top marks for this gallant fellow though. :)

Skip to 4 minutes to miss the intro if you want. He does say that he has other plans to get a person in who has had the jab live and they will take blood live and look at it on another date so you may want to listen to it all. I will try and follow up with that, if and when it happens and upload it.

Downloaded from a comment link. Go find it.

Original title:- Australian Police Handcuffing Pepper Spray Children For Not Wearing Face Masks.

Typical attitude of these self appointed psychopathic, parasitic bastards.

Artists, whether they are sculptors, painters, poet's, musicians need support if they are carrying the words and the narratives we are all fighting. It may not be the same as putting a video together or walking in a crowd with a placard or a speaker but it is none the less a powerful tool that can used. And creativity is what us Europeans do best right? :)

Artists, whether they are sculptors, painters, poet's, musicians need support if they are carrying the words and the narratives we are all fighting. It may not be the same as putting a video together or walking in a crowd with a placard or a speaker but it is none the less a powerful tool that can used. And creativity is what us Europeans do best right? :)

Go PeteGee:-
Artworks By Pete:-

KIngdom Ministries is a Christian identity channel and some of you may like to skip the main podcasts introduction up to 2mins and 35 seconds.
This is an interview with Monica Stone, she discusses her visits to the USA and draws comparisons of the history within South Africa prior too, and including the ANC and how this parallels with what is happening in much of the West.

I highly recommend many of you interested to listen to this and other audio streams and video's on my channel, some quite far down. As the blueprint you find here is a mirror of what is happening through-out the West and better you be informed than not.

I also find that many still do not realise the significance of drawing from history the parallels of how the patterns of communism have manifested themselves in to this present day modern world. Something I think is vital and all too many have had years of information to retrieve in doing so and still have ignored the signs and hollers of many of their own brothers and sisters across the world.
Please inform yourselves, so others do not have to continue to in vain.

If you would like a link to the Kingdom Ministry website please ask.

I don't know so don't ask, to me it's a bit like the Mcafee death, was he, wasn't he. Are we being taken for a ride. Is this genuine, a psyop, scaremongering, the truth regarding documa=entation. All I do know is that operation Pogo and Zephyr are real ''governmental'' :/ programmes and further reading can be accessed online.

This was the final recording from DAVID ELIAS GOLDBERG before his killing. He reveals two classified projects underway – PROJECT POGO and PROJECT ZYPHR – to stifle American free speech and to push the chilling GREAT PURGE plans scheduled for implementation very soon (possibly as early as 2020/2021) that will result in the “extermination” of tens of millions of Americans. Most of the information about David Elias Goldberg has been Scrubbed from the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, however, articles still circulated for a while before they were removed from Internet Searches. There are many Disinformation articles that were uploaded just after his death that are still around and please realize that is exactly their game. The Zionists kill their biggest enemies, destroy all Truther information from them that they can, and then discredit the person using AD HOMINEM ATTACKS. On June 8th, 2019, David Goldberg, at the age of 59, was killed in his Brooklyn apartment. This audio recording is the last warning he was able to make.
This source:-
Murdered for speaking out: Last words of David Goldberg warning of mass murder of Americans - Veteran's Today (Article and Video)


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