Art work:- Arthur Rackham was an English book illustrator. He is recognized as one of the leading literary figures during the Golden Age of British book illustration.

J.Rothe-Kushel and G. McCarron return to Our Interesting Times to discuss the ugly history of the Anti-Defamation-League and the B'nai Brith, the Civil War, and Freemasonry.
Jeremy and Greg are the hosts of The Antedote.

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The magical tale of the 3 plagues of Britain.
Narration - John Hughes.

Produced/Edited - Stef B.
Actors - Rob Evans, Angi, Myra, Gill.
Cameramen - Stef B, Dyfed John, Stephen H.
Script - Gill Clarke.
Music by - Llewellyn & Juliana, Medwyn Goodall, Chris Conwy.
Illustrations - Jodie Harnan.

Alan Wilson is the co-author (with Baram Blackett) of several books on ancient British history that epose the greatest fibs in British history. Now in his 80s, Alan's extensive knowledge and insight comes from over 40 years of research. He's not just making this up... everything he says can be backed-up by verifying data and documents; many of which are written in the Ancient British tongue (Welsh) and remain, as yet, untranslated in their entirety.

As Britain currently stands with uncertainty amid political change and division, there never was a greater need for the truth to be told. Time to listen. For, to quote Cicero, “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”

And so, by popular demand, I give you Alan’s full 2 hour presentation, which was filmed, live-edited and live-streamed by Hugh Newman and Jonathan Adams of Pentos Films @PentosTV at the 3rd ARC Convention, which was held in Bath at the Chapel Arts Centre in 2011. Many thanks to Jonathan Adams for allowing this to be uploaded here for the first time in its entirety - for free! Sit back and enjoy as if you were there... compliments of the house.

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This questions and it puts the discussion somewhat of Aryan nations on the table.I would not say this film is definitive or extensive or should be taken as 100% factual but maybe a stepping stone into further research. I am going to uploading similar video's in the coming weeks of varying kinds and by various researchers. We need to discuss and take seriously our ancestry and the history of our race within the West. We have a lot of work to do to decipher all the deception, lies we have been told and our stolen historical manuscripts.

Description from Political hacker. Uploaded version to I think it is worth reading.
Video by robert sepehr. At around 4:00 he mentions "races", there is only one race, the Aryan race, all "others" are a sub-species mix with animal DNA. He mentions Himmlers ideas of paganism, yet most of the NSDAP were various branches of Christian, such as protestant, baptist, and Hitler himself was a catholic. The Holy Scriptures themselves do speak of Odin (IF you understand how to read it and look at it in the original language). The flood itself spoken of in the Scriptures is what happened to our old Aryan homeland. Even in Egypt, which was settled by the son of Nuach ("Noah"), the one called "Ham", yet its not "Ham" and it never was, if you look at the original Hebrew you'll see that his name is actually Khem, which is what ancient Egypt was originally called. The reason why Nuach escaped was because he was warned by Elohim ("God"), the reason why Nuach was allowed to escape was because he was perfect in his race, he was genetically pure in other words, as the Scriptures say. The reason why the flood came, at least in part, was to destroy the species ("race") mixers and those of mixed species. Text in Egypt, according to Wesley Swift, mention that our people seen, heard and spoke to or communicated with the angels of God continually, until the evil doing got so bad that they just did not make themselves seen/known anymore from their realm to this realm. So by the sons of Nuach was the earth spread over, from him and his Aryan sons we have all the Aryan species as we see it today upon the earth. When the Hebrews, the Aryan species through Shem, NOT those that like to call themselves "jews" today, went into Egypt they served under their brothers Aryan children, the offspring of Khem ("Ham"), until they left at about 1000 BC which as everyone should know is right at the point in time when the negroes from south of Egypt invaded and finally got a foothold in that land...and you see the mongrelized species over there today. The reason why the offspring of the Aryan branch Shem had to leave Egypt was because if they had stayed they would have been mongrelized into the crap thats over there today...that was the entire reason for making them leave that area and finish spreading out all over the earth.
At about 10:50, darwins idiotic theory is NOT true, it never has been and never could be. There are very small changes over very long periods of time that can occur to cause species to adapt more to certain climates or conditions, but to believe that one species can magically change into another, even over vast periods of time, is just plain stupid.
At about 17:00 he starts to try to say that the perfect would, according to a certain belief system of BABYLON, have homosexual relations and oral sex and mentions other sorts of filth...its obvious that someone is VERY confused when it comes to understanding the perfect, as the perfect would NEVER even think of commiting such sick and disgusting acts of mental illness, even those not that far along know better than to commit disgusting acts against nature itself. I believe that robert sepehr thinks along those lines because i believe that he is a faggot, i have always thought that he was a queer. I know that the last name of sepehr is a name attributed entirely to arabs in this day and age. So, if you can put away the stupid faggot crap, there is SOME fine info in this video, and other things are misleading, when mentioning National Socialist Germany and the perfect.

The ancient Atlanteans WERE the ancient Aryans, and the Aryans today are their descendents. As for the Kathars, thats another story.
Its not just tibet, what most fail to realize is that the entire planet was ONLY Aryan at one point in time. Yes china and japan were a homeland of Aryans at one point in the past unto the mongrelization with the slant eyed creatures occured, now there are no Aryans left over there, just slant eyed creatures with a little bit of Aryan blood in them.
From about 27 minutes in to about 28:03, there could not be anything more true, its a very obvious reality to know that to mix a superior species with a lower creature can only bring disaster and decay and destruction, we are even now seeing it all over the "modern" world.
The Grail is not a material object, our folk have lost their spiritual instinct since the days of the flood.

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More of satans little helpers. Video mirrored from here:- The page is full of further interesting satanic ju-ju magic characters.

Ralph Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending, 1914
Janine Jansen, Violin, Royal Abert Hall 2003

Dariusz Mikulski & Niederschlesische Philharmonie

An Italian Madonna. A woman in costume for the Perugia Medieval Summer Festival in Umbria. Photographed by Steve McCurry. Edited by poster.

The documentary is revealing look at the power of the mass media, propaganda, terrorism and communism to execute political change between 1984-1994.
''Lied to again, by the you know who's via media and their propaganda'' whilst they were stoking another one of their revolutions'' There is only ever one winner in these games, satans little comrades.

Eric Hunt
''Eric Hunt used to have a passion for exposing Holocaust liars for what they are using trailblazing video documentaries and professional 3-D animations. He changed his mind in late 2016/early 2017, though, and is no longer active in the field''.

I don't want to set the world on fire
I just want to start a flame in your heart

In my heart I have but one desire
And that one is you, no other will do

I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim
I just want to be the one you love
And with your admission, that you'd feel the same
I'll have reached the goal, I'm dreaming of, believe me

I don't want to set the world on fire
I just want to start a flame in your heart

I don't wanna set the world on fire, honey
I love you too much

I just wanna start a great big flame down in your heart
You see, way down inside of me
Darling, I have only one desire
And that one desire is you

And I know, nobody else ain't gonna do

The Ink spots. I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire.

So it looks like the bolsheviks forced hundreds of thousands to take refuge in and around Dresden and then churchill ordered it firebombed for days. Nice. I wonder who was behind churchill and who was behind the bolsheviks??? :(


The Scottish forum 2016. Title and video mirrored from here:-

Some American Europeans were just returning to an original white continental homeland previously 'stolen' (to use the all to common anti white word rhetoric) by non whites. Sounds about right to me.


Auschwitz, Children. Records show that more than 3,000 babies were born and survived until the end of the war at Auschwitz.

For some reason this is not playing for me, so I have uploaded another because I am not sure this isn't every ones experience. Its the one with the black and white dog jumping on the cover picture, that loads and plays. Here:-
Auschwitz, Children. Records show that more than 3,000 babies were born and survived until the end of the war at Auschwitz.


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