The Kinography's perfect Easter Tribute

You Make My Dreams Come True

Nasim shows you how to feel up a mannequin, or how to check for lumps. You decide.

Nasim wants you to call on her apple phone

Nasim cracks herself up making a suggestive recipe video about icy pops

Just watch it, she's a comedian you will laugh

You can sing however you like if you look that good

Nasim sings and dances

Nasim dances in purple with that hilarious chicken mask. Singing about chickens.

Nasim getting beamed up to her original song (awesome full version here:

My favorite Nasim video

Nasim's touching tribute to her bun friend who passed away in Nov. 2017 at 10 years of age. RIP

Nasim drops sick bars, probably about not eating animals

Nasim does her thing with tiki torches, makes it rain, and dragons

Nasim shows off her ninja (and English) skills on America's Got Talent

One of Nasim's most iconic videos, as remixed in all-time classic "Goodbye Google"

Nasim parodies "Calkala," a crappy Turkish pop hit with a cliche video. I don't think she liked it.

Nasim(s) dance

Nasim shows us how to make vegan mayonnaise

Nasim does her thing

The real deal.

Well-researched and nicely presented analysis of the Buchenwald "Holocaust evidence" that highlights some glaring misrepresentations in the official story.

E. Michael Jones presents a scholarly history of the world framed through a lens that includes suppressed jewish influence.

Full presentation of techniques for psychological subversion applied by Soviet Union/KGB upon Western society, as explained by defector Yuri Bezmenov.

A renowned scientist presents an excellent argument against the "Global Warming" consensus.


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