Several times I have looked at videos about the Flat Earth. None convinced me in any way. Then I stumbled on this. This covers a great number of other subjects as well, as everything is inter-related, though we are trained to categorize everything in Western schools. Some historical lies remain here, but they can be forgiven for that, considering the scope of this. I am still suffering a bit of Cognitive Dissonance from this, but that is what happens when 60 year old knowledge gets challenged. Welcome to the party.

I have to differ with what they are saying here a bit. If you watch Terry Jones' BBC film series The Crusades, which I will link below, you will find that the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church came first. Only later did the Roman Catholic Church come along, which was an organization of control and power, and this is where the problems began. This is just something most people are not aware of because history has never been taught properly. I don't normally post internet round table discussions but am making an exception here.
Link to The Crusades, Part 1,

Eric Hecker - any relation to Ivory Hecker? - talking about his experiences as a Contractor for Raytheon in Antarctica. I just despise Tik-Tok though.
Link to his site,

Not sure of the event. Primary maybe? Working on something else so... Sorry for the glitching in the beginning. I had to cut some annoying stuff off the beginning and this was the best result of three.

A very old warning that I had never seen. Seven years later we had 9/11, with Israelis jumping up and down celebrating, and the the PATRIOT ACT happened. Problem solved.
Link to The Ugly Truth About The ADL (rotate in your viewer),

Full Show

You are a Human Being, not a PERSON. Hat tip to #ClaiereEdwards Uncensored channel for this.

Titled as I found it, though the video says Project 5001 on my taskbar.

Discussing the Incorporation of the United States of America in 1871 and the legal charade which we operate under.

The only copies we have of Conspiracy of Silence are a raw, unedited version. The versions which were "produced" were bought and removed. This is the full interview with Paul Bonacci from that show,

Wow, this is pretty telling.

Agape School arrests, and where they lead.

I trimmed the intro, which was over 6 minutes long. True, there was an old time song, but the video background for it had nothing to do with the subject matter. I did leave the Title untouched, but all that intro had to go. I will keep my eyes open for Part 2.

Listen as the Biden character demonstrates he is not in control of anything. Like watching Abe Simpson.

Ashley speaks up about more than the showers. Compare the Joe Bidens. Which one is your favorite double?

Well, what the hell ya know about that?

Marc Dutroux is an infamous child trafficker from Belgium who was never brought to justice, despite police understanding what happened. At that time Queen Beatrix was ruling Belgium and was said to be involved in human trafficking for the Royals.

Audio-book for the 1958 book by Louis (Lajos) Marchalko, Czek Journalist
Part 5 of 5 parts
Link to Part 1 of the series,


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