This is my personal take on the mash-up with the special edit. All credits to the original artist

Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqejn...
OG Videos

Quick video edit I made. For lots of nostalgia for all my old videos and the history of my personality (mostly for friends but I upload it incase if I ever vanish and they wish to watch old things I made.) Was planning on making it about cartoons and video games but that's already been done so just did this. Though I might re-upload the end part without based edits and redpills and only total war in it.

welcome to part 2 of ending larpers

Gotta shoot em all

Glow nig will end this, once and for all. Part 2 will come soon, reason I had to do it in parts is that my editor is shit.

The rest of the other meme comps were on my youtube channel. (just realized youtube killed them cuz jewtube UH OH looks like I have to upload em here too.

In Streets Of Rage 2x, there is rebellion mode, I played as some characters and found Bruce as of now to be one of the most op ones.

Aerial Footage, Bakers, Health Clinics, Pool, Theater, Rabbit breading, reported j*ws being killed already, fakers, and much more that proves this "event" was a joke.

Jew vs Freemason in an alternate timeline

Civil War Rome is falling x Desert Lament For Soldier's Glory

Made by IvanDistrict

Civil War Rome is Falling + Desert Stars Of Delusive Hopes mashup

Made by IvanDistrict

Was gonna upload this on the youtube channel for a tribute when my discord got banned, forgot to. See no reason to upload it to jewtube.

History of my whole activity during 2018 - 2021

All the based memes you could ask for.

A remake of the last upload.

All rights to Civil War and Serenity. The footage came from Europa last battle part 7 - 9. I give this as a tribute to all the men lost on each side in this conflict that could have been avoided time and time again. World War 2 was the death of mankind, it was the final battle of Europe. It was fate that the good guys lost. The world is owned by lucifer, but that does not mater, because Jesus wins!

The art of hating islam

song - Trump by rucka rucka ali

Thank you for your service.

credit to JewsForHitler

Note: This was a school project that got me suspended for adding Jospeth Gobbles and Jesus Christ. It was worth it. So that's the reason others were not in it, nor more images of some leaders.

Pat is love, Pat is life




Honestly, it's still proven Jews are in the Illuminati. So either way, you're still hating Jews.

The Ultimate battle


part 2


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I post-based shit. Youtube is owned by a communist and I do not support this. They strike so much of my shit down that I am tired of it. This is my new channel for shitposts and memes