Dinesh D’Souza Warns Of Rising POLICE STATE, Lara Logan Exposes 2020 Congressional TREASON!

Vaccine Bioweapon SURVIVORS SPEAK OUT, Stew Sits Down With Brittany Galvin & Karolina Stancik. The DOD’s military mandate was illegal, destroyed the health of soldiers, and made the American military weaker.
Karolina Stancik is here to detail her vaccine injury in an exclusive sit down interview with Stew Peters.
Karolina has had three heart attacks and her life will never be the same because of Big Pharma.
When will the monsters who deployed a bioweapon against humanity answer for their crimes?
Brittany Galvin gives an exclusive sit down interview with Stew on being vaccine injured and how Big Tech and Big Pharma worked to censor her story.

Chinese ILLEGALS Plan VIOLENT UPRISING, Trudeau Is A Coke Head, Nations Must Submit To Christ!
Justin Trudeau went on a cocaine fueled bender at the G20 summit.
Odessa Orlewicz is here to detail the success of the million man march in Canada and confirm that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a cocaine problem.
China believes it has the right to govern America because they claim their ancestors were first to North America.
Michael Yon is on the ground in Panama City, Panama and he joins to detail the coming violent uprising of Chinese Nationals in America.
Some evangelicals are using leftist tactics and calling Christian Nationalism “racist”.
Former Trump a

The Dems, Big Pharma, the NFL, and the satanic music industry are teaming up.
Fashion designer and CEO of One God Clothing Company, Morgan Ariel is here to talk about this latest celebrity alliance.
The backlash from Trump’s pro abortion comments continues.
Musician Bryson Gray is here to talk about Trump’s flip flop on the issue of abortion.
The Pro-Life agenda is not optional.
Perverted teachers are forcing porn on our kids and it’s worse in Canada than it is here in the U.S.
Josh Alexander is back to talk about how his brother Nick was assaulted by Antifa thugs and went uncharged.
Nobody is going after Russell Brand because of his sex life.
Political analyst David Vance is here to talk about the latest from the Russell Brand story.

Military Using Tax Dollars For BABY MURDER, New Children’s Book “I’m Unvaccinated & That’s OK!

EXCLUSIVE: Zelensky Partners With WITCH Marina Abramovic, Biden Accuser Tara Reade TELLS ALL!

McCarthy’s Impeachment Inquiry A GIANT SHAM, Canadian Parents March Against Groomer Pedophiles

Ray Epps FINALLY Charged To Discredit FED Informant Rumors, ADL’s WAR Against Free Speech Private Video (Scheduled)

Zelenskyy Begs D.C. To Fund WORLD WAR 3, SHAME: Trump Pivots On Satanic Sacrament Of Abortion

Pfizer’s South African BLOOD Contract, Dems & Neocons TARGET Musk Over Starlink Tech REFUSAL

United Nations Plans One World Government, Ukraine’s TRANNY Mouthpiece Threatens Journalists

Lara Logan & Stew Peters EXCLUSIVE Interview, EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY For Deep State TRAITORS

W.H.O. Employee BLOWS WHISTLE: Pandemic 2.0 Imminent, Patriot Act WEAPONIZED Against Americans Private Video (Scheduled)

Stew Peters Network EXCLUSIVE: Covenom Part 2: Jonathan Otto Reveals TRUTH Behind DEADLY Covid JABS

Snowflakes KILL COMEDY, Zelenskyy’s Corrupt Cocaine Fueled Money Laundering Scheme EXPOSED

Dustification: Directed Energy Weapons Down WTC, Boomers Still Pushing Official 9/11 Narrative

Georgia RINOS Dragging Nation To Civil War, BRICS Nations To CRUSH Dollar, FEDS Sentence J6er

Barack Obama Outed As HOMO Cocaine Whore, Elon Musk Goes To War With ADL JEWISH SUPREMACISTS

BOMBSHELL: CIA/FBI Funding Ukrainian Nazis On U.S. Soil, Embalmers Still Finding Fibrous Clots

Courageous Boy Stands Up For Gadsden Flag, Military Woman Suffers HEART ATTACKS From BIOWEAPON

PLANDEMIC 2.0 Is Already Here, Media HYPES Fear, Target Builds New Pandemic Pick Up Lanes

Qanon Shaman SPEAKS OUT, Ian Crossland Says NO To TYRANNICAL Covid Lockdowns & DIRTY MASKS

Alex Jones: Maui DEWs, Deep State False Flag, Trump ASSASSINATION ALERT and EXTREME Accountability

Trump Indictment LIES EXPOSED In Georgia: Non-Profit VoterGA Calls For Special Legislative Session

Stew Peters joined The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday to break down the evidence of directed energy weapons being used against Maui in the recent deadly inferno.


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