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Farmers trying to feed them,
Police beating them saying they can't produce food in accordance with NEW WORLD ORDER because it causes global warming... oh sorry, now they call it Climate Change so they can blame both warming OR cooling on YOU!

This is what its going to come down to folks, US against them!

I think the farmers won this one.

WINCHESTER HOSPITAL, Winchester, Ontario Canada
- to get a job in a government run facility, you must be queer or a migrant. normal white people may not apply at the HOMO HOSPITAL.

No cars, everything within 15 minutes. This is how they want it. Easy to control the peasants. Mostly gay people will live there.

Maria Farmer, the first victim of Jeffrey Epstein to come forward, explains how Jewish supremacy motivated her abusers.

"If your heart is having to work 46% harder than a non-vaccinated person's heart, for six months, that's 18 million beats... Every one of those beats is at close to 50% more energy required than a [unvaccinated] person's heart. It only happens after the vaccine."

There is now evidence of this from Tokyo, Oxford, New York, and Houston.

Water turning kids gay. this goes along perfectly with the Satanic Pedophile Agenda 2030. Gays are good for Satan because it goes against the bible's "go forth and procreate" and "a man shouldn't sleep with another man"
It also goes along to quash what they satanic left has turned "Toxic Masculinity". When I grew up, Masculinity was a good thing. Now they call it "toxic"!???
Folks, please dont use Tick Tock. Its from Communist China!

We've been saying this since 2019. Its also on our website. Please see "All you need to know" front page of our website IWANTTHETRUTH.CA
There are documents there, PDF's between WHO and FDA saying they had no virus so they used "characteristic stocks" aka something they THINK MIGHT have been COVID had there been such a thing.
We also have a Freedom of Information request from Region of Durham Health Dept saying the same, "NO SUCH INFORMATION!" It's all there folks.

COVID 19 was never a virus. Its an acronym for Certificate Of Vaccination ID 19= the first and 9th letters, AI which is the means of which they plan to control everyone with once they have their Vaccine ID.

finally a politician that speaks the truth!

and Jetboy used military strength against his/her own unarmed citizens and forced them to take experimental injections or lose their livelihoods but Putin is a bad guy because he took down some biolabs and liberated the Ukrainian people from their own Nazis! I bet Trudeau has stocks in the Vaseline company. Heck, he/she likely owns it!

No surprise that his/her wife left him and took the kids which some say are not even his/hers.
No surprise that Gates wife left him as well. I mean both women obviously love the money but both these entities (male or female or "other") are as queer as the ace of spades! Who can forget when Gates said in an interview in front of his/her wife "we just take little kids and shoot them right in the vein!" when talking about microorganisms they shoot children up with! The poor wife was shocked. Didn't know what to say. Eventually she figured, "well I have enough money, who wants to be associated with this psychopath!?"

And Trudeau's wife (more of a man that he/she will ever be) thought the same. He's a psycho using military against unarmed citizens AND their children! And HIS/HER RCMP trampling old ladies using walkers with their horses! If this was any other country, he/she would likely be beheaded or burned at the stake.
Ford in the background, him and his brother were Scarborough's biggest drug dealers in HIGH School. His brother Rob got in power then hired on his little brother Doug, who then took his seat as Premier of Ontario.

Originally the Fords were very conservative until after a meeting with Gates in the summer of 2019. After that, they flipped 180 degrees, completely bowing to Gates. Who knows what was said at that meeting, how much they were paid or what blood sacrifices were made! But now, the Fords (Doug) went complete commie. Even his own daughter doesn't agree with father Doug's direction. She posted a video saying "don't hate my father, his hands are tied".. HOW? Someone got a gun to his head? We can all make our own decisions.

Kanada as well as 198 other (once) nations have been "Penetrated" by WEF. They all signed onto the "Agendas" which gave WEF control over these nations to try to make a One World Government.

NORMALLY, such infiltration would be met with military defence, PROTECTING one's nation but the Kanadian leaders are weak. They do their best performances on their knees and sucked up to Nazi Schwab and his WEF. Kanada even gave a standing ovation to a Nazi war criminal in the highest Kandian government arena and they support and send money to the AZAMO Battalion in Ukraine, (Ukrainian Nazis)

This is the Satanic Leftist Liberal Commie theme song, have a look... https://hornet.com/stories/gay-rockers-elton-motello-jet-boy-jet-girl/

You may know that the "president" of Ukraine, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, appeared in gay dance videos but did you know he was also a comedian who made a living dressing up as a woman and doing lewd acts with his / her genitals on stage?

These apparently are the requirements to holding public office. You need to be a Queer Faggot Commie Junkie Pedophile. Then you get the job. No degree required!

Just look at Trudeau's cabinet (which Schwab so happily admits over half are indocternated by his WEF) Shamus ORegan, Marci Ian, Ben Chin all hold high places under Trudeau. They were all from Ch 57, newscasters, ALL as QUEER AS THE ACE OF SPADES! NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE! JUST LIKE QUEEN JUSTIN!

THIS is what you need to get hired! NOT a degree! You just have to be one of them! That's why all the job applications now ask if you are male female or "other" because if you check male or female, they know you think conservatively and therefore don't get the job! You must check "other" then you are accepted! Fucking parasitic commies invaded the True North once Strong and Free! US too! (except for FL and TX, the last stand)


See why it's so important to defend conservative values. And it's so much deeper than just man & woman. ALL the Satanic Leftist ideology must be defended against. Global Warming (now known as Climate Change, buecase Climate Change can be either warming or cooling so they can blame either on you, not just warming. Its too hot? Blame YOU! Too cold? Blame YOU for using plastic straws and up holding Biblical teachings.

Even the tesla car is satanic. Not the concept but the way they build the car with so many controls in place. You tap the curb with a tesla, you have to have it delivered via flatbed truck to a tesla dealership to be "reset" at a cost of $2000.00 CDN ( I know someone this happened to!) car would not start after the tire hit a parking barrier! The self driving car will, verify its you, then lock your ass in the car and rive you to the nearest COVEY Camp! This is what its coming to! Ban ANYTHING leftist. Ban anything "SMART"! Smart car, smart watch, smart meter etc.

> they're in everything from dental anesthetics to B12 injections!
> she explains in depth about 1/3rd the way in. All your nanoparticles are automatically uploading you to a universal central server.
> Dr Ana Mihalcea: "Graphene is a nanoantenna powder for sending biometric data to the Cloud. It is called "Smart Dust" and vaccines introduce biosensors into human physiology!"
> You have a Digital TWIN! Have a listen!
> Schwab said he wanted to fuse computers with humanity in his book the 4th Industrial Revolution


Remember they only want 500 million left on earth.

Here we have 3 clips spliced together. A young woman says she slept with 22 men in 10 days. Then we have a couple of more mature people basically saying where society is going and yes, it's all satanic.

British Author / Journalist Douglas Murray tells it like it is regarding the Kanadian Mainstream Media at the Munk Debates Roy Thomson Hall, November 2022. (https://munkdebates.com/about/)

This is how other countries see "Kanada" now! It's no longer "the True North Strong and Free" Now it's a commie sector of the New World Order controlled by Schwab as he so readily admits.

more about Munk here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Munk

- Kanadian media is controlled by the Kanadian government. It's not reporting or journalism, it's nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Government of Kanada
His website... https://douglasmurray.net/

Chris Sky Explains
King Charles has cancer -- everyone will rush out to get the shots now...
- Friends don't let friends make vertical videos!

🇪🇸 The communist Spanish police tackling farmers.
Of course they do not have the balls to do this to the thousands of illegals that arrive everyday at the shores of Almería.

-- Spanish farmers bypass police roadblocks in the fields.

-- Farmers block Milan airport. Demonstrations and road blockades continue across Italy ahead of a major demonstration in Rome on Friday.

Hey you Hulk'O'Maniacs! Welcome to WWF Spain!

Note the ref at the side counting the opponent out! lmfao!

☝️ 😡 personally, I have not eaten meat in over 25 years but this irks me as well! They're gonna push the meat eaters to be eating bugs as a cheaper option saying they're high in protein.
please see veganschoicemc.com

Migrants invading Spain this weekend

‼️Slovakia’s Prime Minister Announces Investigation into the “Covid Circus” and the "Died Suddenly" phenomenon.

“We will publish and tell the Slovak public what really happened during this Covid period,” declared PM Robert Fico.

He accused the previous governments of prioritizing pharma’s interest over the public’s:

“They made a lot of money from unnecessary purchases of various medical supplies and vaccines.”

Furthermore, Fico confronted public officials, accusing them of turning a blind eye to vaccine-related cardiovascular deaths.


Amazing how all the politicians are all about creating jobs on their platforms but in reality it's all about cutting out jobs!

The satanic left wants the remaining 500 million on earth poor and reliant on the government. Like the pimps get "their girls" hooked on heroin so they "need" to be slave to the pimps. Pimps are the lowest parasite scum of the earth should be used as fertilizer! Politicians are parasites feeding off their slaves, just leaving them enough life to keep producing blood for them!

I don't even use the self checkouts in the grocery stores. I will wait in line where the cashiers are, to help save their jobs! Stores like this take data of how many use the self checkouts so I won't use them!

The restaurant even uses FACIAL RECOGNITION! remembers your face, what you ordered last time, how you paid, when you were there etc! FTS!!

PS the annoying ticktock sh'bong at the end of all ticktock videos has been removed for your benefit and safety!

Ticktock is a COMMIE CHINESE DATA HARVESTING PROGRAM same as Faggotbook! I wish people would stop using them!!!

and please don't support robots!

Burzynski's Non toxic cancer treatment.
is it just me or does Burzynski look like Robin Williams?

People freezing to death and getting eaten by bears yet the "government" plows down the tents and shut down arenas used as shelters!
They're so addicted to alcohol, thinking it will keep them warm, they even drink hand sanitizer!
They're also using fentanyl, heroin, everything.
There are vacant malls but they won't open them to the homeless.


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