I know, you heard this before but pay attention!
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Officer McNulty Canadian Boarder Services breaks it down for you.


he speaks the truth but holding signs on street corners, sending love letters to the government and signing petitions... look where that's got us. 3 years later!? The Satanists don't give a fuck about "your feelings" the only thing they will have to answer to is force. Nobody wants to hear this but that's the only thing that will change anything. We need the heads of the snake (Hydra in this case) [no disrespect to snakes. they have nothing to do with human issues]

thank God I was not born nuts. fucken world's gone nuts. On top of them being poisonous, parents were fucking mental enough to shove these fucking sticks up into the brain barrier of little helpless children and they were like "it's for your own good! We're saving your life!"

Fucking humans been on earth for what? 200,000 years (that we know of) but now, you have to shove sticks into your brain "to be healthy!?" How fucking naive can peeple be! Clearly they deserve what they get.

Im sure you've all seen that EVERYTHING tests positive. Go outside and test you BMW!

President of Tanzania tested fruits, goats, motoroil, all came back positive;

They killed him (allegedly) and replaced him with a Muslim woman who was a Klaus Schwab WEF indoctrinate.

In fact they killed several presidents of African nations who refused Bill Gates Experimental Drugs;

This is really good too. The guy is 100% spot on. Its mostly like an audio but there is video playing as well. He's 100% spot on the New IRS no preview but you should see it and he talks about other things too, have a listen. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pE5B5Rmkcd1l/

cyanide, tnt, DONE DIRT CHEEP!
the dude's spot on but yu gotta admit, he looks like he's bin slipin the Astra-Zelnika a bit himself, you know what I'm sayin?

The part I like the best is how they had 3rd party camera set up to film the spacecraft from an outside point of view! Amazing!

Government Released Information UNDER COURT ORDER!

Pfizer Documents Reveal 22 Out Of 50 Women Experienced Spontaneous Miscarriages Stemming From Covid Vax

Notice she says "women who PARTICIPATED" in the Pfizer drugging.. Ya well they were COERCED! Nobody in their right mind would take experimental drugs, especially pregnant.

omg! also see this! the clot shots are "reassembling" themselves!


Is an Obstetrician, gynaecologist, 35 years professor, authored 3 best sellers, 8 tv specials, 10x on Oprah, she offers guidelines for us all to work together to take down the cabal.
She only briefly notes the website once at 4:00 and change. It's https://prosecutenow.io/
2nd this is US based but Im sure this can be done world wide.

this is her website https://www.drnorthrup.com/ with additional links.

PIMR affects 80% of the people on earth today. You could have it! Click here to find out!

There are a a few videos poppin up like this now. The satanic pedophiles use methods like this for tagging people, making them a mark for kidnapping etc. The tag represents "THIS PERSON IS AN EASY TARGET" If you see things like this, cut them off obviously but more importantly, be extra vigilant because these fuckers are everywhere!

here's one I posted earlier https://www.bitchute.com/video/P8TZr1OhWzoA/

Pedophiles everywhere! Look how they hide themselves;

I used to teach MMA, trained cops, military, civilians. No you're not gonna learn couple techniques and become Batman or Robin best to;

Even if you consider yourself a good fighter, don't look for trouble:

- DO NOT park in dark areas. Always park in well lit areas were there are lots of people. In front of security cameras gives you extra bonus points.

- Be extra cautious if a van is parked next to your car. You go for your car, the van door slides open, could be days before anyone even knows you're missing!

- let someone know where you plan to be.

- Travel in pairs or packs if possible.

- Ladies especially* do NOT be fucking around looking for your keys in your purse, in the dark! This is a most vulnerable time for you. The bad guys see this as their chance. Have your keys in your hand before you even get to the parking lot / garage! Hold them between your fingers so if you do have to strike you have some weapons between your fingers but let's not even get to that ok?
[*well I guess lots of men wear purses now too though right? lol]

- dash cam is a good idea. Bad guys might bump your car, then get out supposedly to say sorry but they put you in their car. If this happens, if it's in a populated area during the day time, it's probably a legit accident but if it's at night on a dark side street, you're best to drive somewhere populated where there's lots of light and lots of people or in front of a police station, fire dept etc.

- keep your tank full, fill up at popular, busy stations during the day is best if possible.

So basically don't put yourself in situations where you are a target.

the left LOVES pedophiles. It's our job to stop them. Protect the most vulnerable, children, women, elderly. Watch this!

check these vids about how they target people!



100% good info! aside from other things; minimize microwave use as much as possible.

Apple + Carrot + Celery juice!

I couldn't help but thinking about the drunk in Clockwork Orange when I saw Justin drunk or drugged during an interview so I was inspired to make this parody. I hope you like it.

The original Drunk Justin video can be viewed here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wkjAnQsVIclq/

And as promised in the video Ludwig's full 9th symphony can be enjoyed here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HljSXSm6v9M
Im in awe that this man made these symphonies in the 1700s. I wonder if he ever had an idea that we would still be loving and enjoying his music today.

NOTE: at 2:20 the drunk, played by Paul Farrell (September 21, 1893~June 12, 1975) makes a mockery of "Men on the Moon". This was no coincidence as it was said that Stanley Kubrick produced and directed the "Moon Landing" released July 20, 1969. A Clockwork Orange was released 19 December 1971 in Canada and US (later around the world) I don't think it was a coincidence that that line was written into the script.

so you can communicate with the muzzled (IF you even want to)

subscribe, bookmark for great content!


instead of "Girls Gone Wild" it's World's gone "Nuts"
careful officer, he's packin heat!

Drunk, or drugged or maybe it was the Astra-Zelnika LMFAO
I liked this video so much I was inspired to make this parody of it, I call "A Clockwork Justin" I hope you like it:
https://www.bitchute.com/video/6Vsw1Pra4yWE/ (just posted 02:09 UTC on August 12th, 2022 so if its not running yet, give it a minute to process. thanks)

Good to know. Vids like this are poppin up everywhere, heres another:

Pedophiles everywhere! Look how they hide themselves;

They free themselves from fear.
They are ready to beat the police, ministers and politicians.

All over the world, anger has built up against global villains and domestic traitors.

Sorry kids but this is what it will come to. Your "governments" obviously don't want to talk. Voting is a joke, they are not willing to reason, holding signs on the street corners does nothing. the satanists think they are above the law. Only when they fear for their lives will things change. This is not the first time in history that we the people had to stand against tyrannical dictatorship governments.

Mass Media does not want the world to see this. They don't want people to realize that they have this kind of power.

how hypocritical. How insane! The signs saying "don't go beyond this point" oh really? so 5G is so smart it knows to stay within the confines of the signs right!?

Why do they need this right beside a school? If 5G is so great, why do they need towers every 1-2 klms apart when you can go to the store and buy walkie talkies that will reach 2k up to 30k?
Satellite phones supposedly reach satalites some 20,000klms over the earth and they can send and receive signals with only a few AA batteries yet we need these high powered 5G towers every 2k apart!? AUFKM? These things are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! NOT "COMMUNICATION TOWERS!" THATS BULLSHIT! Fucking 1930's HAM radio can reach around the world but 2022 5G needs to be every KLM!? Read this!
How long before the "captcha" you see on website will be like "click on the 5G towers" instead of "click on the traffic lights"???

short intro, gives you an idea.

Amish Farmer sentenced to 6 years in prison by the feds for making a product on his family farm called ‚ÄúTO-MOR-GONE.‚ÄĚ True to its name, this product literally got rid of tumours.

Aside from the product, I learned that Amish children born are NOT subjected to birth certificates and more! have a look!

Someone in the UK is arrested because their POST on "SOCIAL MEDIA" caused someone else "ANXIETY!"

please see our post about this: https://iwantthetruth.ca/arrested-for-posting-on-social-media

We were warned. Our forefathers were warned. Most STILL think this is nothing more than conspiracy. When will we ALL wake up!? Or is it already too late?

JFK Secret Societies speech April 27 1961 https://www.bitchute.com/video/SNKVChJEblWs/

Jessie Ventura, Conspiracy Series 2010 with Alex Jones

David Ike

Bill Cooper

A Ralph Epperson (80s)
Author researched this topic for 26 years, read over 450 books on it, all of which are covered in this volume. It's a must read.

We take things at face value.
They tell us "there's a killer virus and you need to take the experimental drugs made by a non medically licensed computer salesman and most believe them and do as they say.
These numbers are what are fed to us by NASA. I don't know anyone personally who went out there and physically measures these things, do you? You tell me!


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