Big woman actually went into BB's room and took her candy. Now most of you in the west value privacy, a LOT. It's quite common in the East for people to go snooping in your private affairs. Is it right? Absolutely not, yet they go on and do it.


According to my wifey, big woman was asked to leave on many many occasions due to.. well not washing... but to liven things up, the episode depicts her smell as farts instead. Who doesn't love a good fart joke..

Hey all, I must explain what this video actually is. I have quite a bit of them, made a while back... My wife from Thailand had this weird maid/cousin type person come over (unwelcome). She would steal food from the fridge, take items or money. She was supposed to be caring for the grandmother, but never really did her job. The whole family is pretty pissed off at her. So my wife had me make these videos as a kinda gag... they are based on real events, the only part that isn't real is "you are grounded"... I just added that because, you know... GoAnimate Logic, right? xD Enjoy. I'll upload them all every few days.

Cal Arts Style is Cancer Arts Style. You people are a circus. I will never like garbage like Undertale, Gravity Falls, Gumball or any of that stupid shit.

he diedededed again

well I almost forgot about this one. it's been in cold storage, you know, browsing through old hard drives etc... I could probably work on it later, but for now, here's a taste of what I got done.

Here's an old flash cartoon I did around the end of 98. It's called Killer Joe, featuring a rooster named Killer Joe (design inspired by the Corn Flakes rooster Cornelius). Joe goes on a rampage, slaughtering the henhouse with his... irregularity... only to be thwarted in the end. The music is from Escaflowne, don't know the track name though, it's been ages.. someone knows. The random arab dude was supposed to be Osama bin Laden, he was all over the TV back in those days xD I just threw him in there to be random.

Ever feel like you're in a dream from which you cannot awake? This one's for you.

I have been researching the simulated reality for more than 20 years, around 1999 (about 15 years old). I had a website, IzludeReport.50megs.com (defunct), where I published my hypothesis and experiences in the matter. My peers believed me to be crazy, I don't blame them. Cognitive dissonance, right? I put away the topic for a long time, till around 2011 - 2013, when topics like this began resurfacing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All of a sudden everyone was talking about it. David Icke (not a fan of him btw, but still impressed that he talked about it at all), started referring to it as the Saturn Moon Matrix. Well I'll be doggone...

I wrote a journal, not to be published, rather found by the right person at the right time, long after I have left this realm. On the other hand, I did create this video a few years back. It was on YouTube for a while, banned due copyright strikes on the footage. I posted it sometime later on dailymotion where it doesn't seem to get much attention. Now that I have the opportunity to reupload my entire library, might as well throw this one in there as well.

The angle of this video is to show you that someone knows something... and they've been trying to flash it in front of you all this time. In cartoons, shows, all kinds of media. As a kid, these clips terrified me, but I had always believed that this might not really be my own body. The brain behind "The Media" in general, knows. Time Cube, Dream World, Escape. Interestingly, this topic goes as far back as the BC era. No one knew it was a computer simulation, but they knew something wasn't right. I won't claim to know what it really is, but I do have personal proof (that at least I know to be real), especially with some traumatic experiences I've had in the past to "seeing what I might not have been supposed to see".

Video: Batman The Animated Series, Kingdom Hearts 2, Star Trek The Next Generation, The Twilight Zone, Lois and Clark, The Matrix.
Audio: Bane - Simulated Reality Mix (fair use, applied as a "suggestion" in its title to the topic being discussed.

OMG I totally forgot about this!!!! Guys I totally forgot about this!!!! This was a collab entry, of which I think was removed on YT... go figure. NesQuick Bunny recalls of his experiences in Hell, er Quickland Forest... well it's short but sweet x) Enjoy!

My 2017 Donald Duck YTP. Donald pisses off a witch and she takes total control.

Caillou does the unthinkable!!!

This was my last GoAnimate ever... It's a little hard to get GoAnimate to work anymore, I would love to do more later this year once I get my 9900k (I'm currently using a Celeron folks, bear with me please! :) )

I also have some Fat Lady GoAnimates which basically replaces Caillou with my wife's old housekeeper. I might upload those a bit later if I find them.

2017 I think..? It went into a collab, however I think that collab got pulled :( oh well... this was my entry. Short but sweet.

Time traveler is not content with the present, so he goes to the future.
Time traveler is not content with the future, so he goes to the present.
Time traveler is not content with the present, so he goes to the future.
Time traveler is not content with the future, so he goes to the present.


A waiter pours an endless supply of water for his customer.

I don't expect an audience for this video. This is literally random stuff I had shoved away in some drawer that I made, but never really did anything with. Why not stitch'em together and upload it instead... Sure why not. Here's a bit of history of each clip:

Intro: Ludwig Von Drake was testing Donald's IQ, wasn't paying attention and put the Hair Dryer on his butt instead. The screen originally showed the words "Genius".

Asian Saurus Rex: This is a random video I saw years back, had a dream of it and when the girl was stomping, it made these sound effects... so here's my dream IRL.

Return of Thug: American History X gag... I actually started a fad back in 2006 or 7, had these videos where some random subject "dies" and it plays the game over to Zelda II.

Come Back: Titanic + Scooby Doo... because it's random! LOL

Evil Homer Island: I originally did this. This got me a strike on my current account (which is finally cleared after all these years), however remakes do exist on youtube for 10min loops.

Spike's Wet Dream: Voice actor to Spike of MLP also played a robot kid on an Outer Limits episode. Ironically you can hear them saying "HORSEY" in reference to spike having a wet dream of Rarity.

Return of Tirek: A random clip of a pony falling into the water and presumably dying.. nah jk she's alright.

Gun Laws Reaction: I think we can all relate to this one....

Pete Getting Cut: It was such a perfect loop, I had to do it! I have more like it somewhere...

Game Over Pyle: Another perfect opportunity taken of on screen death + Zelda Game Over

Zuckerberg in a nutshell: Exactly what it is.

Fatality: From animated series Pirates of Dark Water, I originally had Obama's face appear and eat the guy (original title was Obama Feasts) but I lost it and this is all I had left.

How High Can Charlie Rich?: The original scene is from How High Can Fortran Rich? A weird Mario gambling game... the end result was completely random and retarded. Forgive me for even making this mess.

Once upon a time, Microsoft attempted to make a video website called Soapbox. This was the first Soapbox Poop ever (made by yours truly, and yes, people did upload over there soapbox poops). This scene comes from Fire in The Sky, the alien abduction scene. It is NOT NSFW, it is completely safe... it's just... disturbing.. but it's definitely safe for work. No swear words, no nudity, no indecent or illegal content. Completely safe. You have the right to be freaked out!

Ollllld flash cartoon, don't worry it's just an animation.

UPDATE: I originally had this set to NSFW, however I got confirmation that it is indeed appropriate, albeit a little big suggestive. Viewer discretion is advised.

I wish GoAnimate still worked... only made a handful of these. In this short, he casts Ultima from Final Fantasy 6 and gets grounded. I know, makes a lot of sense huh xD

An old flash cartoon from years ago, courtesy of Izlude and Captain Sticky Beard (yea, the real one). Bwahahahaha....

Here it is again folks. Absolutely banned from YouTube, but still has a home on a few other hosts. Now BitChute can enjoy its own copy of my most infamous creation.. (well not really my most infamous, I have way worse stuff out there, you ain't seen nothin yet!)

THIS IS A PARODY WITH COMMENTARY (SATIRE! IT'S SATIRE!!!!!) I do enjoy Walt Disney's animations.

Original YT upload date: 2014... Back in 2014, Bitcoin was approximately in the 400-600 range. Caillou reveals that he is actually fontas and attempts to sell off his balance, resulting in a crash. Ironically and coincidentally, the price did hit a low of $210 IRL a month or two after posting, and at that time, we actually thought it was going up. We had a good laugh with this back on BTC-e's troll box chat.

PS - I am not Fontas ;)

Pulled from my YTMND collection. If you don't know what YTMNDs are, check out ytmnd.com

A later YTP I did, Donald tries to get it on, but the nephews get in the way... causing him to break out into song xD

A small gag I threw together back when Walmart was threatening to put telescreens in their stores (only 10 stores in the US ever did this). I replaced the dictator with Janet's video, however you can still hear his voice to insinuate that these two are very much alike in their thinking. Funny how well it matched up too as you see the girl running and it says "if you see something suspicious..." and has doctors (or concerned citizens/employees) running after them lol


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Alright it's 2019 and I've FINALLY decided to settle into Bitchute. Dtube just didn't work out, however I will continue to use Dlive for live stream until Bitchute implements live streaming.

ON WITH THE SHOW! I'm izlude! Nice to meet you all! I left YouTube due to censorship of my content. I don't post anything too outlandish, just YouTube Poop and other mashups. Here is my old analytics:

Original Channel youtube.com/izlude (dead) 2 million subscribers, 25 million views.
Current Channel youtube.com/izlude2 631 subscribers, 303,922 views.

I am going to try and make this my permanent home. I don't intend any copyright infringement. I don't upload full films or anything illegal like that. I claim all my videos to be under parody law. Let's rebuild and keep the laughs coming.

ATTENTION: I do feature NSFW content, however I have set these videos to "hidden" in order to keep my channel visible to the public. If you wish to view these videos, go into your settings to enable NSWF in order to see them. If you don't have an account, go and create one, there's a lot of cool things here on BitChute.