Join Max as she speaks to West Point graduate, former mental health counselor, journalist and author Joachim Hagopian about the Cabal and their orchestrated global events in their attempt to create a one world government. Joachim discusses the Covid scam, Hollywood and Satanic priestesses Oprah and Madonna, high ranking Generals, weather warfare, the takeover of the educational system and the attempt to normalize and legalize pedophilia with wit and wisdom. Humanity is in a crisis period and yet Joachim and Max concur we are prevailing in this spiritual war. The Cabal narratives are failing and many are rising up such as the Dutch farmers, the Canadian convoys, parents fighting the sexualization of children in the schools, doctors whistleblowing about the deadly jabs and more. Joachim describes the elites as caged beasts coming full force with engineered disasters, food and fuel shortages and attempts at starting another world war and yet simultaneously awakening the population with their overreach. Joachim is confident that the love, empathy and spirituality of humanity as well as cosmic light and God will prevail and move us towards a better future.

Join Max in an inspirational interview with martial artist, documentary filmmaker and podcaster David Whitehead about the global cult and their sub-factions that have created the spiritual war humanity is currently within. David grew up with an insatiable curiosity about how the world operates and studied the warrior tradition. Martial arts helped him learn from his failures and fight for truth, freedom and justice. Max and David discuss how the great trials in our lives help us develop the courage, strength and expertise to become part of the solution. David talks about the cosmic vision, listening to our inner voice and remembering our soul mission. Some questions David explores are how can we build immunity to this cult, what is our true history and how can we use this experience with the dark to move from a victim mindset to a victor mindset.

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Join Max and Marsha in a rich discussion about the dying process. Marsha describes her journey with caring for her brother in his last weeks on earth. She talks about being a caretaker of his physical needs, the emotional ups and downs and the decisions necessary after death. Marsha describes her struggles and also the beauty of witnessing her brother cross over. We are not our bodies, and death is a transition rather than an ending. The death process brings home the truth that we are souls and that we are always connected to our source and each other.

Rachel Vaughan bravely exposes the network of underground tunnels in Edwardstown, a suburb in Adelaide where she grew up. One of the entrances to these tunnels was directly from the cellar in Rachel's childhood home. Her father often took her into the underground bunker and tunnels to sexually abuse and torture her along with other children in order to make child pornography. Rachel shares a story about a young girl who went missing that her father held in these tunnels and later murdered. Her father was a mass murderer and many were brutalized and lost their lives in these underground horror chambers. Rachel provides compelling evidence for the existence of these tunnels and shares why it is important to expose these, considering tunnels like these exist everywhere around the world and are how children are trafficked and tortured globally.

Anneke was sold into the Network at age 6 by her mother and was sex trafficked among the European Elite. She was mind controlled via torture and groomed to service VIP men and women and identify their weaknesses for blackmail and control. Anneke’s healing through psycho-therapy, writing, yoga and meditation were synthesized during a decade of service with incarcerated populations and with survivors of sex trafficking inside and outside of prisons.

Laura describes her difficulties growing up as a child who was different, artistic and on the autism spectrum. She suffered from depression, suicidality and substance abuse and when she sought help was encouraged to transition to a male as a solution. She found an alternative community on social media and fell prey to gender ideology. She was prescribed testosterone at age 18 and had a double mastectomy at age 20, which exacerbated her issues and led to her de-transitioning and now speaking out about her experiences. Laura is a brave and articulate young woman who has transcended her trauma and found meaning in her life. She shares her story in hopes of preventing other young people who are struggling with falling prey to irreversible hormonal and surgical interventions. Laura is an inspiration in her quest to heal herself and use her experiences to help other young people who may be lost and seeking guidance.
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Twitter: @funkgodartist
Website: funkgod.com
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Max and Penny are back to discuss the global transition we are currently within and the impact of governments and corporations crumbling. They discuss how the control structure has kept our consciousness low and solutions to how we can evolve our consciousness towards creating the world we want. The duo share ideas about how we can help each other awaken and heal so we are able to rise to higher dimensions. Our starvation of consciousness has thwarted our natural human development and Penny shares her wisdom on how we can create a new fabric of life and transition into the new earth.

Jaymee is back to discuss how imagery and symbols are used to mind control the population and groom humanity into normalizing pedophilia. Max and Jaymee also discuss programs and how humanity is molded into the Satanic agenda. The pair talk about the human psyche and the various methods used via media, education, activism and symbology to subconsciously create an unaware allegiance to a system of control and oppression in the general population. When we begin to see the manipulations it is an important step in freeing our minds and using our free will to make and create a better future.

Max and Cat discuss the destruction of the family system and how society has disables us as a collective. The duo discuss what it means to be a healthy person physically, psychologically and spiritually. They explore how the system cripples us and prevents us from rising to our fullest potential, deliberately. They talk about how mental impairment, disease and compliance with abusive authority have become all too normalized in our world today and what we can do to grow into our true power.

Join Max as she interviews SRA survivor Laura Worley in a discussion about how MKUltra, Monarch and NWO programming are used to create mind control compartments in survivors. Laura describes her roles as a messenger and breeder and how she was used among well known politicians. Laura describes her journey of healing and her work helping others recover in this time when many survivors are waking and exposing what the Cabal has done to all of humanity.

Max and Rachel discuss Shame and how it has been engineered by Dark Forces as a tool of oppression and control. These ladies talk about their individual struggles with shame as well as how religion and society use shame and place it on the victim rather than the perpetrators. They also talk about the difference between shame and guilt and how they have been able to heal the shame inside them.

Max Lowen interviews Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Rachel Vaughan about her experiences at the hands of her father, a known child murderer, and pedophile from Adeleide, Australia. These brave survivors reveal much about the elite and the horrific abuses perpetrated on children globally and shine a light on the resilience of the human spirit, how we heal, and the upcoming golden age for humanity.

Rachel is back to discuss her experiences surviving SRA and the dark practices of her father in Australia.

Max and Jana talk about trauma and the nervous system with a focus on healing and recovery. These two mental health professionals draw from their work with trauma as well as their own experiences in a rich discussion about being triggered, addressing our wounding and various therapies that can assist with healing from trauma both collective and individual.

Join Max and Jana in discussing tips and tools for healing and recovering from trauma.

Max and Dr. Force talk about real health and share tools and tips for how to create a healthy balanced life. Dr. Force is a chiropractic physician who sees health holistically and is versed in Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and cranial sacral work. Discover how the brain and nervous system can be healed to give us our best life.

Join Max and Jana in a conversation about CPS and foster care. The glaring abuses and issues are discussed as well as solutions such as trauma recovery centers, education, and enlisting veterans and the elderly in helping children heal.

Join Max as she interviews Denby, who analyzes the Matrix, shares her journey of awakening and how she has healed using Yoga and Shamanism.

Join Max and Dr. Val in an exploration of the different kinds of health practitioners, an understanding of health, and the various physical and energetic causes and solutions to a healthy body.

Join Max and Doug in discussing the healing potential of psychedelics. They discuss LSD, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Iboga-the research, the kinds of consciousness each has, and their personal experiences in psychedelic journeys.

Join Max as she interviews Doug, an SRA survivor, about his experiences growing up in a cult family in Australia. Doug explores the many healing modalities that helped him recover, and he and Max connect in the ways they both worked on themselves in their journeys back to self.

Join Max and Marsha in a discussion about Orgonite and how it can be a solution to the negative effects of the electromagnetic frequencies we live under in our modern world.

Join Max as she talks with Penny about nutrition and how the foods we eat create our overall health and well-being. Discover the fascinating work of Winston Price on indigenous nutrition, how exercise is so important for our electrical body and how critical water is to our health. Penny shares her wisdom and knowledge of how to live our fullest life and disengage from the aging process and the habits that keep us ill and in lower consciousness.

Penny is back to discuss the anatomy of consciousness and the traps that keep us from achieving our potential. Penny discusses the stages of development for human beings and what happens when we are prevented from evolving naturally. She also shares how food and water have consciousness and how our interaction with nature can help us grow. Max and Penny open up new ideas for how to rise past our traumas and co-create a wonderful new paradigm for our earth and ourselves.

Penny Kelly shares her experience of Kundalini awakening and explains states of consciousness and how these create different realities. She talks about enlightenment, dreams, dimensional travel, and the various frequencies we inhabit. Penny and Max discuss what being psychic means, how everything we think and put in our mouths affects our consciousness and the state of pure awareness and bliss as we merge with Source. This talk is instrumental in all of us taking responsibility for our state of consciousness and how we use this as the way forward into a new earth.


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Max Lowen is a therapist who specializes in helping individuals who have suffered trauma.
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What is Unbroken?
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Exposing the truth is a first step in creating solutions, and her show also focuses on the resilience of the human being, steps to healing and recovery and an impassioned plea for all to become involved in changing our world for the better.To be Unbroken is to rise past our wounds into a higher version of ourselves. We are all souls here uniting to co-create a new era of truth, peace, abundance and freedom for all life.

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