Robert Mueller's investigation has colluded having not finding any evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Arana Nation talks about this and discusses whether or not the wrong Country was investigated of colluding with Donald Trump.

Justin the tacky headed son of satan quasi Zionist Trudeau has released his final budget before the Federal Election and his budget is trying to buy voters to vote for him again! Arana Nation is pleading with the people of Canada to make a commitment that you would rather die then vote for Trudeau again!! Do not get groomed by the mackdaddy again! #Cdnpoli #JustinTrudeau

Their was going to be a show tonight with Kevin J Johnston and myself on with Mike Filip however Arana Nation is sorry to say that the show has been cancelled till further notice and here is why. #KevinJJohnston

The Democrats and never Trump Neo Cons jump up and down and accuse Donald Trump of Russian Collusion and criticize anyone who dares even suggest ending the investigation but the moment someone talks about the collusion between The US Government and Israel and the Zionist lobby that person is shut down and even called a racist anti semite! So are the Democrats and never Trump Neo Cons racist against Russians? #Hypocrasy #Zionistwatch #IIhanOmar

Before you go around making snooty comments about people who use the Internet and Social Media and before you make patronizing comments hoping for an end to Social Media you need to understand that The Internet and Social Media has made the flow of Information much freerer! #Facebookisdown

Are you having trouble with Facebook? You are not alone! Reports are that Facebook is down around the world. Deliberate censoring or hack in the system? #Zucked #Facebook #Facebookisdown

I have just been put in Facebook Jail because the alt light so called "Conservatives" have ratted me out for talking ill of Zionism and Israel so be prepared because this video may not last very long so watch it now and get informed! The Left Wing Establishment appeases Islamists and the Right Wing Establishment appeases Zionists and we have no one standing up for Canada or our different Countries as a whole!

Former Trudeau porch monkey turned brave independent hero Celina Caesar-Chavannes alleged Justin the tackey headed Mackdaddy son of satan quasi Zionist Trudeau yelled at her for refusing to run in the 2019 Federal election. Arana Nation stands with Chavannes and advises her to NOT allow this Montreal slim pimp to talk to her any kinda way! #JustinTrudeau #Cdnpoli #Lavscam

From Canada to the USA all the way to Belize the Anglophone Community is going extinct on mainland North America and the Anglophone Community is doing NOTHING about it! #BelizeReferendum

Canada will have another Federal Election in October and as usual the political leaders are promising us crumbs. Arana Nation is tired of crubs, Arana Nation wants the whole cookie! Arana Nation educates Canadians about the Social Credit movement, the benefits for mankind of Social Credit and why Canada made a grave mistake to allow that movement to disapear. #Cdnpoli #endthefed #breakthesystem

The United States has just haulted all aid to Palestine. America gave 6 million dollars in aid annually to Palestine but the question Arana Nation has is when is the US going to cut the billions of dollars in military aid to Israel?! Israel is the second largest recipient of Military aid from Uncle Sam! Click link here for proof! #Zionistwatch

This October Canada will be having a Federal Election. After years of being run by the son of satan Justin the tacky headed Mackdaddy Trudeau Canadians will have an oppertunity to free themselves! However it looks like this upcoming Federal eleciton is on track to looking like the former Canadian Federal Election of 1972 and here's why! #cdnpoli

Oprah now has come out and hitched herself onto the two Michael Jackson accusers whom have accused the late Jackson of sexually abusing them. Not only did one of the accusers defend Jackson and worship him to the grave and beyond, he even tried to get a job working for the Jackson Estate months before making these accusations! For Oprah a succesful American Black person to turn her back on Jackson another succesful black person before these two could provide solid proof of their claims is unforgivable and her core fans who are mostly older black women should turn their back on her if they have any pride! #LeavingNeverland #MichaelJackson #Oprah

Arana Nation has searched high and low and over and under and has found Kevin J Johnston. March 14th at 9pm Kevin and i will be hosting a 2 hour show, hope to see you there! #KevinJJohnston

Under Justin the tacky headed Mackdaddy Trudeau Canada has become a feudalistic society where everyday we have average citizens get locked up, fined, carded and harrase by cops for crimes they commited or are suspected of commiting but big companies are not only ignored by the justice system if they commit crimes or are suspected of commiting crimes the Government fights to protect them even if it means throwing their own cabinet ministers under the bus! Case in point #SNCLavalin #Lavscam #Cdnpoli #JustinTrudeau

Justin the tacky headed Trudeau stands accused of Obstruction of Justice a crime which is punishable for up to 10 years in prison! Help me get the cops down on Justin the tacky headed mackdaddy Trudeau by clicking on the following link which demands that the RCMP investigate this SNC Lavalin scandal. #SNCLavalin #JustinTrudeau #Lavscam #Cdnpoli

French President Emmanuel Macron is up to no good trying to remove freedom of speech in France by enacting new laws which state that anti zionism or the criticism of the State of Israel is anti sematism. Arana Nation to the rescue exposing the control Israel and her lobbies have over the planet and denouncing the notion that anti zionism is anti sematism! #EmmanuelMacron

Arana Nation lends his support for the United we Roll Convoy and is praying for their success. United we Roll is a group of patriotic grassroots Canadians from Western Canada who have stormed into Ottawa to protest the Carbon tax and other anti Canadian energy policies from the Government of Justin the tacky headed Mackdaddy Trudeau! #UnitedweRoll #JustinTrudeau #arananation

Justin the tacky headed Macdaddy Trudeau has done NOTHING for Canada in the now four years he has been Prime Minister! Yet he is the first Prime Minister to break Federal Ethics laws and his Government has been drenched in scandal. Justin Trudeau is a corrupt foolish Prime Minister who has done nothing for Canada! I enjoy seeing him suffer and i hope he fails!! #JustinTrudeau

Justin Trudeau knows his corruption is about to be exposed and he is afraid of the whooping he is about to recieve so he is using the only weapon he has which is his Liberal Majority to hide information needed by the Ethics Commision to uncover the truth between the relationship between himself and SNC Lavalin!

It looks like Justin Trudeau's tacky headed backside is going to jail! A Government watchdog has ordered an investigation into alleged wrongdoings in the Government for which Arana Nation has given proof did actually happen! Which means Justin Trudeau yer goin to jail boy!

3 reasons why Arana Nation is saying that Justin the long haired Mackdaddy is guilty of obstruction of justice and why the allegations coming from unnamed sources regarding the Trudeau Government, SNC Lavalin and Jody Wilson-Raybould are 100% true.

27 year old Indian by the name of Raphael Samuel of Mumbai is suing his parents because they gave birth to him without his consent. Arana Nation gets deeper into this

The contraversy surrounding Justin Trudeau and his former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and the sleazy Company known as SNC Lavalin is the reason why Arana Nation calls Justin Trudeau a long haired Mackdaddy!

Justin the long haired macdaddy and son of satan Trudeau is again putting Canada last and focusing on other nations instead! This time it is Venezuela that the son of satan Justin Trudeau is focusing on but he is going a step ahead of other nations which are merely recognizing one leader over another, the macdaddy is giving millions of our tax dollars to Venezuela and using his state run media to bash Venezuelan President Maduro without looking at himself in the mirror!


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