Britain's Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh caught driving a brand new vehicle without a seat belt just day's after a car crash where he almost killed three individual's one of them being an infant baby!

The life, legacy and teachings of Dr.King are too be celebrated and remembered, but Arana Nation explains why The United States should also celebrate the life and legacy of the great Malcolm X and why for Black America in particular his teachings are even more important in 2019 and beyond!

Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh and Consort to Britain's Queen Elizabeth ii was involved in a very bad car crash close to The Royal Families Winter residence Sandrigham House. The Prince is apparently uharmed, no word yet on the other parties involved.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is a young Saudi who has escaped the extreme and oppressive Islamic beliefs of her family and Country to live a life of freedom and secularism in Canada. Arana Nation welcomes this young freedom fighter to Canada but warns her of the dangers of choosing Canada as her nation of choice.

Gillette has come out with a new commercial that is causing a lot of buzz on Social Media. Some like the Commercial while others criticize it for attacking men and masculinity. Arana Nation takes on this commercial, talks about the dangers of supressing masculinity and explains how movements like the me too can continue without making men feel alienated and targeted.

Today i took advantage of my vacation in the USA and being a dual Canadian American citizen to re register to vote in the USA, this time as an independant. I have not officially belonged to a political party in Canada for quite sometime and now i am no longer apart of any political party in the USA either. Arana Nation is not Conservative or Liberal but a Populist Nationalist Revolutionary and Arana Nation explains why being an independant voter is the best way to go. Don't allow yourself to be enslaved by one movement or another think for yourself!

It looks like if Americans want a border wall they have to do it themselves and not rely on Donald Trump and the incompitent U.S Government. Click on the following link to be forwarded to a gofundme page and donate what you can to help pay for the border wall so it can finally be built!

With Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announcing that she is running for President in 2020 Arana Nation asks how could any Liberal or Social Democrat vote for someone who is guilty of cultural appropriation? Elizabeth Warren constantly paraded around about being Native American and went to Harvard claiming to be Native American but her DNA test results revealed she has less then 1% native american in her. She took the benefits with nothing to show for it! I as a black man have more Scandinavian blood in my veins then their is Native blood in Elizabeth Warren's veins.

The Commander in Chief of Arana Nation applauds Ontario Premier Doug Ford for speeding up the GO train expansion which was set up to take place in 2023 has already taken place and GO transit all of a sudden became 10 times more reliable.

I am no longer a hoe to Conservative ideas, Conservative politicians and The Conservative Party! I am politically fluid and politically syncretic and when you mix all my political beliefs together you get someone who is a Populist Nationalist Libertarian Revolutionary! I will only support politicians and political parties which closely resemble or subscribe to those three political ideals to my satisfaction. I am NOT going to be a hoe to one political belief or party anymore!

Arana Nation has created a petition which demands that GM be forced to pay back the money that was given to them in bailout money if they are so determined to shut down the Oshawa plant and move it to Mexico! Sign the petition here /

The workers of the General Motors plant in Oshawa are conducting a sit in after General Motors rejects the proposal of Unifor to keep the plant open. Arana Nation stands with the Union workers and applauds the Union bosess for doing the work that the Federal and Provincial Government should be doing which is working on ways to keep the GM plant open.

President Donald Trump will make an announcement to the American people at 9pm to talk about border security and the state of the shutdown. Arana Nation has discovered that The President has certain powers where he can declare a state of the emergency and take money from the military to build the wall. Enough talk! Enough threats! STOP THE CHILDISH BICKERING AND BUILD THE WALL!

Canada's first female Prime Minister Kim Campbell who is also Canada's shortest serving Prime Minister and managed to lose the 1993 election so badly that her party became defunct went on Twitter yesterday to call U.S President Donald Trump a motherf**ker. Arana Nation explains why Former PM Kim Campbell should be putting a bag over her head and hiding in shame instead of running her big mouth on social media.

BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump has managed to severely trigger a bunch of sad Rothschilds by his talks of reforming the Federal Reserve and other things. The contraversial Rothschild Family which is normally polite and decent due to there aristocratic background have been unleashed and foul online calling Trump the worst possible names and cursing the worst words when speaking about him. What are these leaches so afraid of? Arana Nation reveals who the Rothschilds are and why they are afraid of Trump!

Donald Trump said that he was going to build a wall that Mexico would pay for! Now Trump has said that the U.S Government will remain shut down if the U.S Congress won't give him money to fund the wall! You can't take Americans for fools Mr. President KEEP YOUR WORD HAVE MEXICO PAY FOR THE WALL! Here is a link to be forwarded to a go fund me page that will help pay for the border wall.

No Country should ever trust the United Nations! The United Nations has always brought trouble and divisions to any nation they have tried to get involved in. The United Nations destroyed the once promising African Nation of Rwanda by getting involved in the Country and tell the Country what to do and Canada is about to go down that same path!

This year's Christmas and New Year's theme is Freedom.#merrychristmas #happynewyear #arananation

Camera's caught British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn a "stupid woman" under his breath during British Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons. It's funny how the left love to claim to be the champions of women, people of color etc but the moment they come across a woman who goes up against them the left seems to get very hostile and oppressive!

Why is it that our Government and other western Government's don't hesitate to bailout big corporations when they screw up and need help and then bring down the common man when he or she needs a helping hand? It's time to stop bailing out Companies and start bailing out our people!

Remember when Justin the long haired macdaddy Trudeau said that he admired China's basic dictatorship? Well it looks like that sycophantic admiration and not understanding the value of Democracy has bitten the son of satan in the behind. Relations between China and Canada have reached a new low and there basic dictatorship is currently abusing two Canadians in China!

2018 was the year when millions upon millions of people were affected by drugs so much so that the media and our politicians had no choice to ignore the problem of illegal drug use anymore! A new year equals a fresh start in life, let's take a fresh approach on drug use and put the "war on drugs'' in the dustbin of history!

Young people need to join the Yellow Vest movement en masse! If anything it is the youth who should be the most concerned at our current government and recent government's in the past and the road they have taken Canada. Young people are the one's who are finding it harder to live the same or better life their parents did in adult hood. It's young people who will be stuck struggling to find a good paying job that can support them and their future families because our Governments have embraced globalization which among other things makes it easier for big companies to close up shop and move to some 3rd world dump to exploit the population for less expense and leave our communities run down and depressed.
It's young people who are more likely to be forced to pay higher and higher public transit fees which local governments freely hike at will and can't afford a car because the government will try to raise the price of fuel and tell everyone they should use public transit because it is better for the environment! It is the young who are going to be stuck paying massive amounts in debt from the government debt to university debts which they can't weasel out of because of course globalization has made it so unless you don't have a college or university degree you're pretty much screwed! The Yellow Vest movement is fighting this corrupt swampy system and those that are forced to live the longest need to fight the hardest!

Not only has Justin Trudeau sold Canada and her borders out to the United Nations but he is treading on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms along with it! Let's defy the Canadian establishment and dare them to come at us! IT WILL BE A RIOT IF THEY DO!

If the U.S Government is so determined to shut down and not work then we should do one thing, simply not pay them! The Government forgets that they work for the American People and if the Government refuses to show up to work the American people should refuse to pay them by refusing to pay taxes!


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