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My response to Theresa May's terrible Brexit speech in Florence of Friday 22 September 2017.

Over the past year I've given Theresa May the benefit of doubt. That good will was lost when she failed to launch a proper campaign despite having launched a snap election... and now I'm rapidly concluding that she has always had a master plan to "accidentally" scupper Brexit.

This stuff simply doesn't get taught in Western schools - Documentary looking at how the Bolsheviks managed to take control after the Russian Revolution despite not having a professional army.

The very end of the documentary is cut of, but this is the best surviving version I could find, and it covers all the main points

Dr Janina Ramirez looks at the writing of the Icelandic sagas

This week's state of the union speech in Brussels confirms that EU to become a United States of Europe by 2025...

- more centralised power.
- enforcement of the euro currency on all EU members
- establishment of EU army and a more aggressive foreign policy.
- the set-up of EU equivalents of CIA and FBI
- de-funding of political groups that disagree with the EU vision.
- EU political parties to be reformed on a cross-border basis - effectively to circumvent the rise in nationalist parties...

...feels like trouble is brewing.

A drama from 1992 recounting the horrific genocide ordered by Lenin and performed by his Cheka (Bolshevik secret police). Sadly, the movie could not obtain international release.

This drama follows a Checkist commander as he oversees the "trial" and executions of countless thousands in dedicated killing houses.

While this is a dramatization with fictional characters, this is the only movie I'm aware of that has attempted to realistically portray the harsh brutality that was a daily occurrence from 1918-1922.

Bettany Hughes takes a look at Freud

Bettany Hughes takes a look at Nietzsche

Bettany Hughes takes a look at Marx

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's dramatization of his own experience inside the Soviet Gulag system under the guise of fictional character Ivan Denisovich.

This bleak vision takes you from waking up right through to going to bed after a full day of hard labor.

While this drama is bleak and depressing as it is, it is worth remembering that this is as good as it got - this is a good day at a properly run gulag - bad days would involve beatings, rapes, sadistic torture, and arbitrary executions... and the women got it worse.

Warning: Contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting

The Soviet Story is a documentary that exposes the relationship between Soviet Communism and German National Socialism.
It also reveals Soviet atrocities that have been ignored and/or covered up by historians.

There are actually a couple of points that I feel have been sensationalized for dramatic effect (specifically how a couple of quotes from Marx and Engels have been translated and both attributed to Marx alone), but I may do a video of my own in this regard because Marxists wrongly claim this means the entire content of the documentary can be ignored, which is, of course, complete nonsense.

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